Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Christmas Day with the Helmholdts

The kids woke fairly early so first thing on the agenda was stockings.
Mason loved his new Mickey Mouse notebook...$1 at Target. Score!!!
Before heading to my in-law's church for the Christmas morning worship service we snapped a picture of our sweet little family. (Not biased or anything)!!!
Mason was in a picture taking mood (hence the insanely adorable photo below) but Mols wanted NOTHING to do with it so NO photo of her.
After church we headed to my in-law's house but before gobbling up our Christmas brunch we took our annual Helmholdt family picture. We got a pretty decent one even though Mason refused to smile and Molly refused to wear her headband.
This was actually how the majority of the family pics turned out. My kids were having very hot/cold days.
After brunch we opened presents. Mase loved his new Mr Potato Heads...as did Mols (love Mases's new Mr Potato Heads).
He loved throwing paper out of the gift bag presents...
Sporting his new towel. Big surprise but Molly refused to sport hers.
Like I mentioned above my kids were super hot/cold all day this was his reaction to his train table. Thinking he was mad that dad and grandpa uncovered the train table without his help. But when we tried to cover it back up that made him mad too. Oh boy. Once this cold mood passed he was very excited about his gift.
We hung out at my in-law's until 6ish. Molly napped a little...Mase not so much. We played some dominoes while Molly napped, enjoyed some ice cream (for dessert) once she woke, and just sat around paying with toys and watching tv.

Monday, December 29, 2014

Christmas Eve with the Vugteveens

Christmas Eve with the Vugteveens...chaotic BUT fun!!! We always start with some appetizers and punch followed by the main meal. Rarely (but for special occasions) do we all sit around the table (actually two tables). We ate a yummy meal of fried chicken, potatoes, rolls, raspberry jello salad, veggie casserole, and corn. Dessert (served after presents) was either cake (dyed red and green) or an ice cream dessert. YUM!!!

And pictures from our night...

My niece Cambrey loves to cart Miss Molly all around!!! (Sometimes Molly loves it and other times not so much).
Such a cheese bucket. Just love her!!!
Playing bumpy road with Grandma.
Some cousin love.
Must be something good...
Mason with his new sleeping bag. He can't wait for his first camp out with daddy!
Girlfriend was more obsessed with sitting in this box than pretty much anything else.
My peeps...
Everyone needs an Uncle Brandon.
Three of the four babies (from each family) playing with Connor's present.
More Cousin love.
Thanks for the {Christmasy} PJs G&G.
My loves with my parents.
Can't help but post another of me and my favorite little lady.
And last but not least...sisters with our baby girls.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas Eve Morning

Most of you know I'm a nurse which means every year I am suppose to work either Christmas Eve (day) or Christmas Day. Well this year a coworker needed New Years Day off and asked if I would trade my Christmas Day for her New Years Day. You better believe I said YES to that offer!!! So thankful to have BOTH days off this year.

On Christmas Eve morning we celebrated with our little fam of four. I made from scratch cinnamon rolls and after gobbling them up it was present time for the kiddos. (My kids don't believe in Santa so it doesn't really matter which day we open gifts). We kinda went along with the theme "Want, Need, Read." Only in addition they got one extra small "want" and of course their $5-10 the last Sunday before Christmas gift.

Before opening gifts I made them pose for a picture. Mason's mouth was full of food and Molly wasn't sure about Mason hanging on to her...oh well one can never expect perfection with two littles.
Mason loved opening his gifts...
1) (Small) Want...remote control car for 3+
2) Need...2 new shirts
3) Read...Leapfrog Letter Factory
And his (big) want gift was a...
Molly was not terribly interested in opening her presents SO big brother helped her out...
Molly's gifts included...
1) (Small) Want...baby doll
2) Need...a pillow (pet)
3) Read...Minnie Mouse small pack of ten books

And as you can already tell from the above picture her (big) want was her Minnie Mouse Activity Ride On...
Girlfriend LOVES her new ride on push toy.
The rest of the morning/afternoon was spent playing with toys, eating lunch, and taking naps before heading over to G&G Vugteveens for our next P-A-R-T-Y!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2014

Mason's birthDAY Shenanigans

Wishing my "baby" boy the happiest of HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!!! How is it that HE'S THREE?!? How can it have already been three years since all my dreams came true. So blessed to call him mine.
Today started off early since BOTH the littles woke shortly before 7am. I made pancakes for breakfast. (Mason refused Mickey shaped or chocolate chip...strange kid). And once we were ready Mase opened his presents...
He even let his sister help him some...
After presents it was off to go bowling!!! Brian had checked the website and it said they opened at 10am but with the holiday break (come to find out when we arrived) they actually didn't open until 11am. Thankfully they let us bowl anyways. Mase bowled for all three of us...so one game was plenty.
After bowling we headed to McDonalds for a {birthday} happy meal and a little McD's Playworld fun. Then it was back home for all to take naps.

Then tonight we headed to my in-law's for M&M's birthday party. We ate some yummy Jets Pizza (plus cinnasticks) and had icecream cake for dessert. Of course can't forget the presents that Mase just had to open upon arrival.
 He loves when people sing {Happy Birthday} to him...
 She on the other hand was less than impressed...
 Then she simmered down...
Mommy and the Birthday BOY and Daddy and the Birthday GIRL!!!
And with this party ends our Christmas/Birthday celebrations for 2014.