Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 34 and NST #3

November 21 26
How Far Along: 34 weeks (and 5 days)!!!

Size of Baby: According to babycenter.com at 34 weeks baby Hemy is almost 18 inches long and weighs about 4lbs and 12oz. (Of course we know that baby Hemy weighed 5lbs 1oz at 32 weeks and 5 days). For comparisons sake the size of a cantaloupe. And then also according to babycenter.com at 35 weeks on average baby Hemy is over 18 inches long and tips the scale at 5 and 1/4 pounds. Or for comparisons sake…the size of a honeydew melon.

Picture of Baby: Next ultrasound is December 9. Praying hard that at this appointment we find out that baby is right side down (and NOT breech like s/he was at my last ultrasound).

Weight Gain: As of this morning a total gain of 52 pounds. (Putting me at 198.5). But on a BRIGHT note my weight stayed the same for a WHOLE week (according to the scale at my OB's office)!!!

Stretch Marks: Still just the one tiny one (from Mason's pregnancy) above my belly button. 

When I look back at pictures from Mason's pregnancy I can definitely tell that I am carrying lower this go around and also that I am thicker this go around.

Sleep: None too great. Peeing every hour to two and on top of that dealing with Mason's random wake ups leaves me exhausted most mornings. Plus I am just never truly comfortable.

Movement: Two of the last three (middle of the) nights baby has had the hiccups.

Had my third NST this morning. Baby didn't move as much but still passed with ease. Heartbeat stayed mostly in the upper 140's (unless s/he was moving then aa high as the 160's. Everything else looked good!!! Next appointment is Friday for my 4th NST.

Ten On Tuesday

1. Lately Mason has taken to coloring on walls and himself...

2. I had my second NST last week Thursday. Baby did great (again). S/he is a little MOVER!!! But my blood pressure did creep up again (132/86). Heartbeat varied between high 140s-high 160s. Third NST is later this morning.

3. I (with some help from my amazing hubby) did some all of our Christmas decorating this past weekend!!! Love me some Christmas decorations!!! And THIS YEAR is finally a year I can really ENJOY Christmas. In 2009 just a week (give or take a day or two) before Christmas we found out that our second IUI had failed and that IVF would have to be our next step...making it a rough holiday season. The year 2010 was rough because although we were expecting again...it should have been the girl's first Christmas...so again NOT enjoyable. Then in 2011 I was an anxious mess waiting for Mason's arrival...so again NOT enjoyable. In 2012 (just 6 days before Christmas) we found out that we had miscarried yet again...so once again NOT overly enjoyable. (It was at least special because it was Mason's first Christmas (and Birthday)). And now here we are approaching Christmas 2013. Pregnant again but not anxious...making this a Christmas I will NOT forget!!!

4. Oh me. Oh my. My child HAS HIT the terrible twos. And it is exhausting for this pregnant momma. One day at a time. But let me just say I am oh SO very thankful for the good non-tantrum throwing days!!!

Here's my terrible twos story...On Saturday Mase and I went out for breakfast with my grandpa, parents, my brother and nephew, and an uncle and an aunt. The week before Mase was a gem at breakfast so I thought why not try it again. BIG mistake. He was beyond awful this Saturday and almost had me in tears. I was SO embarrassed. We left early. And to make a long story short. The day didn't get much better (and he decided NOT to nap ALL day long to boot). The day included...hitting, whining, tantrums, and Mason saying the word "No" and "uh uhhhh" about a bazillion times. As you can imagine it was a long day.

5. Today is my last day of teaching!!! I've enjoyed myself but am also very thankful to be done. This prego is exhausted.

6. And because I am done teaching I could finally cut back on my hours at work. So I worked my last 12 hour shift this past Friday (until mid March!!!) and Friday was also my last PICU cross-train day!!! Glad to be done with both...although cross-training went WAY better than I thought it would.

7. Babies GALORE. I have sooo many close friends pregnant right now that its just plain crazy. Actually one friend just had her baby three weeks ago (a little girl). Another is due the same day as me. Another is due mid April. Another is due end of May. And a fifth due mid June. All were/will be surprises except the June baby. The April and May babies will be the firsts for those mamas!!! And three of these friends (not including me) are in the "same group of friends." Crazy F-U-N!!!

