Sunday, January 26, 2014

{Molly} One Month

Stats: Molly's next doctor appointment (well child check-up) isn't until February 27 so best guess is she's in the upper 9 pound range. (She was 9 pounds even at 2 weeks). And maybe 20.25 inches. (She was 20 inches at 2 weeks).
Sizes: I packed away Molly's newborn clothes (well the few items I had) just after she hit 2 weeks (maybe a little premature but I was ready to switch things up). She is now wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing. The 3 month clothing is a bit big but I prefer bigger over too tight. She is still in size 1 Huggies diapers. Although I think she might have a sensitivity to them because her bottom always seems a touch red. I will be buying Pampers for the next go around. 
Food: Molly was introduced to the bottle for the first time on January 19 (at 3 weeks and 3 days). A whole 10 days later than when her big bro was introduced. She took the (3oz) bottle just fine (actually she wanted more) so I'm in no rush to make this a nightly thing. She still eats on demand. Every 2-4 hours during the day. Every 4-5 hours at night!!! I pump 0-2 times a day. And for only 3-5 minutes (if I do pump). Just not a pumping fan...would rather put her straight on the boob.
Routine: No set routine but for the most part Molly gets her (and I's) day started around 7:30am. Eats every 2-4 hours. Naps here and there. But I do always seem to get a good stretch from 12-4ish...which is AWESOME because that's when Mase naps!!! She typically has 2 really alert stretches every day (meaning awake for at least 2 consecutive hours). And she goes to bed anywhere from 8:30-10:30pm...just depends on when she last ate and how much of a fight she puts up. We do tummy and/or play mat time twice a day. And she gets a bath every other day.
Developmental Milestones: Getting better and better neck control. 
Loves: Molly loves her momma (tummy to tummy time and my voice especially)!!! Loves to eat!!! Starting to love her paci!!! Loves her rock and play sleeper!!! Loves headbands (or maybe just her momma does)!!!
Dislikes: Still not a huge burping fan but has improved over the last 2 weeks. Sometimes she likes being swaddled and sometimes she doesn't. I prefer her hands swaddled in...she however prefers them out.
No more sponge baths as of January 3. And she rarely cries with the REAL thing!!!

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You "participated" in your first play dates.
  • Your baby acne wasn't terrible but you did (still do) have some.
  • You went to church for the first time.
  • You don't mind your swing...although you aren't in it a whole lot because it's downstairs. (Your brother on the other hand hated it).
  • Thank goodness for Aden and Anais swaddles and the Ergobaby carrier. You sleep great at night thanks to the swaddles and if mom needs both hands the Ergo carrier has been a life-saver. More often than not you fall fast asleep!!!
  • You typically get mad when you're first placed in your car seat but once the car is in motion you again fall fast asleep.
  • And on the sleep are a LOUD sleeper.
  • Just after you hit 2 weeks you had two episodes (on the same Sunday) where your poop came out in bubbles. Literally..bubbles. I called your PCP the following morning and they said it was gas build-up. I started giving you gas drops more often after that but thank goodness you also started burping a little better too.
  • You are a very gassy little girl. As in a serious tooting machine!!!

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