Monday, January 13, 2014

Mason's Mickey Mouse Birthday Party

Mason had to wait TWO whole weeks (plus a day) for his birthday party. (Thanks to his sister's timely due date and arrival)!!! But I'm thinking it was well worth the wait because (all day Saturday) the boy was beyond excited for HIS party. And lets be serious...whats better than cousins, presents, and ice cream!!!

I went with a Mickey theme since Mase LOVES Mickey and kept it fairly simple with just Mickey balloons, a Mickey cake, Mickey plates/napkins, and a Mickey shirt. We invited my family, Brian's parents, and Brian's best friend and his family....26 peeps total (including Molly). Mase had a blast (despite a few tantrums) so all in all I would considered the party a huge SUCCESS!!! 
The balloons.
The Birthday Boy in his Birthday Shirt!!!
He LOVES "cheesing it" with his baby sister.
Happy Birthday to YOU!!!
Loved his umbrella from gpa and gma V.
Mickey Cake...
And that folks finally wraps up Christmas/Birthday Edition 2013. And just think next year we get to double the F-U-N!!!

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