8. Brian and I had our yearly eye exam yesterday. It was suppose to be early September but they canceled on us because our doctor was out of town...and yesterday was the earliest evening they could get us both in together. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my sunglasses (they broke late summer) but since I have to go back to pick out new eye glass frames anyways I will just kill two birds with one stone. (Really hoping they can fix my sun glass frames though...because if they can't I'll have to get new sun glass frames (and wait another two years for my eye glass frames. Our insurance only lets us get new frames every other year)). Anyways kind of excited to go and pick out some new frames (my current frames are from college) but Mase and sunglasses don't mix well (and since he was with us is why I have to go back).

9. I asked Mason on Sunday whether the baby in mommy's belly was a brother or a sister. His response...siser. (I'm assuming that was the easiest of the two to say). =)

10. I have finally entered the 21st century!!! Meaning...Brian was up for a new iPhone (that he gets free through work) so the hubby gave me his old one!!! I'm already enjoying it although I have a lot to learn.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Non-Stress Test #1

I had my first NST yesterday and it went great!!! Baby was moving like crazy so I passed very quickly. And I was so relaxed (in my big comfy recliner) that I almost fell asleep. AND my blood pressure was wait for it...122/72!!! Next NST is in 2 days. Praying for just as good of results. Oh and baby's heartbeat went from high 140's to high 160's (mostly high but then again baby was moving A LOT.

Ten On Tuesday

1. I went to my town's local library (WITH Mase) this past Wednesday because I wanted to get out of the house for a short while (and the library happens to have a nice little play area). The only other time I went WITH Mase to the library was last year and we were the only ones in the play area. Well this last visit was another story. There were nine other little kids playing. I started chatting with one of the moms and came to find out we were both IVF mommies (oh the connections we IVFer mommies make). As we were leaving she asked if I was going to be coming next week to the movement and music time. I said I didn't know anything about it so she gave me a pamphlet. Sounds like something Mase would enjoy and its FREE!!! Unfortunately I have a work meeting this Wednesday but you better believe (as long as were both healthy) we'll be there the following week!!!

2. Brian left for hunting Thursday morning and just got back yesterday afternoon. Longest he's ever been away from Mason. (Since the last time he went Up North to my parent's (dads) cabin was when I was pregnant with Mase. He skipped last year since I had just been implanted). All I know is this pregnant momma was T-I-R-E-D. And single parenthood is NOT for me. So thankful for my hubby. But also thankful that he could have some time away!!!

3. (Day 1 of Daddy-Be-Gone)...I worked all day Thursday (day 4 of 6 of my PICU cross-training). My mom watched Mase until 4pm and then dropped him off at my in-laws until I got out of work (at 8pm). So very thankful for my mom and mother-in-law!!! Mason is blessed to have such wonderful grandmas!!!

4. (Day 2 of Daddy-Be-Gone)...My mom was watching my sister's two littlest ones again on Friday and since they had never been to the Cabela's (in our area) my mom wanted to take them there. She asked if Mase and I wanted to join them (and we did). Unfortunately the fish aquarium had a little incident the night before (lots of fish died...thinking algae accident) so the tank was only half full of water with a few fish. But the kids were entertained by the guy cleaning the tank...
After Cabela's we headed to Sweet Yo's for some yummy frozen yogurt!!! Then Mase and I headed home since it was nap time. Later that night after dinner my mom and I went to the mall for a bit to pick out some take-home outfits for baby Hemy!!! (S/he is gonna be adorable and oh so warm when we head home).

5. (Day 3 of Daddy-Be-Gone)...On Saturday Mase and I went out for breakfast with Old Papa (and Grandma and my mom's brother and sister). And after breakfast Mase and I headed to Target where he checked out big boy underwear...
Too bad he won't actually potty train to use them. He just likes checking out all the characters like Mickey and Sully, etc. And on a side note we didn't go to Target to actually look at underwear but when I was looking in the clothing section...that is what grabbed Mason's attention!

