Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. I read the book Heaven is For Real just after my first miscarriage. It's actually the reason I felt so passionate about naming our first son. I wanted that child...my son...to have a name in Heaven. And he does...Luke. When I saw (via Facebook) that the book was being made into a movie I was (for lack of a better word) excited. I watched the trailer with tears in my eyes. And however difficult it might be to watch the movie (because I'm SURE the tears will be flowing) I cannot wait to see it come Easter 2014.

2. I went to Rite Aid for my two week (plus a day) blood pressure check a week and a half ago. Unfortunately the blood pressure was still elevated (140/82) which means I am still taking Labetalol twice a day. Hoping that come my 6 week post partum check I will be able to kick it to the curb. That's when I kicked it after Mason's pregnancy...so praying that this time follows suite!!!

3. Miss Molly attended her first baby shower with me at 2 weeks and 5 days. Isn't she a doll!!! I just love all the girl accessories...headbands, skinny jeans, booties. Brian better keep one hand on his wallet. ;)

4. My 94 year old (as of January 18) grandfather got to meet my precious baby girl this past Sunday. (His 18th great grandchild). Even at 94 years of age he still finds the good in life. And that good is meeting his great grandchildren. He hopes to be around for great grandbabies 19 and 20 (due this April and June)!!!
Molly and Old Papa
4 Generations

5. Maternity leave means lots of cousin play. Because when I am on maternity leave I spend lots of time at my mom's house and she is always baby-sitting a grandchild or two or three (or more)!!!
Kylynn, Mase, and Brinley
The girl cousins (minus my niece Cambrey)

6. Buy Buy Baby adventure #1. A few weeks back the whole family went to Buy Buy Baby. I needed to buy a baby shower gift and there were a few things I wanted to check out for myself. Mason (per his norm) refused to sit in a cart. This is what he did instead...
Isn't it great they have carts for littles to push!!!

We left with bops for each kid, a formula container, aden and anais swaddles, and a baby shower gift. Plus I checked out the Ergobaby carrier and a bunch of other things. A successful trip. Not the case with Buy Buy Baby Adventure #2.

7. Let me say before I get into adventure #2 that the closest Buy Buy Baby (BBB) OR Babies R Us is a good 30 minutes from our house. So go figure we went to BBB on a Friday night and the following afternoon (in the mail) we received a gift card from one of Brian's Aunts to BBB. Most of you know that its not that convenient to troop to the other side of town with two little kids in these cold temps...but the gift card plus a 20% coupon made it worth a second trip out to BBB to buy the Ergobaby carrier...so that's just what we tried to do the following Friday night (as in this past Friday). So you better believe the hubby wasn't too happy when I said..."oh crap" upon arrival to BBB. Yep...left the gift card AT HOME. Saweeeet. So yes a third trip to BBB happened the following afternoon...this time with just Molly (and my mom).

8. Mason super randomly spiked a temp last week Monday after his afternoon nap. (Go figure I had some friends and their daughters over earlier in the morning). Went all the way up to 103.7. Cranky as all get out. But after 36 hours we were left with just his usual cough and cold. (You know the cough and cold he's had since January 1...UGH).

9. Mason is OBSESSED with tubby time and bubbles. He would stay in the tubby all day long if we let him. A few days a week he manages to get in twice a day. Lately his tubbys last anywhere from 30-60 minutes. And after the water is drained he refuses to get out (until he starts shaking). And don't even get me started on his love of bubbles...whether its his bubble bath or his bubble gun...

10. Mason sporting his new NY Yankee's hat compliments of daddy's friend Brent...

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