Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Fun Day

Tomorrow I go back to work and thus become a working (outside of the house) mom again. (Tear). Praying I don't cry tomorrow (at work) because I am still a little hormonal. For some reason I am dreading it (going back) more this time around than when I went back after Mase. I think because now TWO kids vs ONE have to adjust to me being gone. But they will be in good hands (grandmaS and daddy)!!! And the other reason and maybe an even bigger reason is that things have drastically changed since I left in December. So if you think of me tomorrow...please say a little prayer!!! Thankfully I am only part time (I work two 12 hour shifts a week but with drive time I am gone from 6:30am-8pm). But to be honest it really doesn't feel like I am part time because in addition to my two days a week I also have to do 24 hours of on-call in a 6 week period, plus mandatory staff meetings, plus 3 committees that I am on...two are new-to-me committees. (Some committees meet monthly and others just every other month). So as you can see it all adds up. Hate being away from my babies...

And since tomorrow is go back to work day and since I wanted to make sure Mason was feeling 100% better (from what is appearing to have only been a 12 hour flu-bug) today we stayed home and did lots of playing, lots of snuggling, and a little picture taking!!!
He found ME!!! (Playing a little hide and seek).
Cheesing it with my boy!
My sleeping beauty.
I could eat them up!!!
As you can tell...Molly thought Mommy was funny. Mase not so much!!!
He wanted out in the worst of ways. So I let him. He lasted maybe 5 minutes in his frozen sand sandbox!!! (Molly and I stayed warm inside).

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