6. At night my mom, sister (and her 3 kids) and Mase and I met up at Kohls (with a 30% coupon) before enjoying some KFC at my mom's house. Mason loves him some cousin time...and some wrestling time...

7. (Day 4 of Daddy-Be-Gone)...On Sunday Mase and I had to greet so we headed to church a little early. I wasn't sure how it would go (greeting minus daddy) but thankfully it went "okay." I say okay because Mason wanted me to lift him the entire time (NOT happening) and he threw about 10 mini tantrums because he wanted a donut (meant for after church). So besides those little things (and me sweating like crazy it went fine). After church we headed over to grandma's house (again) for a light lunch. I asked my mom to take a picture of me and my normally picture-hating child was in the background saying "cheeeeeese."
And a cuter smile...
And the rest of the night was spent chill-laxing at home. Just me and my baby!!!

8. (Day 5 of Daddy-Be-Gone)...I had to work again (day 5 of 6 of PICU cross-training) so my mother-in-law came over 30 minutes earlier than usual to watch Mase. And then daddy arrived home later in the afternoon!!! I didn't witness it but I'm sure Mase was super excited to see daddy again. After all he IS a daddy's boy!!!

9. And just because I think its funny...if you show a picture of Mason TO Mason...he calls himself either Mickey or Cole...

10. Mason is OBSESSED with dancing. If a song comes on the boy gets up and starts grooving to the music. And if Brian and/or I happen to be sitting nicely (in or on either the bed or couch) he makes sure we join in. If we refuse...a tantrum ensues...

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 33

November 15 17
How Far Along: 33 weeks (and 3 days)!!!

Weight Gain: Didn't. We have a hate/hate relationship!!!

(Taken today by my mom...33 weeks 3 days).

Movement: Still no hiccups. And if I might say...moves WAY more than Mason ever did!!!

Symptoms: Only TWO more 12 hour shifts!!! Doc is knocking me down at 35 weeks because of my high blood pressure.

Food Cravings: OJ. Cereal. Oatmeal. Malts.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 32 and Appointment Update

November 10 13
How Far Along: 32 weeks (and 6 days)

Size of Baby: Our little baby (at 32 weeks) is on average 16.7 inches long (head to heel) and weighs 3.75 pounds. Or for comparisons sake...the size of a jicama. But since I am more like 33 weeks its more likely that the baby has passed the 17 inch mark and weighs a little over 4 pounds. Or for comparisons sake the size of a pineapple. At today's appointment however...baby measured in at 5 pounds 1 oz... 

Picture of Baby: 
Face and Body

Weight Gain: Weighed myself this morning with the result being...193.5. Total weight gain thus far...48 pounds. Two more pounds and I will officially be the heaviest I've ever been. Oh my.

(32 weeks 1 day)

Movement: A mover and shaker (most of the time). Haven't felt any hiccups yet.

Symptoms: Minor swelling. Had been debating about taking the ring off (so it doesn't have to be cut off) and finally did on Sunday (at 32 weeks 3 days). Some cervical pressure (remember having this with Mason's pregnancy too). And tired...SO tired. Twelve hour shifts are going to be the death of me but since I am teaching (until Nov 26) I have no other option but to continue working them so work them I will. My hope is that I have the energy and ability to work them until at least 38 weeks but then all bets are off. Also my sense of smell has been getting the best of me lately. For some reason there was a day or two last week where Mase's poops stunk something FIERCE. As in I almost threw up FIERCE. Thankfully the poops have toned down these last few days!!!

Food Cravings: Tootsie roll suckers. Cereal. Flavored lemonade or chocolate milk. One thing I do NOT crave...water. Had the same issue during Mase's pregnancy.

Gender: Church peeps mostly say girl. Work peeps mostly say boy (although patient's families say girl. Although I have gotten the occasional stray from church or work saying the opposite from the majority. All I know is I am getting really anxious to find out!!!

