Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Last week Wednesday I took Mase (and Molly) to the Byron Center library for toddler story time (because I heard it was good). And while it may have been a little better than Jamestown's (toddler story time) it was crazy packed and for what Mase gets out of it I would rather go to the library 2 minutes down the road that's way less busy. Plus Mase likes the toys better at our library. But on Wednesday when we went the librarian who runs the story time was honored as 91.3 WCSG's first ever hometown hero. So the station wanted a picture of Barb (the librarian) with all the kids. So of course I too snapped a pic!!!

Yes my kid was the only one with a bop in...

2. We loved For the Kidz Gym so much 2 weeks ago that we went back again last week. This time with cousin Austin (and Aunt Jana and grandma). Both boys had a BLAST (and didn't stop moving...hence the not so great photo below)!!!
After the gym grandma took the boys (and Molly, Jana, and I) to Wendy's for a little lunch. Upon leaving Wendy's Mason decided he did NOT want to sit in his car seat. So we sat in the parking lot for a good 10 minutes before I finally had had enough and man-handled him into his car seat. Because he was so naughty I didn't turn his DVD player on nor did I give him his bop.

But upon arriving at the car wash 10 minutes later I saw the line and turned his DVD player on and gave him his bop. No more than a minute later I turned around and saw this...

3. We had a very low key Valentine's Day this year. (Wait who am I kidding. We do every year)!!! The biggest difference from any other ole day is that I dressed the children in their Valentine best (and of course snapped a few pictures)!!!
Mason Dale
Molly Elayne
When Daddy got home they Mason opened both both his own and Molly's presents from both Brian and I and from my parents.
A Jake and the Never Land Pirates Seek and Find book, Cars wall decals, a shirt and some candy for Mase and a book, a camo bib, and a shirt for Molly. 
He LOVES his decals! (And after this pic he put up about ten more)!!!
She wasn't in the mood for a picture.
And for dinner we ordered Marco's Pizza and just hung out as a family. Oh and fell asleep super early!!!

4. Mase has this thing lately about going "ba bye"...(as in he DOESN'T want to go)...so instead of the three of us heading over to grandma V's...grandma V (plus Cole and Brinley) came to us!!!
Brinley and Molly above and  Cole and Mason below...

5. On Saturday we went out on our first date night since Mols was born. We went to Bonefish Grill. (They have about the best Chicken Marsala ever). We went with two other couples. It's crazy how relaxing a meal can be without an infant and a toddler. After dinner Brian and I quick ran home so I could pump with plans to meet up (with the other two couples) at Hudsonville Winery. Well we did still meet up but with a baby in tow. Mols was a little fussy for gpa and gma so we decided to just take her with to the winery. (She slept the entire hour and a half we were there). Mols needed grandma and Mase wanted only grandma (he's not use to sharing her) so it was quite the three hours for gpa and gma. And since we took Mols Mason once again enjoyed having gpa and gma all to himself. Praying he transitions okay when I go back to work.

Laura, Me, and Jen

6. My grandpa was admitted to the hospital a few weeks ago and is now in a rehab place for a couple of weeks. We went to visit him last week (at the rehab place) and I just had to snap a picture of Mase chill-laxing on Old Papa's walker...

7. Mase got to take a tubby in the big tub last night...
Funny thing is the kid SCREAMED bloody murder because he didn't want to go in. (I knew he would have fun though so I may have forced him in). Then he SCREAMED bloody murder because he didn't want to get out. Can't figure him out!!!

8. All you who have little kids NEED to get the nosefrida (aka...the snot sucker). That is if you don't have it already. Best invention EVER!!! I held out for quite some time because I thought the concept was disgusting but its not disgusting...its brilliant. (And SO SO SO much better than the bulb syringe).

9. Two of my coworkers (along with their children) came over yesterday morning to meet little Molly girl. The four older kids all went downstairs to play so after a little bit one of the gals (Jen) went downstairs to check on them. She came up and said to the other coworker (Stacy) that Caylan was standing with his pants around his ankles asking for his mom. Stacy went downstairs and when she came back up she told me that Mason was downstairs sans diaper. So downstairs I went. Upon arriving in the basement I didn't see Mase at first but then saw Caylan in the bathroom. I went into the bathroom and saw Mase sitting on the toilet but with his feet (socks still on) IN the toilet. I had all I could do to not start laughing. Caylan informed me that that was NOT how he went to the bathroom. Oh Mase...what can I even say!!!

10. Is it bad that I finally took my Christmas wreath down on FEBRUARY 12. Cannot believe I left it up that long. Oh well just going to use Molly as my excuse!!!

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  1. Ha. We had Christmas trees on our front steps until this weekend. It was just too cold to go out there. And our garland will be up until the snow melts enough that we can stand on it without sinking in. So at least you know you are not alone:)