Sunday, December 29, 2013

Introducing Mason's Baby...

Molly Elayne Helmholdt
(Molly because we I liked it and Elayne after her big sisters Alayna and Ella).
Born on 12/26/13 at 6:04pm
And weighing in at 8lbs 5ozs and 19.25 in.

Every good and perfect gift is from above.
James 1:17

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Pedicure (check). Manicure (check). Hair trimmed and high-lighted (check). Baby (UNcheck).
Just wanted to share my cankles and swelling with you all!!! (This was pre-pedi FYI).

2. My new frames came in last week and I LOVE THEM!!!

3. On Wednesday I had my Bible Study Christmas Party. We went to Rush Creek Bistro (located inside of Sunnybrook Country Club) and my meal was SOOOO good (as was the company)!!! I highly recommend the chicken marsala (with mashed potatoes and green beans) if I have tempted you to try Rush Creek Bistro out!!! The best part was my friend Jen had 50% off coupons for everyone so my meal (with a drink and tip) was only $15!!!

4. I asked Brian to hang the laundry one night (because I was already laying with Mase in bed and had forgotten). This is what I saw the next morning...
Not my idea of "hanging" laundry. Men!!!

5. I was just chilling at home one day (well most of last week actually) when my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and it said Dr Dodds (Fertility). It was the first time (pry ever) that I wasn't nervous seeing it pop up...just intrigued. It was my absolute FAVORITE nurse Sandy calling to see how things were going. She thought I was getting close to delivery and just wanted to check in. I LOVE her and it just reminded me of why I LOVE my Fertility Office SO stinking much!!! They have made this journey that much more tolerable. She ended with...and MAKE SURE YOU CALL WHEN BABY IS BORN!!! And I most definitely will!!!

6. Thinking its getting pretty close to potty training for Mr. Mason and here's why...

Thursday of last week Mase and I are just chilling downstairs (me on the couch and him playing with his toys) when I thought he went into the back bedroom. I was tired and achy (and didn't feel like moving) so I didn't go check on him right away. After 5 or so minutes of PURE quietness I started getting a little concerned. So I got up and looked in the bedroom. The door was still shut. So then I checked the bathroom. Sure enough this is what I saw first...
That would be a PANTLESS and DIAPERLESS little boy. I think I almost peed myself. I was like what the heck. I looked around the floor to see if he had peed and he hadn't. So of course I started snapping pictures...
He was into it for a few shots and then he was over it... 
And he pushed me (well not literally) but wanted me OUT of the bathroom. He didn't shut the door completely so I watched him through the slit in the door...
But once he heard the camera click...he slammed the door shut. (If you can't tell he is by the toilet but was NOT playing in the toilet...just standing by it). I gave him a few minutes (with the door shut) but then I opened it a crack and suddenly out he came and he wanted his diaper and pants back on. I obliged. A few minutes later he says poop. I look and sure enough the boy had pooped. Upstairs we go to change his diaper and once on the changing table he says..."OUT" and is reaching for his diaper. I told him that next time he needed to tell me when he needed to go poop and that he could go on his potty. His response..."kaaaaaaaay." Too funny!!!

7. My dad was admitted to the hospital last week with kidney stone issues. Thankfully when my sister called to tell me she started with dad has kidney stones and has been admitted to the hospital instead of the other way around. Otherwise I might just have gone into labor. He had to have a lithotrispy performed to break the stone up because it was too big too pass. Thankfully he's feeling great now and thankfully this happened the week before Christmas.

8. Hard to believe but today marks three and a half years since my sweet Alayna Joy entered into this world. And despite the pain of loss and infertility...every single piece of that journey was vital to getting to this sweet boy...
Oh I cannot even tell you how much I love this little guy!!! He brings SO much joy and happiness into my heart each and every single day. I am ubber thankful for him. God is SO good!!! 

9. I worked my last weekend and last shift until the end of March!!! Now this is something to be happy about!!!

10. Brian had a tradition growing up that he could open one present the Sunday night before Christmas and he wanted to continue that tradition with Mase. So we did. Here's the little chump with his present...

Monday, December 23, 2013

NST #10 and #11

I went last week Friday afternoon for my 10th NST. Baby wasn't much in a moving mood but the heart accels/deccels were enough for baby to pass in the 20 minute time period. Heart rate stayed pretty consistent in the the 140's to low 150's (except when the accels happened then the HR went as high as the 170's). Everything else looked good!!!

