Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Toddlers and their going to bed habits. Oh.my.GOODNESS. It's like Mase has a new "flavor" every single week. And by "flavor" I mean sometimes he goes down easy and other times its a fight. Sometimes he only calls out once or twice and sometimes he calls out at least ten times. Some nights he constantly tries to get out of bed and other nights he just constantly calls out to us but stays put. We start the going to bed process at 8:30 and lately (most nights anyways) he's not sleeping til 10 (or after). It's exhausting. The other night I asked Brian where my iPhone was. He said he didn't know. And in that second I knew. He had given Mason my phone. (No wonder he went to bed so easy I thought...and here I had given Brian all the credit). But when I went in to take my phone away he was listening to the Kids Bible App on my phone. So stinking precious. So precious that I could barely take it away from him but I did...

2. We had a baby shower for one of my girlfriends this past Saturday and since one of my girlfriends (who lives in Ohio) was in town for the shower we had a play date on Thursday. So fun to watch our littles all play together!!! Can hardly believe that between the 7 of us we already have 12 kids with 2 more on the way. (Obviously two are missing from the picture below).
Mason, Jude with Wells, Naomi, Ezra with Molly, Josiah, Cohen, Lawson, and Rhys

3. Since coming back from vacation Mason constantly wants to go ba bye. Big change from before our vacation when he constantly cried NOT to go ba bye. So to Meijer/Costco he (we all) went. I took Molly and got groceries at Meijer (while Mase and Bri checked out the toys) and Brian took Molly and shopped Costco (while Mase and I checked out the toys). At Costco he saw some pretty cool toys (way up high) that he wanted to play with (in the worst way). I told him no...so he tried taking matters into his own hands...
This look says it all!!!

4. Mason loves his cousins. Is always asking for them. It's a guarantee that my mom has my sister's two littlest every other Friday...so basically every other Friday we head over to my parent's house for a little cousin play time.
5. On Saturday we celebrated one of my girlfriend's up coming arrival. So excited to meet baby Good!!!
The guests
What a beautiful mama-to-be!!!
(Picture collage thanks to my friend Rachel)!!!
Me and some of the best friends a girl could have!!! (We missed you Gretch)!!!

6. And on that note...please say a prayer (or two or three) for my dear friend Gretchen who lost her dad VERY unexpectedly earlier this month. I love you friend and pray for you and your whole family daily.

7. Saturday night some of my friends (and their hubbys and kids) came over to play/hang out. Since we had SO much food left over from the shower...we decided to forgo the pizza and just eat the shower leftovers (Egg casserole, cinnamon roll dish, and yogurt, granola, and fruit anyone)!?!
My babes ready to play with their friends!!!

8. On Sunday night we celebrated two very special little people's birthdays!!! My niece Addisyn turned 6 the end of February and my nephew Austin turns 2 the beginning of May.
The boys watching Austin open a gift.
Addi and her NEW skates!!! 

9. I got on the scale before leaving for Arizona and I got on the scale when I got home from Arizona. And thankfully despite all the eating out and desserts I managed to not gain (and obviously not lose) any pounds. I am an even 20 pounds up from pre-baby. I've realized its not just going to fall off this time which means I NEED to start exercising to shed these last 20. So I started riding our new spin bike yesterday (yea for me)!!! But not only do I need to shed a few pounds...I also need to start toning some areas (butt, stomach, thighs) so I started doing a workout DVD too. Here's to hoping by summer I feel a little better about myself!!!
10. Remind me NOT to go to McDonald's again unless Mase has some cousins or friends to play with. Here's why... Imagine my child hugging another little kid whom he does NOT know. This kid yelling at him to stop. Mason (mad at this point) pointing his finger at the kid. The kid swatting Mason's hand away. And Mason (really mad now) doing his tongue spitting thing at the kid. Yep it WAS awesome.
Mason screaming his favorite word...MOOOOOOOOOM!!!

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