Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Molly's Birth Story

Back on December 17 I reminded my doctor that the week before he said we could set up my induction date for 39 weeks (to the day) if I was dilated some. So he checked me and (thank goodness) I was dilated to a 3 which meant I could just come in the morning (and not the night before). *If I had to come in the night before my induction would have been pushed back until the night of the 29th for a birthday of December 30.*
My mother-in-law came over to watch a sleeping Mase while Brian and I headed into the hospital (with an arrival time of 6am). We got settled in and my Pitocin was started at 7:30am. I was still only dilated to a 3 at this point, baby was high up, and I was pretty "thick" (is all they said about my effacement). I thought things would move faster but we were still strumming along at 3:30pm. I was almost in tears because I just wanted to hold my baby. Can anyone say hormonal!!! I knew if they broke my water that labor would go fast but I wasn't in a lot of pain so I didn't think I really needed an epidural yet. I had a long talk with my nurse about just getting an epidural and breaking my water (they felt comfortable breaking my water at this point because baby was low) but since I really wasn't in pain...just slightly uncomfortable I thought I should hold off. However, I also knew I did NOT want my water broken until I had an epidural. Learned that the hard way with Mase's delivery. But I was getting antsy. So what does a girl do. (While Brian grabbed a snack) she calls her sister!!!

My sister told me to just get the epidural and have them break my water. So when I got off the phone I waited until Brian returned and told him that I was calling the nurse...which I did at 3:45pm. She came into my room at 4pm and by 4:30pm I had my epidural and my water was broken. (At this point I was dilated to a 6 and 90% effaced). At 5:25pm I told Brian that I felt different...that I needed to push. He told me I was making things up. I told him I was going to call the nurse but he told me to wait since they had told me they would come back to check my progress at 5:30pm. So I waited. My nurse came in at 5:40pm and I immediately told her that I felt like I needed to push. She checked me and sure enough I was READY TO GO!!! She called the doctors and once everyone arrived it was go time. Baby was so low that they said it wouldn't take long for him or her to make his or her debut. And sure enough only FOUR pushes within ONE contraction was all it took!!! Funny thing is they told me three pushes (counting to ten) within a contraction (same as what I did with Mase) and then they would give me a minute to rest until the next contraction came. So after three pushes I started to relax when the doctor shouted KEEP PUSHING. At that point all I had was a shoulder to go so push I did and at 6:04pm my baby was placed on my chest!!!
It felt like an eternity (but was pry less than a minute) before someone said...wait they didn't know what they were having. The cord was between her legs and Brian was standing behind her head so I was the first to exclaim...Oh My Gosh It's A GIRL!!!
After an hour of chest to chest time Molly went to the breast and only then did the nurse take her from me to weigh her and clean her up. Verdict...8lbs 5oz 19 1/4in long. (She definitely looked smaller than Mase at birth).
Around this time my parents and my in-laws arrived with Mase in tow.
And that in a nutshell is Molly's birth story!!!

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