Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. My first day back was a success...I worked with some of my faves, I shed not a tear, and I got out on time!!! Although when I first arrived I did introduce myself to a girl who kindly responded that we met before I went on maternity leave. (Haha on me).

2. This boy loves him some outdoor play. Rain or shine. Cold or.....well cold!!!

3. Just a typical afternoon at the Helmholdt House...
 4. I love me a sleeping baby (or two)...
5. I definitely knew Mase was feeling better (from the flu) when I saw him do this...
Getting every last drop of his frosted flakes with milk!!!

6. One day last week Mase was in baby mode...
 7. On Saturday we went to Playworld to celebrate my nephew Austin's 2nd birthday. Go figure Mase would wake that morning at the crack of dawn (6AM)!!! The party wasn't until noon but by 10:30 Mase was already yawning (and becoming a might bit cranky). Thankfully Brian took him for a little drive and he was able to get a 45 minute snooze in before the party. And because of that snooze he was able to enjoy himself at the party!!!
Gamma and Mols

 8. Had to snap a picture. Mase always "protected" his paci too!!!
(Molly 3 months and Mase 6 weeks)

 9. Looking good in her Sunday best...thanks to her big cousin Brinley. (Headband, sweater, dress, and tights were all hand-me-downs from my sister)!!!
 10. Had to support the Wolverines on Sunday so Michigan apparrel it was...(sadly they lost).

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  1. Leland always sits in/plays with baby stuff too. He likes the bouncer and bumbo the best. :)