Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. On January 11 I ordered some super cute headbands from an Etsy shop. Supposedly the lady shipped them on January 16 but on January 23 I received a message from her. The message said that she had received my package back in the mail ripped in pieces with nothing inside but an apology letter from the post office. As of today I still have not received my headbands. Kinda getting annoyed. BUT I ordered some other headbands from a local lady (that a friend told me about) and received THOSE headbands 4 days later (and huge bonus that she only lives like 4 minutes from me)!!! Here those beauts are...(the top is her baptism headband)!!!

2. Molly was fussing a little one night so I was hanging on to her while Mason enjoyed himself a tubby. I set her down when Mase was ready to be washed up and when I was done washing him...I turned around and saw this. Bless her little heart!!! (On a side note my hubby was not home. Didn't want you thinking he wasn't helpful).

3. On Friday we had a super fun family night (OUT)!!! We've been cooped inside so much that it felt so good to finally get out. We started the night at 4:45pm by eating at Panera Bread...followed by a trip to Cabela's. Mason LOVES Cabela's...pry because there is so much to do AND to get into!!! After Cabela's we went next door to Sweet Yo's for some frozen yogurt and then we ended the night by watching Cars 2.
So much (as in pressing buttons) to do at Cabela's!!!
Watching the fish. Yes fish...not fishIES. Cabela's still have not refilled their fish tanks after their algae incident late last year.
Of course he refuses to ride IN the cart...but loves to ride OUTside of the cart!
Dad...can we get one of these?
Yummy frozen yogurt at Sweet Yo's.

 4. He doesn't love his sister or anything...
Oh my heart is FULL!!!

5. I tried a new activity with Mase last week (rice and trucks on a cookie sheet) courtesy of Pinterest. I KNEW he would make a mess but it was worth it because it entertained him on two different days for big chunks of time plus he enjoyed himself.

6. On Monday of last week I had plans to get OUT on both Tuesday and Friday. I was pumped and ready to get OUT of the house!!! Well on Monday within a short period of time both those plans were canceled. Tuesday due to poor weather and Friday because of a doctor appointment. Brian was working from home on Monday (because of the horrible weather) so when he came upstairs on a short little break I told him that in a matter of minutes my only plans for the week both got crapped on. I was not happy. So he said why don't I take Wednesday off and we can do something fun. He did just that and to the Kroc Center we went (on Wednesday). 
Daddy and Mase

I remember now why we go WITH cousins...
This boy for whatever reason was afraid of the water. Just can't figure it out since he is OBSESSED with baths. He was afraid last year too (but I thought since a whole year had passed that he would be braver). But that would be a big no. Last year we went a second time with cousins and he did so much better. Maybe we'll have to go a second time again this year!!!

7. Mason had his yearly renal US this past Friday. It was a SUPER big pain to get schedule. (I will spare you all the details). Mason (per his usual) FREAKED out initially but calmed down some with a sucker and some cuddles from mom. Gotta love that boy!!! Hopefully we'll find out the results later this week.

8. Molly's baby announcements got sent out last week. I LOVED the final product...
(Again don't mind the picture of a picture look).

9. Believe it or not Mason finally enjoyed playing outside. All winter (thus far) he has not been a fan of the cold but on Saturday he played outside with Brian for 45 minutes!!! And he loved every minute of it!!!
Yes...this is how high the snow is piled up on the side of our driveway!!!

10. Three things about Mase. 1) Pretty sure he will be going to Kindergarten with a bop (aka...paci) in his mouth. He is out of this world obsessed with them. 2) He now knows how to climb up the knobs of our dresser to get to things he is NOT suppose to have (like dad's wallet). Thinking it won't be long before he puts the connection to move the stools in the kitchen to get to the candy dish. And 3) if there is a toy basket filled with toys or a bag full of chips...you better believe Mason will dump it ALL out (every last toy or every last crumb). Ugh. I was getting a little frustrated with this (insert sarcasm) fun-filled activity that when he went to dump the toy basket that I had just refilled I threatened to time-out him if he didn't pick all the toys back up. With that threat he thought better of dumping the toys out =)
Case in point. The water in this butter tub did NOT last very long IN the tub. The floor received a nice bath.

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