Friday, January 10, 2014

{Molly} Two Weeks

Stats: At her appointment today Molly weighed in at 9 pounds even (75%) and measured 20 inches long (50%). Dr. Jelsema always said (while you were in the womb)...big belly/short legs and look at that he was right!!! Your head circumference was 14 inches.

Sizes: Molly fits nicely into newborn clothing but since I do not have much of it (nor is any of it really warm)...she does wear some 0-3 and 3 month clothing as well. (Both the 0-3 and 3 month clothing are a mite bit big on her though). She is wearing size 1 (Huggies) diapers. (Didn't even bother with newborn size this go around).

Food: Boobie milk on demand!!! Molly will eat either a little from both sides or 20-30 minutes from just one side. And I have been pumping twice a day (yes already) to stock up for when I go back to work (tear). My goal is to breast feed for at least 9 months (so I am pumping to increase my supply). With Mase I set (and met) my goal of 6 months but I really want to BF longer this go around since it could possibly be my last go around. (You just never know when dealing with (in)fertility).

Routine: No schedule as of yet. I feed her on demand. So when she wants it...she (typically) gets it. She does well throughout the day typically eating every 1-3 hours (with the occasional 4 hour stretch). She sleeps really good during the day. Fusses occasionally but holding her solves that problem instantly. Nights however, have been a different story. She (wants) to eat anywhere from as often as every hour and a half to an occasional four hour span. Lately though its been every 1.5-3 hours that she feels she needs to eat. Momma doesn't let her eat any quicker than every 2.5 hours though during the night. She tends to be a fussy bucket from 2-7ish (in the morning). (Awesome I know)!!! It seems like from 2 (am) on she wakes every hour. And its not that she needs to eat...she will settle down quickly if I just hold her. This leaves mommy very tired. (Go figure daddy doesn't hear a thing at night). And besides her frequent waking...I find her to be a very loud baby. WAY louder than Mase ever was. So loud in fact that she might be moving into her room sooner rather than later. She grunts, squeals, and "whines" a lot in her sleep. And I wake to everything. She often lets out a loud squeal/whine...which I now know is a pre-warning that she will be ready to eat in the next 15-30 minutes. So of course I lay awake until she's ready. Oh and she gets a bath every other day. And contrary to the below picture she didn't dislike it that much.

And I have to add that I wrote the above paragraph on Wednesday and go figure Wednesday night Molly slept for SIX hours straight and Thursday night she slept for SIX and a HALF hours yes patterns change day to day!!!

Developmental Milestones: Working on her neck strength.

Loves: Her momma and her milk!!! Oh and being swaddled. (Normally hands are swaddle in too).

Dislikes: Wasn't a huge fan of her paci until yesterday. Now she seems to like it a decent amount.  And just like her big bro...dislikes burping. She was a champion burper in the hospital but as soon as we got home...nothing...unless she burps on the job (as in while on the boob). So gas drops she occasionally gets just like her big bro. (Dr. Mantia did remind me today that breastfed babies tend to not take in as much air which is pry why she (and Mase) don't/didn't burp very often. 

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You don't startle easily which is a good thing because your brother is SUPER loud.
  • Celebrated your first New Year Eve and home with mommy, daddy, and Mase.
  • In the first two weeks (plus a day) of life you went to your doctor's office twice (for your scheduled visits), to both grandparent's houses, to Playworld, to Gap Outlet, to the GR Kids Museum, to the mall, and back to the hospital to visit your new buddy Wells.
Wells and Molly...born 4 days apart...due the same day!!!
  • Because of the arctic COLD weather...(talking wind chill in the -20s) we didn't leave the house for 4 straight days. You obviously didn't mind. Your brother on the other hand wasn't so pleased. 
  • At about 10 days old mommy noticed you had a blocked tear duct. Lots of eye goober wiping took place over the next few days.
  • You seem to enjoy your play mat. Good thing because your big bro loves to hang out with you on it!!! Quality big bro/lil sis bonding time!!!
  • Your cord fell off after a mere 8 days (thank goodness because it STUNK).
*In writing this I looked back at Mason's 2 week post. It's fun to see the similarities and differences. And to remember things that I had forgotten. Who knew that Mason was a big grunter too. Totally didn't remember that!!!*

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