Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. It's normal to be asked (when getting a pedicure) if you want them to take the shaver out...right?!? (And not a shaver for my legs but for my heels. Guess that tells you something about my winter feet)!!!

2. This kid might need his own soon...
All we ever hear is MY PHONE. I repeatedly tell him that NO it is NOT his phone. It IS mama's phone (or daddy's) but that he MAY use it. To be honest though I think he knows how to run it better than me!!!

3. Molly's 2 month appointment last Thursday was a wee bit stressful. And here's why...Mason came with because I wanted the doc to take a peak at him as well (since he was going on day 3 of fevers). Thankfully he checked out fine (although he once again freaked when they "weighed" him). As I was talking to the doc (about Mason) Molly decided that screaming her head off sounded good right about then. Nothing like feeling inept as a mother (the girl would NOT calm down for me which is SO unlike her). The doc said I could feed her if she was hungry but I didn't feel like whipping the boob out in front of my male pediatrician. After what felt like an eternity she calmed down just in time to be checked over. Que more crying. And que Mason tugging on my leg. Then came the shots. Que the blood curdling screams. Before leaving I decided to feed her in the exam room which initially Mase was fine with but after about 5 minutes he was done. He kept saying home, ba-bye, home, ba-bye...and where's daddy. He literally said home, ba-bye, and where's daddy about a thousand times. Then he started banging his head on the wall (gave himself a bruise) and slamming his body into the door. AWESOME. Finally I had had enough...I popped Molly off the boob and was getting ready to leave when a nurse popped her head in. She said "oh you're getting ready to leave. I was going to see if you wanted me to bring in a toy." I said oh no thanks but thank you for the thought and then joked...could you hear us out there? To which she responded...yes :/ Again AWESOME. To say I was sweating, exhausted, and cranky would be putting it mildly.
My 31 pounder above and my 11 pounder (plus 7 ounces) below...
4. Molly slept for 3 hours when we got home, ate, and then decided to let out some more blood curdling screams. She screamed on and off for about an hour before I finally gave her some Tylenol. She then slept for another 4ish hours in her swing. (Girl loves her some swing)!!! Funny how every child is different...shots (at this age) never fazed Mase. And the swing (with him) would have only made matters worse.
5. A sweet lady from church made Molly this cute little bear...
6. I met up with some girlfriends one night last week and we all commented on how cold it was as we were leaving. Started my car up and saw this...

7. I was washing my pumping supplies one morning (with Mase sitting on the counter watching) and wouldn't you know he says "mommy look me pumping." Yes he had my shield placed over his "booby." Crazy boy!!!

8. Mason repeats everything and I mean EVERYTHING we say these days. His language has just exploded!!! For example instead of daaaaad (dad) he'll occasionally call Brian Bian. Kills me every time!!! And the kid knows how to throw a tantrum. (I really need to video tape one for future usage). I get a little nervous when peeps say the 2's have nothing on the 3's. We could really be in for it.

9. I LOVE breastfeeding...just ask my hubby how much!!! (He says I have her on the boob every two minutes...which by the way is NOT true). Praying I can make my goal of 9 months. With Mase I made it 6 months (which was my goal) but since this could be my last baby I am hoping to go a little longer. Somehow though (since we are not on a schedule)...Molly is always ready to BF right when we're ready to sit down and eat dinner. Hence why a mama's food is always cold!!! Oh well...such is life.

10. The boy still loves him some bubbles and some (big) tubby...


  1. Oh my gosh. Leland LOVES to pretend to pump when I do. It's so funny. And Alden nurses every time I'm ready to eat. It's a 6th sense, I think. :)

  2. I am SO glad that nursing is going well! Connor used to pretend to pump all the time. I so wish I had gotten a photo of it - not to show anyone, but just to have that memory!