Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Mason

Whether Mase wanted "it" or not he got a baby SISTER (a day early) for his birthday. This of course meant I was in the hospital (all day long) for Mason's 2nd birthday. A few weeks earlier I would have balked at being in the hospital over his birthday but by December 17 (the date my induction was set) I wanted the first date Jelsema would give. (And that obviously happened to be December 26).

Brian took Mase up to see me (and Molly) the morning of his birthday and I told Brian to get him a birthday balloon from the gift shop (and daddy did). Daddy also got him an M&M covered chocolate donut. YUM!!! He spent the morning with Brian and then after his nap Brian took him to my parent's house so Brian could come up to the hospital for a bit.
Molly and I came home on Saturday (the 28th) and after Mase's afternoon nap we let him open up his presents from us. He kept saying..."all my presents, all my presents, all my presents." (Don't think he had that many presents...there were only 4 and none were that big of a deal).
2 Curious George books and Despicable Me DVD
A computer and a (Hess) truck
My TWO year old!!!

On Monday Brian and I took Mase (and Molly) to the Grand Rapids Children Museum to end his birthday celebration. (Until his birthday party with family on Jan 11 that is). He LOVED the museum!!! It was our first time there. Thinking we will be back...

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