Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Just a quick update on two things...
-Teaching is going really really well. I forgot how much I enjoyed teaching...it's the grading I'm not so keen on!!! And hard to believe but after today I am already half way through this teaching gig. (It was only 1 day orientation, 5 days of clinical, and 1 day of evals because I am co-teaching this gig with a friend).
-And Mason has been making great progress in the pwease department!!! He does NOT get what he's begging for UNLESS he says please FIRST!!! Next on the agenda is thank-you...

2. We finally celebrated my mother-in-law's birthday (which was September 23) this past Wednesday. We took her (and my father-in-law) out to Crazy Horse (which happens to be MY favorite restaurant so bonus for me but yes my mother-in-law DID get to pick out the restaurant). It ended up taking a backseat after my father-in-law's aneurysm (which happened the day after her birthday). And yes he is doing great!!! Just needing a little speech therapy.
Mason and his gma!!!

3. Happy Halloween from the cutest bum on the street...
This year seven of the eight cousins trick or treated while the eighth came just for a quick picture!!! And despite a little bit of rain trick or treat 2013 was a success!!! Mason even managed to say trick or treat and thank you for about five houses before Brian had to carry him the rest of the way.
Happy Halloween from Thor, a Football player, a Soccer player, a Dalmatian puppy dog, Fancy Nancy, a Pirate, Raggedy Ann, and a Bum.
A close up of Mase and his four girl cousins!!!

4. I had to work Brian's birthday this year which kinda bummed me out (not that the hubby cares) but with teaching, Halloween, and what not it was the only other day that week that worked for me to work. So the day before his birthday Mase and I did a little photo shoot!!! He got ONE M&M for taking out his bop, ONE M&M for sitting in the chair AND letting mommy put the hat on, and ONE M&M for saying CHEESE...

5. Since I had to work Brian's actual birthday...the plan was to go out for dinner the following night (as in Saturday night)...however I did not know until a few days before that the Michigan vs Michigan State game was on at 3:30pm (on Saturday). So instead I picked UP some Buffalo Wild Wings at half-time and after a very disappointing game while the boys ate some (Go Blue) cupcakes...I whipped myself up a chocolate malt!!!
Go Blue!!! 
Yummy cupcake!!!

6. I started my PICU cross training yesterday. And it continues for my next 5 shifts (or for the next 2.5 weeks). Eek. Glad to say that day one went really well. (I am cross training now because when I come back from maternity leave I will be caring for a different patient population than when I left. And here is why...since our hospital's cardiology program is growing by leaps and bounds (with the addition of heart surgeon Dr. Haw  from England)...the 5th floor that had been left empty when the new hospital was built in 2011 now needs to be built...which means the populations on the floors will once again be changing. For the last few years I have worked on a cardiology (which until recently we rarely saw), nephrology, trauma, neurosurgery, and orthopedic floor. When I come back from maternity leave I will still be caring for nephrology patients (my passion) and cardiology patients but also for the following types of patients that until recently were housed in the PICU...stable trach home vent patients, new diabetics, patients with EVD's, fresh scoliosis repairs, and stable surgical cardiology patients).

7. The other day I was sitting on the couch checking my email when I noticed Mason getting into my purse. Normally not such a big deal but then he pulled out my pepper spray. I told him to give it back to mommy to which he responded...NO. So to time-out we went...(I had to wrench it from his tight little grasp). After time out I sat back on the couch and he of course proceeded to check out what else was on the kitchen table (my purse now out of his reach). Again not such a big deal until I see this...
(That would be a sucker in one hand and a small bag of M&M's in the other).

We had gotten "boo'ed" the night before. (A good kinda "boo'ed" meaning a bag of goodies including candy). Brian had dumped the contents of the bag on the table the night before and sure enough it didn't take Mase long to spy the candy.
And yes I let him have the sucker but the M&M's were saved for later!!!

8. Obviously from the above you know I can't leave my boy alone for long. Here are two more reasons why...
This is the "boo'ed" bag...torn apart...maybe in search of more candy. (This was on the kitchen table).
And a bill all ready to go (also on the kitchen table) torn apart by none other than my Mason Dale. And this incident happened on a different day than the "boo'ed" incident. Thankfully he didn't rip the check!!!

9. My in-laws were going to get Mason a John Deer (kiddy) Gator for Christmas this year. Well in passing my father-in-law mentioned this to one of his friends who said...you don't need to buy one...you can just have ours...our grandkids don't use it anymore. And best part...for FREE!!! Yes the windshield is no longer there nor is something that is suppose to be on the back...but this boy does not and will not care. All we need to do is to find a battery and were good to go. (Spring can't come soon enough...)
Happy BOY!!!

10. What am I most thankful for today!!! The time change that happened this past weekend...Mason's sleep habits are back on track thanks to us gaining an hour. He is back to a 8:30ish bedtime...7:30ish wake-up time...and a 1:00ish nap time!!! The only snaffoo left is that he won't go directly to bed at night (still gets up a thousand times) so instead I snuggle with him until he falls asleep (in my bed so I don't break his). I know I am not going to have the time to snuggle at night when the new baby arrives but will figure that out later...for not I am REALLY enjoying these snuggles!!!

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  1. Glad to hear teaching is going so well!

    My house looks like that every day......

    And, I made Ashton an ABC book this summer and he loves it! I know Mason will too. They just love pics of themselves at this age.