Thursday, May 29, 2014

Ten On Thursday Meets Memorial Day Weekend

1. Say WHAT?!? Yep Mason Dale Helmholdt IS sitting in a cart!!! It may have only lasted until we entered the store but I'll take what I can get!
2. Playing a little frontyard baseball...
3. We didn't make it to Tulip Time this year. Just didn't work out. But I did snap a pretty cute pic of my sweet girl one day last week before our tulips died. 
4. Brian found this sweet playhouse on Craiglist a few weeks ago for a very good price. Made for one very happy little boy!!!
5. Mason hit jackpot when he "found" daddy's "junk" drawer...
6. His favorite find from daddy's "junk" drawer (glasses and flashlight)...
7. Brian and I BOTH had a four day weekend this Memorial Day Weekend. It was awesome!!! We did a little something fun every day but also managed to get a LOT done in and around the house. On Friday morning we went to the zoo...
After the zoo Brian ran his errands with this being the finished product...
Thankfully the kids were gems on Friday and napped at the same time (SAWEET!!!) and because they were both napping and Brian was running his errands I mowed the lawn. And then after Brian ran his errands I ran mine (just to a greenhouse for some flowers). Here are my finished products...
8. On Saturday we were busy working in and around the house all morning and afternoon (cleaning cars inside and out, 4 loads of laundry, moving plants around, etc) and at night we attended some friends of ours daughter's fourth birthday party. Here's Mase before the party (again) with his favorite treasures from Brian's "junk" drawer.
And during the party...
9. Sunday brought about church. And (yet again) a boy with his treasures...
After church my mom came over for Sunday dinner (just my mom since my dad was out of town). And after dinner it was nap/relax time. After naps we headed over to my in-law's house to enjoy a little sand, water, and sun. And Brian's friend Steve and his 3 daughters came over (they live in the same neighborhood) to hang out for a bit as well.
These boys!!! Melt my heart.
Taylor, Lily, and Mase

And to end the night we enjoyed a backyard fire with our neighbors. So fun!!!

10. And finally...Monday. Absolutely no idea why (maybe teeth?) but Molly was up 6 times (YES...SIX times) Sunday night (between 8:30pm and 6:50am). So as you can imagine I was pretty tired come Monday morning. I guess Molly was too cause she cashed right out while I took a shower...
My mom, sister and her 3 kids, my sis-in-law and her 3 kids, and my brother and his wife and 2 kids all met up at my house to watch the Jamestown Parade. (Love that its a quick walk to the parade and a short parade filled with lots of candy) Mase sat like so most of the parade... (It was awesome)!!!
(So windy)
Sleepy baby girl
Eight of the ten.

After the parade we made breakfast at my house. After everyone left Brian worked around the house a smidge more before we headed to the cemetery to drop off the girl's basket. On the way home we grabbed some dinner and just like that the weekend was over.

