Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Weeks 27 and 28 and Appointment Update

October 3
How Far Along:  27 weeks

Picture of Baby: Next ultrasound is October 15...

Weight Gain: Big surprise here...didn't weigh myself this week.

Cravings: Sweets, bakery bread, honeycrisp apples, bananas, and cereal.

Movement: Getting stronger every day!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

(27 weeks and 6 days)

October 10 16
How Far Along:  28 weeks (and 6 days)

Picture of Baby:

Weight Gain: Weighed myself this past Thursday (agh) and the verdict weight gain of 38.5 pounds. This is just unreal. Unreal.

Symptoms: TIRED!!! Most days I am back to enjoying myself an afternoon nap...because chasing a toddler around is tiring work!!! 

Cravings: Banana and HONEY CRISP apples. Sweets. Rainbow Grill bran muffins and soup. CEREAL!!!

Movement: Getting stronger every day. This baby tends to reside (just as Mase did) on the right side of my uterus. And yesterday I found out the baby is transverse so the pressure I've been feeling on my right side is my sweet lil thangs head jabbing me. Hope he/she doesn't come out with an indent since I always push the head back down!!!

Picture of Baby IN the Belly:

(28 weeks and 6 days)

Had my 28 week appointment yesterday with a growth ultrasound. And lucky me the ultrasound tech (as you saw above) did more 3D pictures for me!!! So crazy how real he/she looks (and yes I know he/she is real but hopefully you get what I mean). And on a complete side note I do not think the baby looks like Mase at all. Maybe this one will look like me? But a dark version!!! (If you can't tell...Mase is a mini Brian with my skin color, hair color, and eye color). Anyways baby measured 5 days ahead now (uh oh maybe this means we've got another big baby on board) coming in at 2 pounds 15 ounces. Heartbeat was 161. Otherwise urine and weight looked good...blood pressure was another story. To be honest I could feel my blood pumping so wasn't surprised with my pressure was 140/88. Thankfully with a little side-lying action it came down to 114/60. Since it comes down so quickly Jelsema isn't concerned so onward we trod. With Mase even with a little side-lying action it didn't come down that much which is why I was put on working restrictions. All in all a wonderful appointment. And a week from tomorrow I hit the 30 week mark!!!

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  1. Such a great 3D pic! I think baby will have your lips :). And you do not look like you have gained that much at all. You look great!