Thursday, January 23, 2014

Mason, Tantrums, and Sleep...Oh My!!!

So my little dude HAD been throwing tantrums like it was his job. I had various reasons for why I thought he was throwing these constant tantrums (over EVERY LITTLE THING). He's two. He's adjusting to his new sister (although these tantrums started a month or so before Molly was born). He hasn't been feeling well (since January 1). Teething? Or simply because he's stuck inside all.the.time.

Well I reached my limit this past Friday. Mason was T-E-R-R-I-B-L-E. Crying. Whining. Wanted me and only me. He wasn't feeling well. And he was tired. I was almost in tears I was so exhausted (by him). We (he, Molly, and I) were at my mom's. She was baby-sitting five of my nieces/nephews. I thought he would enjoy himself there (playing with cousins) and as an added bonus I would get a "lil break." Not the case. He was hot and cold. All happy one minute and crying and hitting the next...saying "home home."

I called Brian when I got home and said enough was enough. I didn't care what it took...Mason WAS going to start sleeping in his OWN bed and he WAS going to start going to bed ON TIME!!! Night 1 (Friday night) went way better than I expected. Mase only cried for 30 minutes before falling asleep, only called out twice (11pm and 2am...I ignored him both times), and only came into our room once (5am...he was quickly put back in his own bed). Thankfully they coincided for the most part with Molly's wake-up calls!!! Night 2 went even better...he only called out once (again this call out was ignored). And wouldn't you know by night 3 the kid slept the entire live long night!!!!!!!!!!!!  And ever since he's been doing great. Goes to bed at 8:30pm with NO fight (after a book and his prayers). He sleeps until 7:30-ish (give or take)...and STILL takes a 3-3.5 hour nap. Life is GOOD!!! Oh and on the plus side his tantrums have majorly subsided.
Just reading a little Jesus' Calling...

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  1. Leland is having tons of tantrums too and I think a lot of it is for the same reasons you mentioned: adjusting to the baby (even though Alden is 3 months old), cabin fever, teething, and just being 2. Some days are ok and some days are HARD!!! Hang in there mama! It'll get easier, right?