Friday, February 7, 2014

Five On Friday

1. Mase (and Molly and I) have had a F-U-N week. The weather has been a might bit better so we've been able to get out almost every day!!! On Tuesday we went to toddler time at the Byron Center Community Center. We went with a neighbor and her two boys. (Mason loves hanging out with Levi and Silas). The gym was set up with tumblers, small trampolines, cones to run around, and balls of all sizes!!! And the best part was it only cost me $2.
Go figure he finds the one thing he is NOT suppose to play with.
Levi and Mase

2. On Wednesday I took Mase (and Molly) to toddler story and craft time at our local library. I was a little nervous (about the story part) but Mase did great. He didn't sit to listen per say but instead you could say he walked around (and listened). After the story time there was a craft. A very simple craft...a picture of a cactus, glue, and green rice. And then after the craft I let Mase play in the play area for another hour. The boy loves him his library!!!
Concentrating on a puzzle.
Playing with the choo choos.
Playing with the magnets.

3. On Thursday I took Mase (and Molly) to For The Kidz (a Gymnastics and Trampoline place). Again with my neighbor and her two boys. And oh what fun the boys had. This place was awesome. Long trampolines to run on, smaller tramps to jump on, a big ball pit to jump into and so much more. It was another toddler time (for kids 5 and under) and only $5 for an hour and a half of play.
Busy running!!!
Where's Mason...
My cutie

4. And then today we went to toddler time at Skyzone. (Toddler time at Skyzone is $7 for an hour of jumping for kids 5 and under). We went once back in November (with cousins) and had a good time despite the many rules. Today we went with two of my girlfriends and their boys...and had just an okay time because Skyzone's rules have become even more ridiculous. For example...they have a foam pit with 5 trampolines. Kids in tramps 1, 3, and 5 can jump at the same time and once they are out of the pit then tramps 2 and 4 can jump in. How can you have fun if you're only allowed in the pit for 2 seconds. Parents do sign a waiver so its not like were going to sue for a bruise on the head. And to top it off it seemed like every 2 seconds either Mason and Rhys were getting yelled at...either for jumping on tramps that were closed or playing with some balls they happened to find. Needless to say I will not be going back anytime soon. Not if I have to "yell" at my kid every 2 seconds. Afterwards we picked up some lunch and headed over to my friend Rach's house to play for a bit...that was more fun (and free)!!!
Mason jumping =)

5. The best part about all these outings is that Mase asks for his nap every day. And he sleeps a SOLID three hours. Ahhhh!!!

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