Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week after FOUR straight days of not leaving the house (due to the terribly cold arctic weather we had) we finally got out on day 5. Were did we go? To the mall of course!!! I had a couple of returns and Mase got some mall playing in. (Thankfully grandma joined us for the adventure)!!!

2. Last week Sunday (not two days ago Sunday but 9 days ago Sunday) Brian went to church while I stayed home with the kiddos. (Since Mase had a cold he couldn't do nursery). I was busy putting laundry away when I realized things were too quiet in the house. I went to check on Mase...and when I saw what he had been up to...I LOST it. The pictures don't do it justice but he had spit his red flavored water EVERYWHERE in Molly's room.

*(Pictures were taken after the cleaner was applied. Let's be serious my carpet is more important than pictures).*
He spit it down the door and onto the carpet...
On the ottoman...
On the rocking chair...
And random spots on the carpet...
Plus on the window sill and on himself as well. Needless to say I was furious. He got two spanks and 20 minutes of time-out. (The kid hasn't been in time-out longer than 2 minutes yet). Oh and NO more flavored (colored) water unless he is locked in his high chair. Thankfully it all came out after some major scrubbing (20 minutes of scrubbing...hence the 20 minutes of time-out).

3. Go figure Brian had a cold when Molly was born. And of course Mason had to pick up Brian's bad cold. So with Molly just days old...Mason's nose was like a running faucet and he was coughing so hard he was barely sleeping. (A newborn plus a hacking no sleeping toddler...oye me)!!! We called the doctor who ordered QVAR (in addition to his Singular and Claritan and his PRN Albuterol) and just like that his coughing disappeared (well mostly). And thankfully we were stocked with boogie wipes to keep his skin from chapping too much...that and a little Vaseline.
The wipes soon had to be out of Mase's reach because he loved wiping his own nose with them but of course only one swipe per wipe...

4. My first adventure out with two kiddos was to Playworld on January 3. Its been a tradition for the last 3 years that my mom takes all the grandkids there over Christmas break. Mase had a blast with his cousins (despite the cold that made him slightly moody) and Molly was a perfect little angel.

Waiting for his cousins to get the party started.

Up Up Up they go...

Brinley with "her" baby!!!

Mase and Cole

The gang (minus me)...5 adults and 9 kids!!!

5. On Friday I took both kids to the doctor. Mase for his 2 year well child and Molly for her 2 week well child. My mom ended up going with me which ended up being a good thing...because Mason FREAKED out when the nurses started messing with him. Boy...oh boy!!! I def needed that second pair of hands. But go figure when the doctor checked him over he was super relaxed. (He must associate nurses with shots...of which he didn't need any at this appointment...thank goodness). But I walked out with TWO healthy reports (which made me oh so H-A-P-P-Y)!!! All we need to do is schedule a US to follow-up on Mason's hydronephrosis. As of last year's ultrasound it was completely cleared up on the left side but still a grade 2 on the right side. Hoping for a completely cleared up report this year!!!

6. I cleaned half of the main level (of my house) one day last week during my 4 days of being "snowed in." Crazy that I use to be able to clean my whole house in 3-4 hours. Now it took me ALL day to clean just half of the upstairs...and then a certain little boy was right behind me dirtying it all up again. But fingerprints make it all the more inviting...wouldn't ya say!!!

7. On Saturday Brian put Mason down for a nap. After 20 minutes I went to check on him (because he was making a lot of noise). Of course he was busy playing. I told him it was nap time and that he needed to be quiet. A little bit later I was searching for my phone. I thought I heard it vibrating in Mason's room so I peaked my head in. And am I ever glad I did. Guess what I found (and smelled). Poop. And lots of it. On Mason's hands, feet, face, clothes, bed sheets, blankets, and on a toy or two. Go figure Molly started crying because she was hungry RIGHT AT THE SAME TIME of my discovery. So I yelled for the hubby...passed the baby off...and went to work. So gross. Oh and Mase told me he pooped as I walked in.

The next day we had some friends over (see #8) and I hadn't heard Mase for awhile. I asked Brian if Mase had gone back downstairs and he said that Mase wasn't down there. So I went to peak in his room and sure enough...there he was hanging out on his bed. I asked what he was doing and he said..."poop." I checked and sure enough the boy had pooped. I said thank you for telling mama. But when I laid him down on the changing table I noticed poop on his hands and under his fingernails. Seriously...seriously...

8. One of my college girlfriends was in town this past weekend (visiting her hubby's extended family) so a Sunday morning play date was A MUST before she, her hubby, and kiddos had to head back home to Chicago. It was my first time meeting her sweet little girl Jane who was born 8 weeks before Molly. As always it was a blast catching up...even if only for a few hours!!!
Karie and Tenley (15 mo), Amy, Will (2 yr), and Jane (2 mo), AND Me, Molly (2 wk), and Mase (2 yr).
Jane and Molly!!!

9. If Molly's on her mat...then big brother is too...

10. Introducing my new breast bump...the only thing Obamacare will ever (most likely) do for me...(sorry if you are a fan).
The pump I used with Mase broke after my first use with Molly. (Thankfully a friend had told me about the free Obamacare breast pumps that you can get through your insurance). So you better believe I called my doctor the next day and asked him to fax a script to Carelinc ASAP in order for me to get a free pump. They were on back order but came in the end of last week and I am now loving my new pump.

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