Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ten On Thursday

1. We tried decorating Christmas cookies with Mase this past Tuesday night...
And contrary to the above picture it was an epic fail. He "helped" for about 5 minutes and then lost interest. This is what he wanted to do instead...
And no he did not tip over the tree. (Thank goodness)!!!

2. Yesterday was our last Movement and Music Class at the library. Since we were visiting a friend (and her new baby boy) right after the class I decided to head to the library a little early so Mase could play. I should have known better. The boy hates leaving the play area...and he especially hated leaving it yesterday because of his "new" find...
Needless to say...we entered class a little late (and after a little bribery) and ended up leaving a little early (due to his bad attitude). Thankfully he did great at my friend's house despite his earlier (bad) attitude...definitely helped that her house was full of fun toys (and two kids his age)!!!

3. NST #8 was today. It was an interesting one. My doctor was out of the office for the day (although I had thought one of his nurses would still be around). Well I guess I was wrong because a different nurse called me back. She first took my weight (down a pound from Monday)!!! Second my blood pressure. (I could feel my blood just a pulsating and sure enough the result...150/98). My first thought was crap and my second thought was induction next week?!? Well I was a little caught up with my first thought so as I used the restroom I forgot to pee on the stick. Whoops. Finally the nurse hooked me up for my NST. Not more than 5 minutes later one of my REGULAR nurses walked in (she WAS there). Thankfully (or not) the first BP was not put into the computer so per my usual my nurse took my BP as the end of my NST and sure enough it wasn't too bad...136/82 (my usual). Since everything else looked good I didn't have to stick around to talk to the doctor on call...which made it a quick appointment!!! Baby was just a moving again today. And heart rate ran between the 150's and 160's. Never lower than 147 and never higher than 171.

4. We went to visit Santa tonight and although Mase was scared at first...
in the end he gave us a big ole CHEESE!!!
We went out to Home and Company in Holland (to visit Santa) because you can take as many pictures as you want and its FREE. Oh and there was only one family ahead of us so very little wait time. My kind of Santa seeing!!!
And one pic of Mase, Daddy, and the fake Santa as we left the store!!!

5. One of Mason's favorite peeps in the whole world is his cousin Cole. Last week I was reminded TWICE about this. Mason has this DVD that he loves singing along with. He was busy counting from 1 to 2 to 3 when suddenly he starts shouting Cole...Cole...Cole. Then the next morning he was watching a Mickey episode (just laughing away) when suddenly he points at the fridge and starts shouting Cole...Cole...Cole. What triggers him to think of Cole...I have NO idea. But it makes me laugh every single time!!!

6. Here is our 2013 family Christmas card. I LOVE how it turned out!!! (Don't mind the fact that its a picture of a picture...)

7.  Mason loves "playing" Wii with his daddy...

8. What's a visit to Meijer without riding Sandy...
We're in the check out lane and all he can say is "heeeeeee."

9. I was trying to dry some clothes but this little guy had another idea!!! I asked him if he was comfy to which he responded...YES!!!

10. Can you tell I am obsessed with taking pics with my iPhone. So quick and easy!!! Although for big events I much prefer my camera. (The last sentence plug was meant for my hubby. No iPhone pics in the L&D room...only camera pics please).

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