Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. A trip out to Holland (to Gap Outlet) meant a visit to the ducks...
Mason loved "feeding" the ducks. His feed was sticks and stones...poor ducks.

2. Mason refused to nap after our trip out to Holland...(something he's been doing on occasion as of late) so go figure on our way to the mall later that night (a mere 10 minute drive) he cashed right out...
We went to the mall so daddy could have some peace and quiet to grid out the chevrons for Molly's room. We met grandma H to hit up Younkers (coupons in hand). After Younkers grandma treated Mase to a carousel ride and an "airplane" ride... 
We parted ways with grandma but since we still had some more time to kill we headed to Kohl's. Wouldn't you know we ran into Grandma V. We shopped some more and then grandma treated Mase to a pretzel before we headed home. One spoiled little boy by two grandmas who love him oh so much!!!

3. Call us crazy but last week a friend and I drove an hour and a half (well she drove two) to meet another friend in New Buffalo, Michigan. (The other friend lives in a Chicago suburb. She too had to drive a little over two hours). We chatted (kid free)!!! for just under three hours and then all drove home. Crazy maybe. Worth it...YES!!! Love my two bestest college buddies!!!

4. On Saturday morning Mase took part in the annual Hudsonville (Huges Park) Easter egg hunt. He so badly wanted to start before the whistle blew. Kept saying ready...set...GO. He was quite mad we wouldn't let him. Then when the whistle finally blew it scared the ba-jeebies out of him. So much so that he pretty much refused to "hunt" for eggs. He ended up with a mere 10 egss. Oh well...there's always next year!!!
Three of his ten!!!

5. Mason enjoying his first outside ride on his "new" ride...

6. Came into my room and saw this...

7. I finished feeding Molly one day and walked into the kitchen and saw this. I almost crapped my pants. I thought he was standing in a drawer.
Thankfully he was not...
He's getting a little slap happy moving that chair around. Not only does he use it to get to his "drums" (aka...the silverware)...he also uses it to get to the candy jar.

8. I was trying to take Molly's picture and Mase wanted to cheese too. Easy does it boy!!!
Much better. Oh I love these two!!!

9. Nicer weather means Mason gets to hang out with his bestest neighor friends...Adryana and Blake.
These three have so much fun together!!!

10. I gave this outfit to my niece Brinley when she was born. Love that my little girl gets to wear it now!!!

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