I went today for my 11th NST. And baby WAS in a moving mood!!! Passed right away...thata boy or girl. Heart rate varied anywhere from the 130's to the 160's. And my blood pressure was the best its ever been (since starting the NSTs) at 124/82!!!

Getting close...10 (almost 9) days til the big due date!!! Soooo ready to meet this little one!!!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 38

December 19
How Far Along: 38 weeks (even)!!!

Size of Baby: An average 38 weeker typically weighs about 6.8 pounds and measures over 19.5 inches long. Or for comparisons a leek. Baby Hemy however, is an over-achiever and at 36w4d already weighed 7 pounds 3 guessing s/he weighs in the upper 7 pound range by now or maybe has even tipped the scales at 8 pounds.

Picture of Baby: Not until his/her debut!!!

Weight Gain: Pretty sure I won't be jumping on the scale until baby's birthday...

Stretch Marks: Just the one above my belly button but its getting stretched to the max this time!!!

Symptoms: T-I-R-E-D!!! Not gonna lie...ready for baby to be IN my arms and not IN my belly. The swelling (face, feet, toes, ankles, fingers) is worse first thing in the morning and then again at the end of the day. Didn't remember swelling much with Mase but I have written down that I did. All I know is the swelling is worse this go around.

Food Cravings: Orange juice and clementines. Ice cream. Mashed potatoes. Funny thing is I looked back and craved the same things (OJ, oranges, and sweets) at the end of Mase's pregnancy. Does this mean boy again???

and the full body shot.

Movement: Baby does GREAT during my NST's and at night. But during the day I have to pay close attention.

Sleep: Pretty much end the night every night on the couch. Pee on average 5 times a night.

Gender: Getting SO anxious to know!!! Lately everyone (everywhere) tells me girl. All I say is that they have a 50% chance of being right!!!

  • Hard for me to believe that ONE year ago today we found out we had lost our fourth baby. Praising God we are where we are today and that it is in fact 2013 and not 2012. And thankful that God guided us to the decision of retrieving again because otherwise the miracle growing inside of me would not be.
  • Had NST #9 on Tuesday and per usual baby passed with flying colors!!! What's funny is this go around baby has always passed before the time limit (20 minutes). With Mase I sat there sometimes for a good 45 minutes and that was WITH them pressing on my belly. They are for sure gonna be two very different kids =) Heartbeat only dipped below 152 once otherwise stayed steady in the 150's...unless baby was moving then jumped anywhere from 160's-180. Everything else looked good and I was even dilated to a 2 (yea)!!!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Ten On Tuesday

1. Brian bought me this little guy (a vacuum...the hubby said the picture looked like a vibrator so I just wanted to clarify what it was exactly) a week or so ago and has it EVER been a delight. Anyways WHY we didn't get one of these a year or more ago when Mason started making messes galore is beyond me.

2. My brother and his wife had a gender reveal party this past Sunday with both families present. (So fun)!!! And they are having....
another HEALTHY little BOY!!!

3. As of this weekend my freezer is stocked with 6 ready to go meals, my hospital bags are packed, car seat base is installed (with car seat), and just in case baby decides to come early presents are wrapped. Ahhhh...READY...SET...COME baby!!!

4. Like I mentioned above I wrapped all the present this past weekend. I asked Brian (when I was finished) to put them all back in the nursery closet (until opening time) and he said..."wrapped presents belong under the Christmas tree." My response..."with an excited 2 year old? Fine whatever." Sure enough not more than 2 minutes after Mase woke up from his nap he was trying to open a present. Brian took that one away (after Mase had it half opened and I was hollering in the background to take it away) but of course Mase dove in for another. Needless to say they are all in the nursery closet UNTIL OPENING TIME!!!

5. Like I also already mentioned...Brian installed the car seat base (and car seat) this weekend. When I got in the car Sunday night to head over to the in-law's house Mason pointed at the car seat...said BABY...and proceeded to laugh (a happy laugh)!!! It was the cutest thing ever. Taking this as a sign he's excited for his baby bro or sis!!!

6. Mase has hit a HUGE climbing phase. He climbed a little here and there when he was little but NOTHING major. But now it's a completely different story...
Climbing just because...
Climbing to turn the lights on (or off)...
Climbing for grapes...

7. Meet Mason's new "man doll" whom we call Joe or Joey. (Supposedly that's what Brian called him when he was little...Joey was his before becoming Masons). So far Mase is a fan. Mommy is just trying to prep him for when THE REAL baby comes!!!