Had a mostly good appointment yesterday. Mostly because MOST importantly the baby is healthy and growing GREAT!!! (And I officially met my blog friend Katie at this appointment...although we could only chat a second or two since I was being called back). Not so good because (1) baby was breech and (2) my blood pressure is up...again (around 144/88).

So first praying that baby turns back to head first (which can still totally happen). If s/he does not then I will have to have a C-section which I am not against but not excited about. (But I just remind myself that Mase was breech (and transverse) and that Dr J and I had the same conversation during his pregnancy and he (obviously) did turn back to head first).

But as for the high blood pressure...I bought myself twice a week NSTs (non-stress tests) until baby arrives. Funny thing is before Mary (my nurse) took my blood pressure I told her that I was not nervous about this pregnancy but about my blood pressure being high because I don't want to have to do the twice a week NSTs that I had to do with Mase's pregnancy and then what do ya know...its high and now I get to go twice a week for NSTs. Which means basically 4 out of 5 mornings (between work and appointments) I get to drive downtown. Ugh. BUT whatever is best for baby is what is important. And I am very thankful for grandmas who are willing to watch Mase during these appointments!!! The only good thing about my blood pressure being high is I KNOW I will be induced again. So I can officially say that baby will be here next month =) I did ask Dr. J a little more about why he thought I always have high BPs (during pregnancy) and he said its pry just what my body does during pregnancy AND my weight gain doesn't help matters. He said anxiety alone cannot drive BPs up that high. Thankfully it does come down nicely when I lay on my left side. And since rest is important as soon as I am done teaching Dr. J wants my hours cut...so two more weeks of twelve hour shifts.

Like I mentioned above baby weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds 1 oz...which is obviously bigger than average. Dr. J said even though I measured (yesterday via US) spot on to 32 weeks 5 days because the baby has a large belly (and short legs) his/her weight was higher than normal (since belly gets a higher percentage in how they calculate everything). Otherwise last thing to report is baby's heartbeat which was 157.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. So my sneak peak (of my maternity/family shoot) came up this past Thursday night (and I received my CD in the mail on Saturday)!!! And all I can say is LOVE!!! I was more than surprised to see that Jess caught a smile (or two or three) from Mase. Let me remind you he was an absolute terror during thee entire session. So much so that at one point we strapped him into his car seat to watch some Curious George so we could take a few of just Brian and I. Here are (just) a few...
 And truly what Mase was like most of the shoot...
Hence why NO "cutsie" ones of Mase kissing my belly or something of the sort. Oh well...they still turned out GREAT!!!

2. Oh me oh my. Bad mommy award definitely belongs to me. And here's why...last week Mason decided to jump on my lap and in the process knocked my computer to the ground. I said "oh shit." And wouldn't you know Mase immediately repeated those exact words. (And clear as a bell). It was his favorite phrase for about a week. Said it anywhere and everywhere. Thankfully I haven't heard it in the last day or so...

3. A few weeks back someone mentioned something about the Sky Zone Trampoline Park in Grand Rapids. I looked into it and saw that they had toddler time (only for 1-5 year olds) on Fridays from 10-12. What a perfect activity for Mase. I thought it would be a little boring to go by ourselves so I figured out a time when my mom was watching my sisters two littlest (who are 4 and 2) and mentioned something to her about going. And we did this past a Friday. (Although my 6 year old niece came too since she didn't have school...we just told them she was 5). The kids had a blast. Sky Zone employees are a little "Nazi" about some things but I suppose they have to for liability reasons. Anyways here are a few pics of our FUN Sky Zone Adventure...
Cole, Mase, Cambrey, and Brinley

4. Mason has this obsession with looking through ads. Not just any ads...TOY ads!!! The funniest thing is when he points at something and says "stuck" because he can't play with (get the toy) off the paper. Funny funny boy. Christmas/Birthday is going to be FUN this year!!!
Different day...same story!!!

5. Mason is OBSESSED with all things Curious George...so for Christmas (or his birthday) I really wanted (errr want) to get him some Curious George books. However, they have to be hardcover (including the pages) because he rips soft cover pages. So after playing in the mall play area one morning last week Mase and I headed up to Barnes and Noble to look for just this type of book. Before hitting the kids book area we came across a plethora of toys. Mason was in his glory!!!
I'll take this guitar mom and...
both of these too!!!

