Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Lately Mason has taken to coloring on walls and himself...

2. I had my second NST last week Thursday. Baby did great (again). S/he is a little MOVER!!! But my blood pressure did creep up again (132/86). Heartbeat varied between high 140s-high 160s. Third NST is later this morning.

3. I (with some help from my amazing hubby) did some all of our Christmas decorating this past weekend!!! Love me some Christmas decorations!!! And THIS YEAR is finally a year I can really ENJOY Christmas. In 2009 just a week (give or take a day or two) before Christmas we found out that our second IUI had failed and that IVF would have to be our next step...making it a rough holiday season. The year 2010 was rough because although we were expecting again...it should have been the girl's first Christmas...so again NOT enjoyable. Then in 2011 I was an anxious mess waiting for Mason's arrival...so again NOT enjoyable. In 2012 (just 6 days before Christmas) we found out that we had miscarried yet again...so once again NOT overly enjoyable. (It was at least special because it was Mason's first Christmas (and Birthday)). And now here we are approaching Christmas 2013. Pregnant again but not anxious...making this a Christmas I will NOT forget!!!

4. Oh me. Oh my. My child HAS HIT the terrible twos. And it is exhausting for this pregnant momma. One day at a time. But let me just say I am oh SO very thankful for the good non-tantrum throwing days!!!

Here's my terrible twos story...On Saturday Mase and I went out for breakfast with my grandpa, parents, my brother and nephew, and an uncle and an aunt. The week before Mase was a gem at breakfast so I thought why not try it again. BIG mistake. He was beyond awful this Saturday and almost had me in tears. I was SO embarrassed. We left early. And to make a long story short. The day didn't get much better (and he decided NOT to nap ALL day long to boot). The day included...hitting, whining, tantrums, and Mason saying the word "No" and "uh uhhhh" about a bazillion times. As you can imagine it was a long day.

5. Today is my last day of teaching!!! I've enjoyed myself but am also very thankful to be done. This prego is exhausted.

6. And because I am done teaching I could finally cut back on my hours at work. So I worked my last 12 hour shift this past Friday (until mid March!!!) and Friday was also my last PICU cross-train day!!! Glad to be done with both...although cross-training went WAY better than I thought it would.

7. Babies GALORE. I have sooo many close friends pregnant right now that its just plain crazy. Actually one friend just had her baby three weeks ago (a little girl). Another is due the same day as me. Another is due mid April. Another is due end of May. And a fifth due mid June. All were/will be surprises except the June baby. The April and May babies will be the firsts for those mamas!!! And three of these friends (not including me) are in the "same group of friends." Crazy F-U-N!!!

8. Brian and I had our yearly eye exam yesterday. It was suppose to be early September but they canceled on us because our doctor was out of town...and yesterday was the earliest evening they could get us both in together. Unfortunately I forgot to bring my sunglasses (they broke late summer) but since I have to go back to pick out new eye glass frames anyways I will just kill two birds with one stone. (Really hoping they can fix my sun glass frames though...because if they can't I'll have to get new sun glass frames (and wait another two years for my eye glass frames. Our insurance only lets us get new frames every other year)). Anyways kind of excited to go and pick out some new frames (my current frames are from college) but Mase and sunglasses don't mix well (and since he was with us is why I have to go back).

9. I asked Mason on Sunday whether the baby in mommy's belly was a brother or a sister. His response...siser. (I'm assuming that was the easiest of the two to say). =)

10. I have finally entered the 21st century!!! Meaning...Brian was up for a new iPhone (that he gets free through work) so the hubby gave me his old one!!! I'm already enjoying it although I have a lot to learn.

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