Wednesday, March 26, 2014

{Molly} Three Months

Stats: I got on the scale with Molly today and then by myself and Molly weighed in the upper 13 pound range. (I weighed her by herself and she was in the mid 11 pound range). So my best estimate is that Molly weighs in the low 13 pound range...based on the fact that she weighed 11lb 7oz a month ago. And according to my tape measure Molly is 23 inches long.
Sizes: Molly is still wearing 0-3 or 3 month clothing and it currently fits her perfectly!!! I did however pull out a couple of 3-6 month onesies from my sister and one new 3-6 month outfit for a bit more variety! And (as of today) Molly is wearing size 2 Luv or Target diapers...(left over from Mason). I would have moved her up to size 2 Pampers a few weeks ago but I am dutch and wanted to finish off my size 1 diapers first. (Although when we were in Arizona I did buy a pack of size 2 to get us through the trip).
Food: Still on a boobie milk only diet. Still eats on demand which is still typically every 2-4 hours (during the day). And I still pump twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. I freeze on average 8-10 ounces a day. And for the past month has rarely gotten a bottle...although as of this week that will be changing since I went back to work yesterday. So now twice a week she will get bottled boobie milk and the other five days milk straight from the boob.
Routine: Molly (as mentioned above) eats on demand throughout the day (every 2-4 hours) and typically eats her last meal between 8:30 and 9 at night before drifting off to sleep. I pretty much always put her to bed sleepy (not fully asleep). She still sleeps in her rock and play sleeper by our bed but hoping to transition her within the next few weeks to her own room. She typically wakes once (maybe twice) for me to put her paci in and a second time to eat. This eating typically occurs between 4 and 6am. And it doesn't matter if she eats at 4 or 5 or 6...she's pretty consistent with waking between 7:30 and 8am (and eating again). She's awake for an hour to an hour and a half before she takes her first snooze and I am always guaranteed a long afternoon nap (3-4 hours). In addition to those two naps she takes random other naps for short amounts of time throughout the day. Oh and she spends time daily on her play mat and gets a bath every other day-ish.
Developmental Milestones: Molly is a pro at holding her head up. And she is always trying to sit herself up. Because of the two things mentioned above she has already spent some time sitting in her bumbo seat!!! She also is starting to grab/reach for things. And is becoming a big cooer. (Not sure if cooer is a word but I'm going with it)!!!
Loves: Molly loves sucking on her fists!!! Molly loves baths!!! Molly loves to smile!!! Molly loves my voice!!! And Molly loves to study my face (especially when I'm talking).
Dislikes: Molly dislikes being cold. (She hates getting out of a warm bath and into the cold but is content (again) once wrapped in a towel). 

Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You have a love/hate relationship with your paci and your car seat. (When you're wide awake you don't always appreciate being strapped in).
  • You went on your first plane ride to Arizona.
  • You were baptized this past Sunday!!!
  • You are such an easy baby and you smile so easily.
  • Your left eye still drains some. I'm just thankful its slowed down!!!
  • You snort when you're really mad.
  • Mommy went back to work yesterday. I really dislike being away from you and your bro for 13.5 hours (two days a week).
  • Your becoming quite the drool monster.
  • You got your 3 month pictures taken today at Portrait Innovations.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

*So today is not going to be my first day back to work. Was sweating, had diarrhea, and a queasy stomach throughout the night. Didn't think much of it (wasn't going to call in) since I hadn't thrown up. Well go figure as I'm pumping I start vomiting. Filled my sink half up with last nights dinner. Awesome...not. And then Mase goes and throws up again too. Thankfully my mother-in-law still came over so I could rest some. The thing that is annoying is I have NEVER called in before and then it happens on my first day back from maternity leave. And I called in super late...6am. (We're suppose to call by 5am). And we can only call in once every 3 months else we get written up. Seriously why couldn't I have just gotten sick yesterday...

1. He loves her. Melt my heart...
2. Since the sun has been a-shining and the temps a tad bit warmer...we've been playing outside (some) much to Mason's delight!!!
Enjoying us some SUNSHINE!!!

3. Mason is still on the I wanna go ba bye faze so we filled last week with lots of fun. On Tuesday we went to the Byron Rec Center toddler time with my neighbor and her two boys. On Wednesday we did chill at home. On Thursday we went to For the Kidz Gym toddler time with a few of my girlfriends and their kids and then met up with my mom and nephew at McDonald's. And on Friday we went out for breakfast with gampa and gamma V, and some cousins and aunts. And after breakfast to the mall play area with Gamma, Cole, and Brinley. No pictures since Molly decided to be awake most places and since I was constantly dealing with Mason's mini tantrums. (So glad I filled the week with germs so Mase could have the flu on Molly's baptism day). Haha!!!