6. The day after Barnes and Nobles Mase and I went to get some groceries. (Something I normally dread). But (for some reason Mase was an absolute gem) so after getting groceries I told Mase that since he was SUCH A GOOD BOY we could walk the toy aisles. (One of his favorite activities). So we walked up and down each and every toy aisle. Fun stuff for a 22 month old. (And to answer your question...NO he does NOT beg for mommy to buy anything so for now this IS a cheap and entertaining activity for Mase).
Checking out ALL the toys!!! And a good opportunity for mommy to get Birthday/Christmas ideas!!!

7. Kinda just a little worried. And here's why. Mason likes to hit and sometimes rest his feet/kick the baby. He thinks its funny. Mommy does not. Praying he's a nice big brother when his little baby bro or sis arrives...

8. Just for the record (so I don't forget) Mase says the most pathetically sweet "bye" (and promptly shuts our bedroom door) when he goes nah night (in his bed) every night (um...well for the two minutes he stays in his bed anyways before knocking at our door yelling "momeeee, daaad"). Since I am sick of getting up every two minutes (this is with me and Brian taking turns) I started laying with Mase (in my bed) for the last few nights. He broke this pattern on his own before so hoping he does again. If not we could be in trouble.

9. Manning his position...(or simply trying to kick mommy out of bed)...

10. I always tell daddy that he needs to keep the laundry door shut and this is why...

Friday, November 8, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 31

Yes I know I am now 32 weeks (and 1 day) but here is my 31 week update (just a week and a day late)...

October 31 (errr November 8)
How Far Along: 31 weeks (errr 32 weeks and 1 day)

Size of Baby: Baby Hemy is on average 16 inches long (head to heel) and weighs 3.3 pounds (and is heading into a growth spurt). For comparisons sake...my babe is about the size of four navel oranges.

Picture of Baby: No picture. Next ultrasound is November 12 (at 32 weeks 5 days)!!!

Maternity Clothes: Yep.

Weight Gain: Was last on the scale at 30 weeks 6 days (same day as when the picture below was taken)...with a total weight gain of 44.5 pounds.
Had to include the picture since I forgot to (until today) with my 30 week update.

(31 weeks 3 days)

Stretch Marks: No new ones. (Yet anyways...)

Sleep: Ehhh it could be better. LOTS better but at least I feel (mostly) rested. But I could be done with the crazy dreams. And on that note...most of my dreams are just simply put...crazy ones BUT occasionally I will dream about the baby. In ALL my dreams...baby has been a BOY. So this gets me thinking...am I having another sweet little boy? But when I think back to Mason's pregnancy I only dreamed about baby (Mason) being a girl (which obviously wasn't the outcome)...so maybe this baby is the opposite of my dreams too which means I'm having a girl. Hmmm...can't wait to find out in 8ish or so weeks!!!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Just a quick update on two things...
-Teaching is going really really well. I forgot how much I enjoyed teaching...it's the grading I'm not so keen on!!! And hard to believe but after today I am already half way through this teaching gig. (It was only 1 day orientation, 5 days of clinical, and 1 day of evals because I am co-teaching this gig with a friend).
-And Mason has been making great progress in the pwease department!!! He does NOT get what he's begging for UNLESS he says please FIRST!!! Next on the agenda is thank-you...

2. We finally celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday (which was September 23) this past Wednesday. We took her (and my father-in-law) out to Crazy Horse (which happens to be MY favorite restaurant so bonus for me but yes my mother-in-law DID get to pick out the restaurant). It ended up taking a backseat after my father-in-law's aneurysm (which happened the day after her birthday). And yes he is doing great!!! Just needing a little speech therapy.
Mason and his gma!!!

