Thursday, March 13, 2014

Arizona Vacation (Part I)

1. SUNDAY (3/2)...Bright and early Sunday morning (4:30am) we headed to the GR Ford Airport for a 6:30am flight to Phoenix Arizona. (Thanks to my mom for bringing us)!!! The flight was QUITE stressful to say the least. First our flight left 45 minutes late out of GR (thanks to the need to de-ice the plane) and to make matters worse we only had a 60 minute layover in Detroit. And second Mase was busy throwing tantrum after tantrum while we sat waiting for the plane to take off. The flight itself was not too terrible and thankfully I befriended a brother/sister combo that sat right in front of us. (They too were headed to Phoenix). So as we were deboarding the plane (as our next flight was due to leave) I told them to hold the plane for us. ;) The next 20 minutes were pure STRESS. Since our two strollers, car seat, and base were stored under the airplane Brian and his dad waited for the them while his mom and I (along with the kids) took off for our connecting flight. (The brother/sister combo's mom also had to wait for an item stored under the plane which worked to our advantage). I basically ran the (what felt like) two miles to our next departure with Molly in my arms, my backpack on my back, and hanging off me were our camera bag, the diaper bag, my purse, and Mason's carry on. (We were at the end of one terminal, had to go down an escalator, across a long corridor, up another escalator, and all the way to the end of another terminal). I arrived just after the brother/sister combo to an empty boarding area. I started laughing because what else could I do. The brother said that when he arrived the check-in lady said if we (his mom and the family with two little kids) could arrive within five minutes she could hold the plane for us. Otherwise she would have to close the door. He said there was no way (which there was NO way) we would all make it in five minutes. So at this point the door (to our connecting flight) was closed and Molly was screaming in my arms. I sat down to feed her while my mother-in-law (five minutes after me) arrived on scene (hauling Mase in her arms). Another five minutes later Brian arrived hauling our now broken stroller (thanks Delta), car seat, and base plus his back pack on his back. At this time the check-in lady came back out from the walk way and said that she had begged and begged and got them to hold the plane for us. PRAISE THE LORD!!! Besides the brother/sister/mom combo there were two other gentlemen from our plane boarding as well (they too had to wait for luggage underneath the plane). One of the guy's wife had already boarded the plane and they had given his seat away. So while she was figuring that out my father-in-law (maybe three minutes after Brian) arrived with our other stroller and his and my mother-in-law's carry-ons. So I boarded the plane with my breast feeding cover hanging around my neck, my infant screaming, and my bags hitting EVERYONE as we sat in the second to the back row of the plane. Pure AWESOMENESS... Oh and throw in a few more tantrums during that flight and you get the picture!!!

Ready for take-off!!! Don't you LOVE Mason's scowl...
Sleeping (non tantrum throwing babies) on flight 2...

The day didn't get much better since Mase continued throwing tantrum after tantrum at Brian's uncle and aunt's house. But what can you really expect after you wake a kid at 4:30 in the morning and then constantly tell him no "don't go in that room" and no "don't touch that." Needless to say we spent a lot of time in our room away from everyone that first day. But the week got MUCH better after day 1!!!

2. MONDAY (3/3)...Our days were spent in similar fashion. Early mornings were spent in our room and after breakfast outside on the tennis court. Mid morning to early afternoons were spent doing an activity with my in-laws. Late afternoons were spent back at Brian's uncle and aunt's house with Mason napping (maybe Molly) and the adults outside on the patio (enjoying the sun). Most evenings we went out for dinner with everyone (Uncle and Aunt included). And later evenings were spent hanging out/playing in the family room, enjoying a bowl of ice cream, and then watching television in our room.

On Monday our activity was the Arizona Science Center. It was AWESOME!!! SO many fun activities for kids and adults. And at night we enjoyed a tasty meal at Wally's American Pub and Grill.

3. TUESDAY (3/4)...Our Tuesday activity turned into activities...we hiked Hole in the Rock followed by a Spring Training baseball game. (Texas Rangers at LAA). We decided against going out for dinner this night since Mase got such a late nap and instead ate a frozen pizza.
Mason and Daddy by the "hole."
Gamma, Mase, and Mommy
Gampa, Molly, and Gamma. 
(Silly me forgot to bring my carrier to carry Molly so this was how she was transported).
Mommy, Mase, and Daddy...(Molly was napping).
Enjoying the GREAT outdoors!!!
First baseball game for Mase.
Family pic...(Mase was quite cranky at this point).

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