Friday, January 10, 2014

{Mason} Two Years Old

Stats: As of his (two year) appointment this morning Mase weighs approximately 30 lbs (75-90%) and is 34 and 3/4 in tall (50-75%). I say approximately because the kid was kicking and screaming...wouldn't stand or sit on either scale so we took the wiggle worm weight while "sitting" on the baby scale. And I did my best to hold him straight for a height measurement but he was kicking and head-butting so not sure how accurate that is either. Still growing good so no concerns. His head circumference stayed stable at 19 and 3/4 (90%).

Sizes: Mason is wearing all 2T. And size 5 (Kirkland brand) diapers. Although when the 5's run out I think we're going to test out size 6.
Food: Mason is a picky eating. Hmmmmm wonder where he got that from. ;) (Me of course)!!! He won't touch vegetables or pasta for the life of me...but his love of different fruits is starting to expand. Loves grapes, strawberries, apples (and sauce), and has now expanding to raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries...and occasionally a banana. Loves ham, chicken nuggets, weenies, hamburger, and bologna. Likes most snacky things. Loves candy, ice cream, frosting, and cookies. Doesn't care for brownies or cake as much. Dislikes cheese. Loves froot loops, fruit snacks, and pickles. Switched him to 1% milk two weeks before his birthday. Mostly drinks milk (LOVES the chocolate version) or water (enjoys flavored or mixed with crystal light). Starting to like some juice but doesn't get it too often.

Routine: As of late...Mase wakes up between 7 and 7:30am. And then he naps around 1-1:30pm-ish (for 2-3 hours). Just before and the first few days of Molly's life this nap was missed (or should I say refused) more often than not so now he gets locked in his room. He knows mommy means business so he typically goes right down. Some days though he will play for a bit but rarely does he hoot and holler (as he did the first couple of days of being locked in). Bedtime is around 8:30pm. To get him to fall asleep at night either Brian or I have to lay with him. Thank goodness this isn't the case with nap time. But believe me when I say his routine could all up and change by tomorrow. This boy keeps us on our toes!!! Oh and lastly he always falls asleep IN OUR BED but then we move him into his own bed...funny thing is he somehow always meanders back into our room in the wee hours of the morning.
Loves: He loves DVDs...could stare at the cases for hours on end. (Especially a fan of his farm DVD's)!!! Always saying/singing EIEIO and Ole MmDon. Loves his trucks and cars. Loves anything Mickey. Loves the word NO. Loves Mommy and Daddy's iPhones. (He is actually pretty good at working them). Loves his bops (aka...pacis). Loves his cousins (and saying the word cousins). Loves balloons.
With (cousins) Cole (above) and Addi (below).

Dislikes: Does NOT like the cold. Nor does he care for rain. Nor will he wear socks when at home.

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You became a big brother the day before your 2nd birthday. And much to my surprise you LOVE your baby sister. Warms mama's heart!!! You always want to "CHEESE" with her!
  • You throw toddler sized tantrums almost daily. (Awesomesauce). Often this involves hitting...which gets you a time-out.
  • But on the flip side you are a little snuggler at bed time.
  • You are all boy. And you are a busy boy. You keep mommy and daddy on our toes.
  • In September we started you on Singular and Claritan and Albuterol hopes you wouldn't have a cold/cough every other week (like you did all summer long). It worked! But RIGHT when Molly was born you got another nasty cold/cough and at that time you were started on (2 weeks worth of) QVAR...(in addition to continuing everything else).
  • You are a smart little boy who doesn't miss a beat. Grandma V always tells mommy how aware you are of everything happening around you.
At your 2 year old well-child appointment today mommy and Dr. Mantia talked about potty-training and your sleeping "issues." I liked Dr. M's opinions so hoping to put them into practice in the next few weeks/months...

He gave me great steps to potty-training so that will be put into effect hopes to have you potty-trained when you hit 2 and a half. Fairly simple but he said (since we can almost always tell when your pooping) to run you into the bathroom when we see you pooping. Once you're use to pooping IN the bathroom then we will start taking your diaper off IN the bathroom. Then we will start putting you ON the toilet (still in a diaper). And finally taking your diaper off and really truly letting you poop in the toilet. He also said to always dump the poop into the toilet afterwards with you watching. Once pooping is tackled...we will working on the peeing part. Obviously we won't catch you every time but getting a pattern started should help in the whole potty-training process.

As for your sleeping "issues"...he said to nip that in the butt now (or in the next few weeks) because its only going to get harder. Which I totally get and believe. He said to use the 3 strike rule. Put you in your bed...if you get out strike ONE. Put you back in your bed and shut (aka...lock) your door for 5 minutes. Tell you we will open the door IF you stay in bed. If you come out...strike TWO. Put you back in your bed and shut the door again for a longer period of time. Again if your hooting and hollering we will tell you we will open your door but you have to stay in bed. If you come out...strike THREE. And then your door is shut until you fall asleep. He reinforced that we are not being mean but that we are only helping you become a better sleeper. Thinking we will tackle this once sissy reaches 6 weeks...because she will be transitioning into her room at that point too. And since we will pry be dealing with a rocky weeks worth of sleep during this period of time I want to give myself a little more time. (Here's to hoping this resolves your early morning meandering into our bed as well).

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