Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 32 and Appointment Update

November 10 13
How Far Along: 32 weeks (and 6 days)

Size of Baby: Our little baby (at 32 weeks) is on average 16.7 inches long (head to heel) and weighs 3.75 pounds. Or for comparisons sake...the size of a jicama. But since I am more like 33 weeks its more likely that the baby has passed the 17 inch mark and weighs a little over 4 pounds. Or for comparisons sake the size of a pineapple. At today's appointment measured in at 5 pounds 1 oz... 

Picture of Baby: 
Face and Body

Weight Gain: Weighed myself this morning with the result being...193.5. Total weight gain thus far...48 pounds. Two more pounds and I will officially be the heaviest I've ever been. Oh my.

(32 weeks 1 day)

Movement: A mover and shaker (most of the time). Haven't felt any hiccups yet.

Symptoms: Minor swelling. Had been debating about taking the ring off (so it doesn't have to be cut off) and finally did on Sunday (at 32 weeks 3 days). Some cervical pressure (remember having this with Mason's pregnancy too). And tired...SO tired. Twelve hour shifts are going to be the death of me but since I am teaching (until Nov 26) I have no other option but to continue working them so work them I will. My hope is that I have the energy and ability to work them until at least 38 weeks but then all bets are off. Also my sense of smell has been getting the best of me lately. For some reason there was a day or two last week where Mase's poops stunk something FIERCE. As in I almost threw up FIERCE. Thankfully the poops have toned down these last few days!!!

Food Cravings: Tootsie roll suckers. Cereal. Flavored lemonade or chocolate milk. One thing I do NOT crave...water. Had the same issue during Mase's pregnancy.

Gender: Church peeps mostly say girl. Work peeps mostly say boy (although patient's families say girl. Although I have gotten the occasional stray from church or work saying the opposite from the majority. All I know is I am getting really anxious to find out!!!

Had a mostly good appointment yesterday. Mostly because MOST importantly the baby is healthy and growing GREAT!!! (And I officially met my blog friend Katie at this appointment...although we could only chat a second or two since I was being called back). Not so good because (1) baby was breech and (2) my blood pressure is up...again (around 144/88).

So first praying that baby turns back to head first (which can still totally happen). If s/he does not then I will have to have a C-section which I am not against but not excited about. (But I just remind myself that Mase was breech (and transverse) and that Dr J and I had the same conversation during his pregnancy and he (obviously) did turn back to head first).

But as for the high blood pressure...I bought myself twice a week NSTs (non-stress tests) until baby arrives. Funny thing is before Mary (my nurse) took my blood pressure I told her that I was not nervous about this pregnancy but about my blood pressure being high because I don't want to have to do the twice a week NSTs that I had to do with Mase's pregnancy and then what do ya know...its high and now I get to go twice a week for NSTs. Which means basically 4 out of 5 mornings (between work and appointments) I get to drive downtown. Ugh. BUT whatever is best for baby is what is important. And I am very thankful for grandmas who are willing to watch Mase during these appointments!!! The only good thing about my blood pressure being high is I KNOW I will be induced again. So I can officially say that baby will be here next month =) I did ask Dr. J a little more about why he thought I always have high BPs (during pregnancy) and he said its pry just what my body does during pregnancy AND my weight gain doesn't help matters. He said anxiety alone cannot drive BPs up that high. Thankfully it does come down nicely when I lay on my left side. And since rest is important as soon as I am done teaching Dr. J wants my hours two more weeks of twelve hour shifts.

Like I mentioned above baby weighed in at a whopping 5 pounds 1 oz...which is obviously bigger than average. Dr. J said even though I measured (yesterday via US) spot on to 32 weeks 5 days because the baby has a large belly (and short legs) his/her weight was higher than normal (since belly gets a higher percentage in how they calculate everything). Otherwise last thing to report is baby's heartbeat which was 157.


  1. Hope your BP goes down. I remember that in the end too- no fun. It is fun that you ran into Katie at the dr office though. We hang out in a moms group we are both a part of in Holland- would be so fun to all get together sometime! LOVE your family pics!

  2. It was so fun to officially meet you! Sorry about the NST and high BP...not much longer, can't wait for our babies to get here!!!

  3. Turn, baby turn!!! I'm thinking girl too. Can't wait to find out!!!

    And sorry about the BP and NSTs. A few extra opportunities to hear that sweet heartbeat, though!