4. After For the Kidz Gym (on Thursday) and before we hit up McDonald's I thought I would attempt Target (just me and the kids). Didn't take me long to remember why I go alone...
5. I go alone for many reasons but the number one reason is because Mason refuses to sit in a cart. (We enter a place with carts and he immediately says no, no, no). A friend mentioned just taking our stroller in (with him strapped in) and I think this would work for a short while but I know once he sees something he finds interesting he'll want down and just kick and scream until he gets his way. And I don't want him to think if he kicks and screams he'll get his way but I also don't want to make everyone listen to my screaming toddler (nor do I want to listen to my screaming toddler). He's a 50/50 him walking along side me makes for twice as long of a trip. Sometimes it takes 2 or 3 times of me saying "come on lets go" for him to actually come. And the majority of the time he does not willingly help me pick up his mess. (Hence making the trip last even longer). Giving him candy (to stay in the cart) doesn't work. Because he chomps through candy like its his job. And I am not one for promising him a toy if he listens. But I found something that works...taking things away!!!

6. Like I mentioned in #3 we've been dealing with many a-tantrums from Mason Dale. Oye me. No matter where we go he feels the need to throw one. Its exhausting. Before going out for breakfast on Friday I gave Mason a speech about behaving (aka...sitting in his seat) and that if he didn't he would not be able to play with mommy or daddy's phones for the rest of the day. Needless to say he didn't stay seated and when I would tell him to get back in his seat he would throw a tantrum. Sooooo whenever he wanted my phone (throughout the rest of the day) I told him NO that he could not play with it because he did not listen to me at the restaurant. And it seems that it did the trick...

7. On Saturday I wanted to do a little shopping. I told Brian I would take Molly. When I was ready to leave Mason majorly freaked out. (Lately he freaks out whenever I leave). Since Brian wasn't feeling good anyways I said I would take Mason too so that he could rest. I was only going to two stores so I thought it would be doable. Before getting out of the car (at Macy's) I gave Mason another speech about how he had to be good or that he wouldn't be able to play with mommy's phone (again) for the rest of the day. He sat in his stroller for a good chunk of time (snacking on goldfishies and candy) while I shopped before he wanted OUT. I told him he had to stay by me or else he would be in trouble (lose phone privileges). And wouldn't you know he stayed by me (or very close) until it was time to go. Then back into the car and off to Carter's we went. (Where he also behaved)!!! And on a side note I got some major killer deals for both Mase and Mols!!! Like a $52 Nike track suit (for Mase) for only $11.68!!!

8. In last week's TOT I wrote about a little communication mishap between my mom and myself. Well wouldn't you know it happened again on Thursday. As I was leaving Target she asked if I wanted to meet her and my nephew Austin at the play area. For whatever reason I thought McDonald's. I said sure I am by Target now so I will just turn around and head that way. My mom said she would be there in 15 minutes. After 30 minutes I was getting a little annoyed and Mason was getting hungry. Go figure as I had the food tray in one hand and Molly in the other my phone rang. I called my mom back and said sorry I had my hands full with food and Molly. My mom said I thought we would get food when we were done playing?!? I said Mase was hungry. I then said where are you? She said at the play area. I said NO I am at the play area. She said I don't see you. I then said what play area are you at? Her response...the mall. My response...sweet I'm at McDonald's. (She did end up leaving the mall and meeting up with Mase, Mols, and I at McD's).

9. He misses the Arizona sand. Thankfully this muddy mess was a good enough substitute...
 10. I could snuggle this girl

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Fun Day

Tomorrow I go back to work and thus become a working (outside of the house) mom again. (Tear). Praying I don't cry tomorrow (at work) because I am still a little hormonal. For some reason I am dreading it (going back) more this time around than when I went back after Mase. I think because now TWO kids vs ONE have to adjust to me being gone. But they will be in good hands (grandmaS and daddy)!!! And the other reason and maybe an even bigger reason is that things have drastically changed since I left in December. So if you think of me tomorrow...please say a little prayer!!! Thankfully I am only part time (I work two 12 hour shifts a week but with drive time I am gone from 6:30am-8pm). But to be honest it really doesn't feel like I am part time because in addition to my two days a week I also have to do 24 hours of on-call in a 6 week period, plus mandatory staff meetings, plus 3 committees that I am on...two are new-to-me committees. (Some committees meet monthly and others just every other month). So as you can see it all adds up. Hate being away from my babies...

And since tomorrow is go back to work day and since I wanted to make sure Mason was feeling 100% better (from what is appearing to have only been a 12 hour flu-bug) today we stayed home and did lots of playing, lots of snuggling, and a little picture taking!!!
He found ME!!! (Playing a little hide and seek).
Cheesing it with my boy!
My sleeping beauty.
I could eat them up!!!
As you can tell...Molly thought Mommy was funny. Mase not so much!!!
He wanted out in the worst of ways. So I let him. He lasted maybe 5 minutes in his frozen sand sandbox!!! (Molly and I stayed warm inside).