8. Mason's favorite word as of late..."kay." He says it in such a cute stinking cute (to this mama). Need to videotape it. His little voice makes it sound so sweet and so innocent!!! And his favorite song to sing as of late...Eeieeo. His rendition of Old MacDonald =)

9. Sleeping with mama...
Pretty typically sight between 8:30 and 9pm at the Helmholdt house!!!

10. Relaxing in his new bean bag from gpa and gma H. (Spoiled much)? I think not ;)

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 37

December 12 15
How Far Along: 37 weeks (and 3 days)!!!

Picture of Baby: Not until his/her debut!!!

Weight Gain: Ugh. Let the truth be told. I am up a total of 60 pounds. CRACKERS!!! And this is with 2.5 weeks to (potentially) GO.

Symptoms: Tons of Braxton Hicks (like ALL the time). And I def walk with a major waddle (well most of the time). I think this waddle has something to do with a little thing called SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). (Yes I am self diagnosing myself). Basically its crazy pelvic pain. I would say 75% of the time it hurts me to walk. As in a sharp pain every time I take a step. Sitting to standing, walking, and carrying my child just intensify the pain. I feel best just sitting. And the first few minutes after sitting or early in the morning before I've walked a lot is the 25% of the time that my lower region doesn't hurt. Oh and turning in bed is a nightmare (of pain) too. Other symptoms of mine include insomnia (worse this go around than with Mason's pregnancy), heartburn (a new addition that I don't really recall having with Mason), and holy cats are my toes/feet,  fingers, and face SWOLLEN. I seriously was NOT this swollen (in these areas) with Mase. I woke up one morning with lines on my arm from what I guess is fluid accumulation. Yikes. Baby I AM ready for YOU!!!

Food Cravings: Orange juice and clementines. (These have been my faves for a few weeks now).


Movement: Thankfully baby decided to be a moving and shaker towards the end of week 36 but of course s/he slowed in the moving department again this weekend. Whats with the lessening of movement on the weekends baby???

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. We tried decorating Christmas cookies with Mase this past Tuesday night...
And contrary to the above picture it was an epic fail. He "helped" for about 5 minutes and then lost interest. This is what he wanted to do instead...
And no he did not tip over the tree. (Thank goodness)!!!

2. Yesterday was our last Movement and Music Class at the library. Since we were visiting a friend (and her new baby boy) right after the class I decided to head to the library a little early so Mase could play. I should have known better. The boy hates leaving the play area...and he especially hated leaving it yesterday because of his "new" find...
Needless to say...we entered class a little late (and after a little bribery) and ended up leaving a little early (due to his bad attitude). Thankfully he did great at my friend's house despite his earlier (bad) attitude...definitely helped that her house was full of fun toys (and two kids his age)!!!

3. NST #8 was today. It was an interesting one. My doctor was out of the office for the day (although I had thought one of his nurses would still be around). Well I guess I was wrong because a different nurse called me back. She first took my weight (down a pound from Monday)!!! Second my blood pressure. (I could feel my blood just a pulsating and sure enough the result...150/98). My first thought was crap and my second thought was induction next week?!? Well I was a little caught up with my first thought so as I used the restroom I forgot to pee on the stick. Whoops. Finally the nurse hooked me up for my NST. Not more than 5 minutes later one of my REGULAR nurses walked in (she WAS there). Thankfully (or not) the first BP was not put into the computer so per my usual my nurse took my BP as the end of my NST and sure enough it wasn't too bad...136/82 (my usual). Since everything else looked good I didn't have to stick around to talk to the doctor on call...which made it a quick appointment!!! Baby was just a moving again today. And heart rate ran between the 150's and 160's. Never lower than 147 and never higher than 171.

4. We went to visit Santa tonight and although Mase was scared at first...
in the end he gave us a big ole CHEESE!!!
We went out to Home and Company in Holland (to visit Santa) because you can take as many pictures as you want and its FREE. Oh and there was only one family ahead of us so very little wait time. My kind of Santa seeing!!!
And one pic of Mase, Daddy, and the fake Santa as we left the store!!!

5. One of Mason's favorite peeps in the whole world is his cousin Cole. Last week I was reminded TWICE about this. Mason has this DVD that he loves singing along with. He was busy counting from 1 to 2 to 3 when suddenly he starts shouting Cole...Cole...Cole. Then the next morning he was watching a Mickey episode (just laughing away) when suddenly he points at the fridge and starts shouting Cole...Cole...Cole. What triggers him to think of Cole...I have NO idea. But it makes me laugh every single time!!!

6. Here is our 2013 family Christmas card. I LOVE how it turned out!!! (Don't mind the fact that its a picture of a picture...)

