Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ten On Tuesday (a day late) + NST Updates

1. Mason's favorite saying as of late... "No, uh uhhhh...NO...with his hands folded over his chest. Even says it in his sleep...

2. First sledding of the season...

3. We went to our library's Movement and Music Time last Wednesday with my neighbor and her two boys. Mason loves to dance so I was a bit surprised when at first he wanted NOTHING to do with it (just wanted me to carry him around...ummmm yea NO thanks...) but after while the boy was in his groove (and enjoying himself for sure)!!!

4. Unfortunately I had to work Thanksgiving Day this year. I was hoping (and praying) for an LOS. (Meaning they would cancel my shift because of low patient census). But no such luck...we were busier than we had been in weeks. Go figure. But since I was only eight hours and since I sent all three of my patients home by 1pm...out the door I was by 1:20pm!!! My entire family (including my hubby and Mase) were at my parent's house so I stopped in there (and ate a YUMMY late lunch) and hung out for an hour or so before everybody headed home. Once home I took a HOT bath, napped, and then hung out with my two favorite boys for the rest of the day/night. All in all a very good THANKSgiving Day!!!

 5. The day after Thanksgiving (thanks to some new snow) Mase was able to try out his "new" snowmobile...(that we got at a garage sale this spring)...
He LOVED it!!!

6. After teaching Tuesday (of last week), working Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday AND a PICU training class on Monday I was whipped and SO VERY thankful that my doctor had cut me down to 8 hour shifts. (Otherwise I just think I might have gone into early labor). So needless to say...8 hour shifts are agreeing quite well with pregnant ole me!!!

7. I knew Mason LOVED cookies but I now know he LOVES cookie dough too (just like his daddy)...

8. We had our first Christmas celebration this past Saturday with my mom's extended side. I just love getting together and visiting with all my uncles, aunts, and cousins because we only get together like this once a year...(not that I don't see some of them here and there throughout the rest of the year). We order pizza and everyone brings a side to share for dinner. The kids play. The adults talk (and play some too). And then the annual great-grand kids pic is taken before its PRESENT TIME (again just for the great grands)!!!
16 of the 17 greats with 3 more on the way!!!
Thanking old Papa for his truck and airplane!!!

9. A few weeks back Mase butt-jumped it off my bed and hit his head. He cried. I picked him up and told him he was okay. Then when I moved my hand from the back of his head I noticed that my hand was bloody. I turned Mase over and sure enough he had a nice little gouge in the back of his head that was bleeding a decent amount. After a few minutes of pressure the bleeding stopped so I cleaned it up and thankfully it was only a small gouge so I just left it be and by the next day it had scabbed over. Let's just say I was thankful we didn't end up with stitches...

10. I had NST #4 last week Friday and NST #5 yesterday. Both were non eventful with good blood pressures. (Hoping that with decent blood pressures I still get to be induced...fingers crossed). Baby's heartbeat stayed in the upper 150's to low 160's on Friday but mostly hung out in the 150 range yesterday. 

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