Sunday, March 23, 2014

{Molly's} Baptism Day

Oh what a day we had. A day we will NEVER (ever) forget. It all started at 7am. Mason called out for me. I went to him. He smiled. Got out of his bed. Walked into our room. Got in our bed. And promptly threw up. WHAT?!? He then over the next hour and a half proceeded to throw up 3 more times. We called Brian's mom who (thank goodness) immediately offered to stay with Mase. To say the morning was hectic is putting it mildly. Between feedings, getting ready, and cleaning up vomit...we brought Mase over to Brian's parent's house (because everyone was coming over to our house for lunch after church) and as we were pulling into his parent's house I said...oh my word...I forgot the diaper bag. Thankfully Brian's dad offered to swing by our house...bring it back to his house...and then head to church. Oye!!! And the day got even better when Molly started screaming during the first baptism and continued to scream throughout HER ENTIRE BAPTISM!!! Oh my word...embarrassing!!! Our Pastor (as did Bri) let me keep her since she was screaming so much!!!
Molly continued to be fussy (on and off) throughout church and lunch but finally settled down for a good long afternoon nap. Despite the many tears I did get some cute pics of my precious baby girl!!!
(Wearing the same gown as my sister, her two girls, and me)!!!
More tears...
Yummy cake!!!
Grandpa and Grandma Vugteveen
Grandpa Helmholdt

As family and friends were starting to leave Brian left to pick Mase up from his parent's house. He was as happy as ever when they got home. So (pajamas and all) we snapped a family picture...

Children are a gift from the Lord;
they are a reward from him. Psalm 127:3
I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him. 1 Samuel 1:27

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Toddlers and their going to bed habits. It's like Mase has a new "flavor" every single week. And by "flavor" I mean sometimes he goes down easy and other times its a fight. Sometimes he only calls out once or twice and sometimes he calls out at least ten times. Some nights he constantly tries to get out of bed and other nights he just constantly calls out to us but stays put. We start the going to bed process at 8:30 and lately (most nights anyways) he's not sleeping til 10 (or after). It's exhausting. The other night I asked Brian where my iPhone was. He said he didn't know. And in that second I knew. He had given Mason my phone. (No wonder he went to bed so easy I thought...and here I had given Brian all the credit). But when I went in to take my phone away he was listening to the Kids Bible App on my phone. So stinking precious. So precious that I could barely take it away from him but I did...

2. We had a baby shower for one of my girlfriends this past Saturday and since one of my girlfriends (who lives in Ohio) was in town for the shower we had a play date on Thursday. So fun to watch our littles all play together!!! Can hardly believe that between the 7 of us we already have 12 kids with 2 more on the way. (Obviously two are missing from the picture below).
Mason, Jude with Wells, Naomi, Ezra with Molly, Josiah, Cohen, Lawson, and Rhys

3. Since coming back from vacation Mason constantly wants to go ba bye. Big change from before our vacation when he constantly cried NOT to go ba bye. So to Meijer/Costco he (we all) went. I took Molly and got groceries at Meijer (while Mase and Bri checked out the toys) and Brian took Molly and shopped Costco (while Mase and I checked out the toys). At Costco he saw some pretty cool toys (way up high) that he wanted to play with (in the worst way). I told him he tried taking matters into his own hands...
This look says it all!!!

4. Mason loves his cousins. Is always asking for them. It's a guarantee that my mom has my sister's two littlest every other basically every other Friday we head over to my parent's house for a little cousin play time.
5. On Saturday we celebrated one of my girlfriend's up coming arrival. So excited to meet baby Good!!!
The guests
What a beautiful mama-to-be!!!
(Picture collage thanks to my friend Rachel)!!!
Me and some of the best friends a girl could have!!! (We missed you Gretch)!!!

6. And on that note...please say a prayer (or two or three) for my dear friend Gretchen who lost her dad VERY unexpectedly earlier this month. I love you friend and pray for you and your whole family daily.

7. Saturday night some of my friends (and their hubbys and kids) came over to play/hang out. Since we had SO much food left over from the shower...we decided to forgo the pizza and just eat the shower leftovers (Egg casserole, cinnamon roll dish, and yogurt, granola, and fruit anyone)!?!
My babes ready to play with their friends!!!

8. On Sunday night we celebrated two very special little people's birthdays!!! My niece Addisyn turned 6 the end of February and my nephew Austin turns 2 the beginning of May.
The boys watching Austin open a gift.
Addi and her NEW skates!!! 

9. I got on the scale before leaving for Arizona and I got on the scale when I got home from Arizona. And thankfully despite all the eating out and desserts I managed to not gain (and obviously not lose) any pounds. I am an even 20 pounds up from pre-baby. I've realized its not just going to fall off this time which means I NEED to start exercising to shed these last 20. So I started riding our new spin bike yesterday (yea for me)!!! But not only do I need to shed a few pounds...I also need to start toning some areas (butt, stomach, thighs) so I started doing a workout DVD too. Here's to hoping by summer I feel a little better about myself!!!
10. Remind me NOT to go to McDonald's again unless Mase has some cousins or friends to play with. Here's why... Imagine my child hugging another little kid whom he does NOT know. This kid yelling at him to stop. Mason (mad at this point) pointing his finger at the kid. The kid swatting Mason's hand away. And Mason (really mad now) doing his tongue spitting thing at the kid. Yep it WAS awesome.
Mason screaming his favorite word...MOOOOOOOOOM!!!