7.  Mason loves "playing" Wii with his daddy...

8. What's a visit to Meijer without riding Sandy...
We're in the check out lane and all he can say is "heeeeeee."

9. I was trying to dry some clothes but this little guy had another idea!!! I asked him if he was comfy to which he responded...YES!!!

10. Can you tell I am obsessed with taking pics with my iPhone. So quick and easy!!! Although for big events I much prefer my camera. (The last sentence plug was meant for my hubby. No iPhone pics in the L&D room...only camera pics please).

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ten On Wednesday (Suppose To Be Tuesday)

1. Prego Update: I am so tired as of late that I can't even get my act together to get my Ten On Tuesday out on the correct day. (And right now I should be napping instead of typing but typing it is). I do NOT remember feeling this tired with Mase at the end but then again I also wasn't chasing a toddler around either. Bedtime (for me and Mase) is between 8:30 and 9pm (on average) every night...and then I still sleep a good ten-ish hours. (Not that my "sleep" is all that great). I had NST #6 this past Friday and NST #7 this past Monday. Passed both quite quickly...although baby wasn't moving nearly as much this past Monday. (But I had enough accel/decels to pass quick enough). Heart rate has varied (for the most part) between the 150-160's. But the blood pressure has been inching up. At my last appointment it was 138/86. And although I am glad its not (terribly high or causing issues) I will admit that I was a little disappointed when my doctor said because of where its at we will not be inducing at 38 weeks (as somewhat planned). I was very thankful however to hear that baby is HEAD DOWN!!! Definitely an answer to prayer. Next NST is tomorrow.  So for now the show continues onward...(with no induction date set)...

2. We went to Movement and Music at our library again this past Wednesday (despite our early morning ED visit). Mase participated a bit more and didn't need to be carried around quite as much (thank goodness). Afterwards we played in the play area and per his usual he had a blast. (Loves all the trains at the library)!!!

3. I picked out my new (eye glass) frames last week Wednesday. They should be in early next week and this mama cannot wait to pick them up and start wearing them!!! (I haven't had new frames since 2007).

4. Mason says OWWWW or OWWWEEEE all the time. I told him he needs to only say it when something really hurts because mommy and daddy are not going to be able to tell someday IF something really does hurt. (Not that he gets what I'm saying but its worth a shot don't you think)? He is especially fond of saying it when were changing his diaper or clothes.

5. So Mason's "mole-like thing" was called a pyogenic granuloma. Basically its a scab that forgets to heal properly. Thankfully we got the report back that its benign and nothing to worry about. Praying they don't frequent him.

6. Brian, Mase, and I visited the Zeeland Critter Barn this past Saturday. (I went last spring...over Spring Break with my sister and her kids for the first time). Its open only certain times of the year and best part is its FREE!!! (Donations accepted). At Christmas they do a live nativity scene (that Brian and I thought was pretty neat..but Mase on the other hand thought he had better things (like petting animals) to do). Thankfully they have all the petting of the animals and the nativity scene in a heated barn.
Mason and Daddy
Crazy goats!!!
LOVED the bunnies
Tried taking the little chicks head off...
My almost always "sweet" little boy.
Mase and Mommy

7. It was our 5th anniversary on December 6 (this past Friday)!!! Man its crazy how fast time flies (especially when you're having SO much fun)!!! On the actual day Brian went muzzle-loading all day (aka...hunting) and I had a doctor appointment and hung out at my mom's house. When Brian got home around 6:30pm we went to the Pizza Ranch (I know real romantic right but it gets better) WITH Mason for dinner. But it was perfect for us.

8. The next night I wanted to go out though just the two of us. Go figure (and this never happens) both our parents were busy and since our only other sitter is away at college we had no other options except to call a new sitter. (I was adamant that we go out JUST THE TWO OF US for our anniversary. Since its really the only time all year long that we do...otherwise were with friends/family/Mase). Long story short Mase loved her!!! (She is my sister's niece so it wasn't hard leaving him with her either). So now we have someone else to call in a pinch. What did we do you ask...nothing crazy...just a movie (Catching Fire) with MOVIE popcorn!!!

9. Brian is an Elder at our church and our former Pastor's wife (our former Pastor passed away this past June) held her final Board/Staff appreciation dinner at her house this past Monday. She prepared the main course while everyone invited brought either an appetizer, salad, or dessert. The food was yummy and the company was great too. As we were driving (and almost) to my parent's house to drop Mase off I was telling Brian about my day. I got to the part where I told him I made the which I STILL on the counter AT HOME. Crap. The roads weren't great but turn around we did. We ended up being a good 20 minutes late but better late than never right??? Thankfully peeps were still chatting and munching on the appetizers when we arrived. CAN YOU SAY PREGNANT BRAIN?!?!