3. Happy Halloween from the cutest bum on the street...
This year seven of the eight cousins trick or treated while the eighth came just for a quick picture!!! And despite a little bit of rain trick or treat 2013 was a success!!! Mason even managed to say trick or treat and thank you for about five houses before Brian had to carry him the rest of the way.
Happy Halloween from Thor, a Football player, a Soccer player, a Dalmatian puppy dog, Fancy Nancy, a Pirate, Raggedy Ann, and a Bum.
A close up of Mase and his four girl cousins!!!

4. I had to work Brian's birthday this year which kinda bummed me out (not that the hubby cares) but with teaching, Halloween, and what not it was the only other day that week that worked for me to work. So the day before his birthday Mase and I did a little photo shoot!!! He got ONE M&M for taking out his bop, ONE M&M for sitting in the chair AND letting mommy put the hat on, and ONE M&M for saying CHEESE...

5. Since I had to work Brian's actual birthday...the plan was to go out for dinner the following night (as in Saturday night)...however I did not know until a few days before that the Michigan vs Michigan State game was on at 3:30pm (on Saturday). So instead I picked UP some Buffalo Wild Wings at half-time and after a very disappointing game while the boys ate some (Go Blue) cupcakes...I whipped myself up a chocolate malt!!!
Go Blue!!! 
Yummy cupcake!!!

6. I started my PICU cross training yesterday. And it continues for my next 5 shifts (or for the next 2.5 weeks). Eek. Glad to say that day one went really well. (I am cross training now because when I come back from maternity leave I will be caring for a different patient population than when I left. And here is why...since our hospital's cardiology program is growing by leaps and bounds (with the addition of heart surgeon Dr. Haw  from England)...the 5th floor that had been left empty when the new hospital was built in 2011 now needs to be built...which means the populations on the floors will once again be changing. For the last few years I have worked on a cardiology (which until recently we rarely saw), nephrology, trauma, neurosurgery, and orthopedic floor. When I come back from maternity leave I will still be caring for nephrology patients (my passion) and cardiology patients but also for the following types of patients that until recently were housed in the PICU...stable trach home vent patients, new diabetics, patients with EVD's, fresh scoliosis repairs, and stable surgical cardiology patients).

7. The other day I was sitting on the couch checking my email when I noticed Mason getting into my purse. Normally not such a big deal but then he pulled out my pepper spray. I told him to give it back to mommy to which he responded...NO. So to time-out we went...(I had to wrench it from his tight little grasp). After time out I sat back on the couch and he of course proceeded to check out what else was on the kitchen table (my purse now out of his reach). Again not such a big deal until I see this...
(That would be a sucker in one hand and a small bag of M&M's in the other).

We had gotten "boo'ed" the night before. (A good kinda "boo'ed" meaning a bag of goodies including candy). Brian had dumped the contents of the bag on the table the night before and sure enough it didn't take Mase long to spy the candy.
And yes I let him have the sucker but the M&M's were saved for later!!!

8. Obviously from the above you know I can't leave my boy alone for long. Here are two more reasons why...
This is the "boo'ed" bag...torn apart...maybe in search of more candy. (This was on the kitchen table).
And a bill all ready to go (also on the kitchen table) torn apart by none other than my Mason Dale. And this incident happened on a different day than the "boo'ed" incident. Thankfully he didn't rip the check!!!

9. My in-laws were going to get Mason a John Deer (kiddy) Gator for Christmas this year. Well in passing my father-in-law mentioned this to one of his friends who said...you don't need to buy one...you can just have ours...our grandkids don't use it anymore. And best part...for FREE!!! Yes the windshield is no longer there nor is something that is suppose to be on the back...but this boy does not and will not care. All we need to do is to find a battery and were good to go. (Spring can't come soon enough...)
Happy BOY!!!

10. What am I most thankful for today!!! The time change that happened this past weekend...Mason's sleep habits are back on track thanks to us gaining an hour. He is back to a 8:30ish bedtime...7:30ish wake-up time...and a 1:00ish nap time!!! The only snaffoo left is that he won't go directly to bed at night (still gets up a thousand times) so instead I snuggle with him until he falls asleep (in my bed so I don't break his). I know I am not going to have the time to snuggle at night when the new baby arrives but will figure that out later...for not I am REALLY enjoying these snuggles!!!