Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. I've said before that Mase has an obsession with bops. Well this pic proves it. He somehow wrangled three bops into his possession. (Not sure how since we typically only let him have one bop at a time...except for bed). His favorite thing to do when he has more than one bop is to test (aka...taste) them all.

2. Play mat pals. If Molly is on her mat...Mase needs to "sit" too...

3. This girl hates her arms swaddled in but I hate her hands being so cold during the night. My solution...

4. Mason got an excellent report from his ultrasound. They classified his right kidney as very mild (down from grade 2). So next year should be our last yearly ultrasound!!! 

5. To much fun makes a girl tired... 

6. I said in last week's TOT (Ten On Tuesday) post that I wouldn't be surprise if Mase soon figured out how to move the kitchen stools to get himself some candy. Well on Thursday he did. Fortunately he's not that smart because he did it with Brian and I also standing in the kitchen. But then on Friday he got a little smarter and while I was feeding Molly in my room I heard a scraping on the kitchen floor. Sure enough he was trying to get himself some candy. The little bugger. Looks like we will be moving the candy dish!!!

7. Mase has been MUCH better behaved lately but he's still not immune to tantrums every now and then. Last week Brian took him in (from playing outside) because he refused to put his mitten back on (they hinder play) and also because his cheeks were getting really rosy and chapped...and he threw a nice size tantrum. Of course I snapped a picture of him in the heat of the moment. He was telling me NO picture (in the pic below)...
He eventually chilled out and let me put his mitten back on (plus a scarf for the cheeks)...so he was then allowed to play some more outside with daddy. 

8. (And tantrum take 2). Last week at Skyzone Mase was concerned about his cousins. He was busy asking me where his cousins were when bam out of no where this little girl bops him one. If you watch the video you will witness what I like to call a Mason Moment...(errrrr actually you will hear it)!!!

9. On Friday night we did another little family outing. This time to the mall. First we hit up Barnes and Noble. Then dinner in the food court (plus a carousal ride). Then the play area. Then Dicks (Sporting Goods). And we ended the night with some ice cream. While at the play area Molly started hooting. So I sat down to feed her on some nearby couches (and Brian stayed in the play area with Mase). This older guy sat down across from me while I was (breast) feeding Molly and not more than two minutes later he got up and left. Soon after Mase had to see what I was up to. I jokingly said to Brian that I made an old guy uncomfortable with my breast feeding. I was half joking but when I was done feeding her and walking to Dicks (to meet up with the boys) I saw the guy sitting on the couches in front of Dicks. Made me chuckle. Guess I did make him feel uncomfortable.  

10. Molly went with me today to bring Papa (Vugteveen) to get a colonoscopy. She was SUCH a good girl. Slept from the moment we left our house until the moment we arrived back home...(7:45-12:00)!!! You better believe she was hungry when she woke up. (And thankfully my dad got an excellent report)!

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