10. Mason's favorite saying as of's coooold. It's coooold. He got this saying because every time we tried putting his hat and jacket on him before leaving the house he would run from us. We kept telling him how cold it was out and that he couldn't leave with us unless he had his hat and jacket on. I guess we got our point across because he is very willing to wear his hat and jacket these days...and the moment we step outside he hugs us tighter and says..."it's coooold." However, its never too cold for a little winter baseball...

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 36

December 5 11
How Far Along: 36 weeks (and 6 days)!!!

Size of Baby: At my US this past Monday baby Hemy weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces (average babies at this stage weigh almost 6 and 1/3 pounds and measure a bit over 19 inches long). Baby Hemy is bigger than the average but this weight still only puts baby Hemy in the 73 percentile (well I think that's what Dr J said). 

Picture of Baby: Boo. Didn't get a picture of baby this ultrasound time.

Weight Gain: Trekking towards 60 pounds up (I'm sure) but haven't tempted the scale as of late.

Stretch Marks: Still just the one tiny one (from Mason's pregnancy) above my belly button. I thought I noticed some more coming on my sides but I think they were just from laying funny during my nap. 

Symptoms: SO SO SO tired ALL the time. And I am feeling LOTS and I mean LOTS of pressure down below. Back also hurts by the end of the day.


Sleep: Same as last week with the exception that maybe it has gotten worse. I have slept on the couch a couple times come early morning because I just couldn't get comfortable (or back to sleep) in our bed. Some nights I just pray for morning to come because I sleep so terrible. (But then last night after 2 weeks of terrible sleep I actually slept pretty good)!!!

Movement: Movements have definitely slowed down. Enough that I get a little nervous.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little ED Visit...

This past Wednesday morning was quite unlike any I've ever had. Mason (as usual was in bed with me) when a little after 7am I slipped out of bed to use the potty. When I slipped back into bed Mason (awake now) snuggled up to me. And that's where normal ends and "quite unlike any I've ever had" begins. He wiped his face which I thought was weird since he didn't have a cold (no runny nose). And then a few minutes later I felt like my shirt was quite damp so I turned my lamp on and was shocked to see blood. Blood on my shirt, on Mason's shirt and face (dried and dripping), and on my comforter. At first I didn't know what to think but then I quickly realized it was coming from the "cherry hemangioma" that had recently grown on his cheek. (A month or so ago Mason had a scab that grew into a red looking mole (aka...cherry hemangioma) and over the last month its gotten bigger and bigger in size and the boy is a PICKER...much like his mama. A week or so prior (to the incident) my mom had made a comment that maybe I should have my PCP look at it (because it was quickly growing in size) and so I called that afternoon and had an appointment scheduled for this past Friday (which obviously got canceled)). Anyways back to Wednesday morning...I began applying pressure and at the same time called Brian. Then I called my PCP's office. Long story short I was told (by them) that I had to go to the ED. My father-in-law came to take us so I could continue holding pressure. Go figure once we arrived at the ED the bleeding stopped (but I had held pressure for an hour and half at this point). Some phone calls were made though that made the ED trip worthwhile because by some fortunate circumstances we got a 9am (the following morning) appointment with a dermatologist (Dr. Ashack). (The fortunate circumstances were I knew the PA who made a personal call to the derm office, an ED tech's sister worked at Ashack's office, and I am an established patient (of Dr. Ashack). Before leaving the hospital the nurse applied a gauze and bandaid to Mase's face that thankfully he left alone for the most part (well only after me telling him 50 times to LEAVE IT ALONE). Brian had to hold pressure for another hour Wednesday night and it was again actively bleeding Thursday morning when we woke up.
My mother-in-law followed me to the dermatologist's office Thursday morning since I had to go to work afterwards. Thankfully everything moved rather quickly and in no time we were in an exam room with Dr. Ashack. He immediately said what his "red hemangioma" was actually called (but for the life of me I cannot recall it) and said that it had to be removed. So removed it was. I had to lay on the exam table with Mase holding him two needles were injected into his cheek to numb the area. He was screaming MOMEEEEEEE at this point and I was sweating bullets trying to keep him down. Dr. Ashack worked quickly though and the hemangioma was burned off within minutes. He said that 14% of the time these things can grow back and if that's the case he would have to burn it off again. Praying it doesn't come to that. And ever so grateful that the issue has been dealt with.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 35

Since life has been crazy busy these last few days I didn't get either of my regular Tuesday posts (Journey To Baby and Ten On Tuesday) posted so here they BOTH are today...

