Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Ten On Wednesday (Suppose To Be Tuesday)

1. Prego Update: I am so tired as of late that I can't even get my act together to get my Ten On Tuesday out on the correct day. (And right now I should be napping instead of typing but typing it is). I do NOT remember feeling this tired with Mase at the end but then again I also wasn't chasing a toddler around either. Bedtime (for me and Mase) is between 8:30 and 9pm (on average) every night...and then I still sleep a good ten-ish hours. (Not that my "sleep" is all that great). I had NST #6 this past Friday and NST #7 this past Monday. Passed both quite quickly...although baby wasn't moving nearly as much this past Monday. (But I had enough accel/decels to pass quick enough). Heart rate has varied (for the most part) between the 150-160's. But the blood pressure has been inching up. At my last appointment it was 138/86. And although I am glad its not (terribly high or causing issues) I will admit that I was a little disappointed when my doctor said because of where its at we will not be inducing at 38 weeks (as somewhat planned). I was very thankful however to hear that baby is HEAD DOWN!!! Definitely an answer to prayer. Next NST is tomorrow.  So for now the show continues onward...(with no induction date set)...

2. We went to Movement and Music at our library again this past Wednesday (despite our early morning ED visit). Mase participated a bit more and didn't need to be carried around quite as much (thank goodness). Afterwards we played in the play area and per his usual he had a blast. (Loves all the trains at the library)!!!

3. I picked out my new (eye glass) frames last week Wednesday. They should be in early next week and this mama cannot wait to pick them up and start wearing them!!! (I haven't had new frames since 2007).

4. Mason says OWWWW or OWWWEEEE all the time. I told him he needs to only say it when something really hurts because mommy and daddy are not going to be able to tell someday IF something really does hurt. (Not that he gets what I'm saying but its worth a shot don't you think)? He is especially fond of saying it when were changing his diaper or clothes.

5. So Mason's "mole-like thing" was called a pyogenic granuloma. Basically its a scab that forgets to heal properly. Thankfully we got the report back that its benign and nothing to worry about. Praying they don't frequent him.

6. Brian, Mase, and I visited the Zeeland Critter Barn this past Saturday. (I went last spring...over Spring Break with my sister and her kids for the first time). Its open only certain times of the year and best part is its FREE!!! (Donations accepted). At Christmas they do a live nativity scene (that Brian and I thought was pretty neat..but Mase on the other hand thought he had better things (like petting animals) to do). Thankfully they have all the petting of the animals and the nativity scene in a heated barn.
Mason and Daddy
Crazy goats!!!
LOVED the bunnies
Tried taking the little chicks head off...
My almost always "sweet" little boy.
Mase and Mommy

7. It was our 5th anniversary on December 6 (this past Friday)!!! Man its crazy how fast time flies (especially when you're having SO much fun)!!! On the actual day Brian went muzzle-loading all day (aka...hunting) and I had a doctor appointment and hung out at my mom's house. When Brian got home around 6:30pm we went to the Pizza Ranch (I know real romantic right but it gets better) WITH Mason for dinner. But it was perfect for us.

8. The next night I wanted to go out though just the two of us. Go figure (and this never happens) both our parents were busy and since our only other sitter is away at college we had no other options except to call a new sitter. (I was adamant that we go out JUST THE TWO OF US for our anniversary. Since its really the only time all year long that we do...otherwise were with friends/family/Mase). Long story short Mase loved her!!! (She is my sister's niece so it wasn't hard leaving him with her either). So now we have someone else to call in a pinch. What did we do you ask...nothing crazy...just a movie (Catching Fire) with MOVIE popcorn!!!

9. Brian is an Elder at our church and our former Pastor's wife (our former Pastor passed away this past June) held her final Board/Staff appreciation dinner at her house this past Monday. She prepared the main course while everyone invited brought either an appetizer, salad, or dessert. The food was yummy and the company was great too. As we were driving (and almost) to my parent's house to drop Mase off I was telling Brian about my day. I got to the part where I told him I made the which I STILL on the counter AT HOME. Crap. The roads weren't great but turn around we did. We ended up being a good 20 minutes late but better late than never right??? Thankfully peeps were still chatting and munching on the appetizers when we arrived. CAN YOU SAY PREGNANT BRAIN?!?!

10. Mason's favorite saying as of's coooold. It's coooold. He got this saying because every time we tried putting his hat and jacket on him before leaving the house he would run from us. We kept telling him how cold it was out and that he couldn't leave with us unless he had his hat and jacket on. I guess we got our point across because he is very willing to wear his hat and jacket these days...and the moment we step outside he hugs us tighter and says..."it's coooold." However, its never too cold for a little winter baseball...


  1. Yay!!! So glad baby is head down. I've been checking this repeatedly since Monday :)

  2. Hurray for head down! What a relief! I wish I could tell which way this babe was, I can't tell which parts are what!

  3. In one of your previous posts, you said you now have Brian's old iPhone. I think you need to get Instagram. Just saying. :)

  4. I've been replaced! :(
    Just kidding..I'm so happy you can still enjoy some time with Brian when I'm away!
    Happy to hear you and the baby are doing well! I miss my little buddy Mase :)