Thursday, February 27, 2014

{Molly} Two Months

Stats: At today's appointment Molly weighed in at 11 pounds 7 ounces and measured 21 and 1/2 inches long...which puts her in the 50th percentile for weight and the 25th percentile for height. Her head was 15 and 1/4 inches round...which puts her in the 75th percentile.
Sizes: Molly is still wearing size 0-3 or 3 month clothing. And size 1 Pampers diapers.
Food: Molly is still on a strict booby milk (from the boob) diet. We've only given her a bottle twice (once at 3 weeks and the other at 7 weeks) but the two bottles she's taken...she's taken like a champ. I pump twice a day without fail. Once in the morning and once at night. I generally get 8-10 ounces/day for the freezer.
Routine: Molly's current routine is eating every 2-4 hours (during the day) and napping whenever she pleases (throughout the day). Although she generally takes a good 4 hour nap in the afternoon which I LOVE!!! I typically feed her between 9 and 10pm and then put her down for the night. She normally goes down pretty easy (but we do have our nights). I try to set her down not fully asleep...sometimes this works and sometimes not. Again just depends on the night. Lately (as in the last week) she'll sleep a good 8-10 hours at night. Which means I typically feed her between 6 and 7am. She is then up for a good hour before taking her first snooze of the day. She gets a bath every other day. And tummy/play mat time once or twice a day.
Developmental Milestones: Started smiling at 5 weeks. (First big smile was right after I told Molly that we were going to be BF's forever)!!! Started cooing at 6 and a half weeks. And is getting better and better at holding her head up (all by herself).
Loves: Molly loves her mama (like really really loves)!!! She loves her swing!!! She loves her car seat (pretty much without fail she falls asleep in it and stays asleep in it)!!! She loves any type of movement (like rocking)!!! She loves to be held tight to the body with her butt patted!!! She loves to be snuggled in a big fluffy blanket. And she loves to eat, poop, and toot!!!
Dislikes: Molly dislikes her arms to be swaddle in all night long. She dislikes the cold. (She'll smile throughout a bath but screams the moment she's out). And she dislikes a too wet diaper.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • As much as Mason hated the swing is how much you LOVE the swing.
  • You had your first cold at 6 weeks but you were a trooper and didn't let it bother you much. But the nosefrida (aka...booger sucker) definitely made it easier for you to breathe.
  • You calm SO easily (for mama at least) and are SUCH an easy read. Your hunger cry is more of a whimper. You rarely scream when hungry...more often than not you just suck really loudly on your fist. If you continue whimpering after eating its because your tired. Sometime I try to put you back on the boob to be sure but if you pop on and off (the boob) I know you're just tired (and not hungry). And sure enough after wrapping you up and holding you sleepy-ville you go!!! Rarely do you scream...but if you do we know you're not happy about something =)
  • You have minor cradle cap so mommy puts oil in your hair after every bath.
  • You haven't lost any of your beautiful hair!!!
  • Mommy cut a few of your finger nails at 6 weeks.
  • Some weeks you go 4-5 days without pooping and other weeks you poop almost every day.
  • You've gotten a LOT better at burping. You seem to burp better sitting on my lap versus over my shoulder...(just like your big brother).
  • You still sleep in mommy and daddy's room in your rock and play sleeper.

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