Sunday, December 8, 2013

A Little ED Visit...

This past Wednesday morning was quite unlike any I've ever had. Mason (as usual was in bed with me) when a little after 7am I slipped out of bed to use the potty. When I slipped back into bed Mason (awake now) snuggled up to me. And that's where normal ends and "quite unlike any I've ever had" begins. He wiped his face which I thought was weird since he didn't have a cold (no runny nose). And then a few minutes later I felt like my shirt was quite damp so I turned my lamp on and was shocked to see blood. Blood on my shirt, on Mason's shirt and face (dried and dripping), and on my comforter. At first I didn't know what to think but then I quickly realized it was coming from the "cherry hemangioma" that had recently grown on his cheek. (A month or so ago Mason had a scab that grew into a red looking mole (aka...cherry hemangioma) and over the last month its gotten bigger and bigger in size and the boy is a PICKER...much like his mama. A week or so prior (to the incident) my mom had made a comment that maybe I should have my PCP look at it (because it was quickly growing in size) and so I called that afternoon and had an appointment scheduled for this past Friday (which obviously got canceled)). Anyways back to Wednesday morning...I began applying pressure and at the same time called Brian. Then I called my PCP's office. Long story short I was told (by them) that I had to go to the ED. My father-in-law came to take us so I could continue holding pressure. Go figure once we arrived at the ED the bleeding stopped (but I had held pressure for an hour and half at this point). Some phone calls were made though that made the ED trip worthwhile because by some fortunate circumstances we got a 9am (the following morning) appointment with a dermatologist (Dr. Ashack). (The fortunate circumstances were I knew the PA who made a personal call to the derm office, an ED tech's sister worked at Ashack's office, and I am an established patient (of Dr. Ashack). Before leaving the hospital the nurse applied a gauze and bandaid to Mase's face that thankfully he left alone for the most part (well only after me telling him 50 times to LEAVE IT ALONE). Brian had to hold pressure for another hour Wednesday night and it was again actively bleeding Thursday morning when we woke up.
My mother-in-law followed me to the dermatologist's office Thursday morning since I had to go to work afterwards. Thankfully everything moved rather quickly and in no time we were in an exam room with Dr. Ashack. He immediately said what his "red hemangioma" was actually called (but for the life of me I cannot recall it) and said that it had to be removed. So removed it was. I had to lay on the exam table with Mase holding him two needles were injected into his cheek to numb the area. He was screaming MOMEEEEEEE at this point and I was sweating bullets trying to keep him down. Dr. Ashack worked quickly though and the hemangioma was burned off within minutes. He said that 14% of the time these things can grow back and if that's the case he would have to burn it off again. Praying it doesn't come to that. And ever so grateful that the issue has been dealt with.

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