Monday, March 17, 2014

Arizona Vacation (Part III)

7. SATURDAY (3/8)...After a very busy last five days...I told Brian that all I wanted to do was spend the weekend "relaxing" by the pool. I say "relaxing" because who can really relax with a 2 year old and a 2 month old!!! Brian's Uncle and Aunt have a pool at their house but its not heated. Fortunately for us they also own a condo with access to a heated pool!!! Go figure we (we both blame each other) forgot the bag with Mason's suit, swim diaper, and all our lotions back at the house. Thankfully the house and condo are only 10 minutes away from each other. But while daddy ran back to the house for the bag (and while Molly napped)...Mase and I chilled in the driveway soaking in the sun and munching on some licorice...
And when daddy arrived to the pool we went...
Mase loved the steps in the pool.
But he LOVED stealing daddy's sunglasses even more!!!
Sweet Molly loving the shade.
LOVE her!!!

Before heading out for dinner we snapped a family pic. Tonight's chosen place was the famous Greasewood Flats. 
And for the fourth day in a row (at Greasewood Flats) Mase found sand to play in (who has time to eat when there is sand)!?! At this point we had learned to expect a tantrum when we told him it was time to leave. And this night was no exception. He looks so innocent right!?!

8. SUNDAY (3/9)...Per my request we spent another day at the pool. But before heading to the condo I snapped a picture of my two little loves!!! How cute are they!?!
And then we enjoyed a beyond beautiful late morning/early afternoon at the pool...
Tonight's dinner again consisted of a frozen pizza. It was so nice to not go out but relax at the house and snap a picture or two (from the patio) instead...

9. MONDAY (3/10)...Our last day. (Tear). Today's activity included some shopping and a sprinkler park. But before leaving for the morning we tried taking (yet another) family pic. The sun wasn't working in our favor.
We hit up Old Town Scottsdale first...
And then headed to Scottsdale Quarter. Mase played in the sprinkler park (with dad and grandpa watching) while Molly, grandma, and I headed to H&M.
Our final Arizona dinner was at my favorite restaurant...Oregano's. The meal was completed with their famous pizza cookies (topped with ice cream). After dinner we headed back "home" to pack. Mase was such a help... 
And with the sun setting we took one final (and my fave) family picture.

10. TUESDAY (3/11)...Nothing exciting happened today. We just flew home. :/

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