November 28   December 4
How Far Along: 35 weeks (and 6 days)!!!

Size of Baby: Since I am a day away from 36 weeks I decided to put the 36 weeks stats up (instead of the 35 weeks stats). So our little babe is still packing on the pounds--at the rate of about an ounce a day. Baby Hemy now weighs almost 6 pounds and is more than 18.5 inches long. Or for comparisons sake…the size of a crenshaw melon.

Picture of Baby: Next ultrasound is December 9. Again praying hard that at this appointment we find out that baby is right side down (and NOT breech like s/he was at my last ultrasound). Also hoping for induction details to be finalized at this appointment...not that I will be sharing those with anyone besides our parents. As you all know I like to keep everyone in suspense!!!

Weight Gain: As of yesterday morning a total gain of 54.5 pounds. (Putting me at 200 even).

Stretch Marks: Still just the one tiny one (from Mason's pregnancy) above my belly button. 


Sleep: None too great. Peeing every hour to two and on top of that dealing with Mason's random wake ups leaves me exhausted most mornings. Plus I am just never truly comfortable.

Movement: This baby moves more than Mase every did. And I feel more hang/feet movements versus whole body movements. Baby has the hiccups ALL THE TIME now.

Ten On Tuesday (a day late) + NST Updates

1. Mason's favorite saying as of late... "No, uh uhhhh...NO...with his hands folded over his chest. Even says it in his sleep...

2. First sledding of the season...

3. We went to our library's Movement and Music Time last Wednesday with my neighbor and her two boys. Mason loves to dance so I was a bit surprised when at first he wanted NOTHING to do with it (just wanted me to carry him around...ummmm yea NO thanks...) but after while the boy was in his groove (and enjoying himself for sure)!!!

4. Unfortunately I had to work Thanksgiving Day this year. I was hoping (and praying) for an LOS. (Meaning they would cancel my shift because of low patient census). But no such luck...we were busier than we had been in weeks. Go figure. But since I was only eight hours and since I sent all three of my patients home by 1pm...out the door I was by 1:20pm!!! My entire family (including my hubby and Mase) were at my parent's house so I stopped in there (and ate a YUMMY late lunch) and hung out for an hour or so before everybody headed home. Once home I took a HOT bath, napped, and then hung out with my two favorite boys for the rest of the day/night. All in all a very good THANKSgiving Day!!!

 5. The day after Thanksgiving (thanks to some new snow) Mase was able to try out his "new" snowmobile...(that we got at a garage sale this spring)...
He LOVED it!!!

6. After teaching Tuesday (of last week), working Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday AND a PICU training class on Monday I was whipped and SO VERY thankful that my doctor had cut me down to 8 hour shifts. (Otherwise I just think I might have gone into early labor). So needless to say...8 hour shifts are agreeing quite well with pregnant ole me!!!

7. I knew Mason LOVED cookies but I now know he LOVES cookie dough too (just like his daddy)...

8. We had our first Christmas celebration this past Saturday with my mom's extended side. I just love getting together and visiting with all my uncles, aunts, and cousins because we only get together like this once a year...(not that I don't see some of them here and there throughout the rest of the year). We order pizza and everyone brings a side to share for dinner. The kids play. The adults talk (and play some too). And then the annual great-grand kids pic is taken before its PRESENT TIME (again just for the great grands)!!!
16 of the 17 greats with 3 more on the way!!!
Thanking old Papa for his truck and airplane!!!

9. A few weeks back Mase butt-jumped it off my bed and hit his head. He cried. I picked him up and told him he was okay. Then when I moved my hand from the back of his head I noticed that my hand was bloody. I turned Mase over and sure enough he had a nice little gouge in the back of his head that was bleeding a decent amount. After a few minutes of pressure the bleeding stopped so I cleaned it up and thankfully it was only a small gouge so I just left it be and by the next day it had scabbed over. Let's just say I was thankful we didn't end up with stitches...

10. I had NST #4 last week Friday and NST #5 yesterday. Both were non eventful with good blood pressures. (Hoping that with decent blood pressures I still get to be induced...fingers crossed). Baby's heartbeat stayed in the upper 150's to low 160's on Friday but mostly hung out in the 150 range yesterday.