Wednesday, December 11, 2013

The Journey To (Earthly) Baby #2: Week 36

December 5 11
How Far Along: 36 weeks (and 6 days)!!!

Size of Baby: At my US this past Monday baby Hemy weighed 7 pounds 3 ounces (average babies at this stage weigh almost 6 and 1/3 pounds and measure a bit over 19 inches long). Baby Hemy is bigger than the average but this weight still only puts baby Hemy in the 73 percentile (well I think that's what Dr J said). 

Picture of Baby: Boo. Didn't get a picture of baby this ultrasound time.

Weight Gain: Trekking towards 60 pounds up (I'm sure) but haven't tempted the scale as of late.

Stretch Marks: Still just the one tiny one (from Mason's pregnancy) above my belly button. I thought I noticed some more coming on my sides but I think they were just from laying funny during my nap. 

Symptoms: SO SO SO tired ALL the time. And I am feeling LOTS and I mean LOTS of pressure down below. Back also hurts by the end of the day.


Sleep: Same as last week with the exception that maybe it has gotten worse. I have slept on the couch a couple times come early morning because I just couldn't get comfortable (or back to sleep) in our bed. Some nights I just pray for morning to come because I sleep so terrible. (But then last night after 2 weeks of terrible sleep I actually slept pretty good)!!!

Movement: Movements have definitely slowed down. Enough that I get a little nervous.

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