Saturday, January 4, 2014

Thoughts (And Things To Remember)

  • Labor felt just as long (as Mase's labor) but delivery was so much quicker this go around. Although as I type this in ONE specific way it seemed like Molly's labor DID go faster and that's because I didn't have to spend the night in labor. (I was induced at 8:30 at night with Mase). I just spend the day in labor instead!
  • Breast feeding is much more natural the second time around!!! It's not that I found it difficult with Mase but I just wasn't super comfortable feeding him in public. Day 4 of Molly's life and I am feeding her while at the GR Kids Museum. Day 8 of Molly's life and I am feeding her at Playworld. The kids gotta eat!!!
Snoozing at Playworld!!!
  • Recovery time with Mase wasn't bad but I am WAY less sore this go around (thanks to my mere minute of pushing) and the bleeding is less this go around too. Score!!!
  • I weighed myself on Sunday and was down 18 pounds. With Mase it seems l like I had already dropped 30 pounds at this same point (although I cannot find documentation of that). Weighed myself yesterday (1 week and 1 day post delivery) and I was down a total of 28.5 pounds. (Only 34 more pounds to go).
  • While in the hospital Molly's bili level was always on the high side of normal. She had to get poked by lab because of this at 30 hours of life. Then on (12.30) I went to the urgent care to have it drawn (again) because she was looking rather jaundiced and I was having to wake her for every feeding. Thankfully it came back still only on the high side of normal. And her pediatrician (well one of the partners) said to just feed her every 2 hours during the day and to not let her go more than 4 hours at night between feedings. Which I did until last night. She still eats about every 2 hours during the day. (Unless she's in a good sleep then she will go 3 hours). At night she will go anywhere between 3-4.5 hours between feeds...which means GOOD sleep for me!!!
  • Mason LOVES Molly (which has totally taken me by surprise). But oh what a GOOD surprise!!! He loves hanging onto her and saying cheese for the camera, tries to hang onto her hand, and always has to sit on the changing table when I'm changing Molly.
  • Its crazy how fast a day can go with just feeding (two kids), changing diapers (for two kids), playing some with Mase, chilling with Molly, and then of course sneaking in some laundry, cleaning up the kitchen, and picking up the toy-filled house (at the end of the day). But I wouldn't trade it for the world. God has blessed me beyond measure with my sweet lil miracles!!!
  • Not gonna lie...I LOVE not being pregnant. Felt the same way after Mase was born. Don't get me wrong I think pregnancy is a miracle BUT I just prefer the baby IN my arms rather than IN my belly. I am a ball (really, truly) a ball of energy once the baby arrives...but when pregnant I am so dog gone tired I have all I can do to get by. With that said I truly hope God blesses me with ONE more pregnancy. But I did prepare myself all throughout Molly's pregnancy that this might be it. Just because we have 2 embryos left doesn't mean they will take or that I won't have another miscarriage. Only God knows. And He knows exactly what our family does or doesn't need.
  • Since Molly's birth I have thought a lot about what a miracle she is. I remember feeling completely and utterly devastated when I miscarried our last embryo (from Mason's batch) a year ago this past December. The thought of going through another round of fresh IVF was terrifying. All those difficult decisions would have to be made again. But God blessed each and every one of the decisions we made and here we are today...holding another precious gift from him...our Molly Elayne. I've always said and I believe this saying with my WHOLE heart. It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all. I already cannot imagine my life without Molly in it and to think she would never have been if we hadn't suffered our last miscarriage. Thankfully God knows best. And now I have two beautiful babies with me here on earth and four beautiful babies just waiting for at Heaven's gates. God IS good!!!
  • Molly and I went in for her first appointment on Dec 31. We met with one of her Pediatrician's partners because her Pedi was out of town. (This summer two new Pediatricians joined the practice and the current partner left). I had never met this particular partner yet but I am happy to say I LOVED him. He was just like Dr. Mantia. I even set up Molly's 2 month appointment with him because I could get in quicker with him than Dr. M. Thankfully she checked out PERFECT!!! And her weight was already up to 8lbs 3 oz. (Only 2oz below her birth weight). I think its safe to say she will be above her birth weight come her two week appointment. And on that note wish me luck. I am taking both Mase (for his 2 year) and Molly (for her 2 week) appointment this coming Friday. 

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  1. I'm having the same experience with breast feeding this time around. I was so nervous to nurse in public with Leland, but now it's no big deal. I guess we're just forced to be more flexible this time around. :)