Monday, May 26, 2014

{Molly} Five Months

Stats: Guessing low to mid 15 pound range but will not (truly) know until her next well-child check up on July 1. (Did I seriously just type July)!?! 
Sizes: Molly is still wearing size 3-6 or 6 month clothing. And she is still wearing size 2 Pampers diapers.
Food: Hoping to start rice cereal (followed by baby food) very soon. I just really do not have the desire or motivation to start feeding my baby "real" FOOD. (I just want her to stay a baby). Which means for the past month her nourishment has (once again) come only through my boobie milk. She still eats every 2-4ish hours...or on demand. Bottle when I work. Boob when I don't. When I work she takes four 4oz bottles and breastfeeds either once (before 6am) or twice (before 6am AND before bed)...occasionally she will take an additional 2 ounces from my morning pumping session for Brian before I get home from work. I still pump three times when at work plus once before leaving for work and once before I go to bed (unless she breastfeeds when I get home). Lately I have not been pumping on my non-working days unless I have a doctor appointment or a work meeting (in which case I obviously need to pump to have milk ready for whoever is watching Molly). And we are slowly introducing the beloved sippy!!!
Routine: Routine...what's a routine?!? Molly's "routine" changes daily. Some days she naps great and other days not so much. But the important thing is...she always remains happy. Well unless I am trying to make her take a nap. Then she gets MAD and fast!!! Just when I think I've figured her out she switches things up again. Over the past month I believe she has made a routine switch every week. For awhile she was taking two great naps...then when I switched her to her crib she would only take a great morning nap. And if I was gone in the morning...forget napping. Now she likes to cat nap/fight nap. Lately we have been getting three 20-40 minute naps. SO not cool. Of course on occasion she randomly takes a 2-3 hour nap. You just never know. But believe me...those long nap days are the good days!!! She goes to bed between 8 and 9pm and thankfully she goes to bed easy. Some nights I put her in her crib awake and let her drift off. Other nights she falls asleep on the boob. She wakes once a night...typically between 4 and 6 and then easily falls back to sleep until 7:30am (give or take). (Prior to moving her to her crib she had just started sleeping from 8ish to 7ish. What is with my kids and moving to their cribs? Mason got all sleep crazy when we moved him too).
Developmental Milestones: Molly rolled (belly to back) on May 12. She is trying hard to roll (back to belly) but has just not mastered it yet. Molly has a giggle that is music to my ears!!! And Molly recently discovered her feet/toes.
Loves: Molly loves loves loves sucking on her hands!!! Molly loves kisses. (She opens her mouth wide and tries to return the favor)!!! Molly loves watching people. Molly loves hanging out in her exersaucer and jumping in her jump-er-roo!!! Molly loves reaching for her feetsies. And Molly loves her mommy, daddy, and big bro!!!
Dislikes: Napping and rolling over?!? Nor is she always a fan of her car seat. She wants to be able to look around and see so being strapped in just isnt't her thing!!!
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • Molly YOU slept through the night and I mean SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE STINKING NIGHT!!! (9pm-7:15am) the night of May 11. 
  • You slept in your crib AT NIGHT for the very first time the night of May 14. You made it from 8pm-12:45am. You refused to go back to sleep without eating. So I fed you and put you in your rock and play sleeper and you didn't wake again til 6am. After feeding you at 6 I put you back in your crib and you slept til 8:30am. The next night you made it from 8:30pm-5:30am in your crib.
  • When you hit 4 months you were pretty consistent with waking between 5 and 6am for your lone feed of the night. Then at 4.5 months (on May 11) you slept all night long for 3 nights in a row (8pm-7am)!!! Then mommy put you in your crib (May 14) and sleeping through the night went out the window. Until two nights ago :)
  • You (occasionally) sit like a big girl in your stroller!!! You LOVE it!!!
  • You helped me celebrate my third Earthly Mother's Day.
  • You enjoyed (well are enjoying) your first Memorial Day.
  • You started playing in your exersaucer and jumping in your jump-er-roo just after you turned 4 months.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. She was completely zoned in on Mickey (while I got ready). Looks as if she will be a tv junkie just like her big bro...
2. We created a monster.We have a kid who (thinks) he needs to sleep in momma and daddy's bed. Every.Single.Night he makes his way into our bed. May it be 1am, 2am, or 3am. He refuses to go to bed at night unless we lay with him. He refuses to nap unless we lay with him.  In the sweetest little voice he says mama lay with me. If we don't he will scream until we do. He does not give up. Oh and the kid is so smart that he hangs onto your arm...letting him know when your trying to sneak out of his bed. If he's only slightly dozing he immediately wakes up. And his latest and greatest...he stares at you until you fall asleep and then he does. Brian and I take turns laying with him falling asleep in his bed with him. Like I said...we created a monster. I promise we will NOT repeat this mistake with Molly!!!

3. One day last week Mason found the extra garage door opener that we keep in the kitchen. He also found some of daddy's tools. He let himself out the backdoor through the (opened by Mase) garage door to the front porch (with me watching but out of his sight)...
Can't ever keep your eyes off of him.

4. Mase, Molly, and I were on a walk last week. Mase found some mud to play in. When I told him it was time to get back in the stoller this was how he responded...
He definitely keeps life exciting.

5. The kids and I met up with my friend Rach and her boys at Catch Air again. I seriously love this place (as does Mase). My mom and nephew met up with us too. Great way to spend a rainy May morning.
Even Molly got in on the fun!!!
Swinging with cousin Austin.
Drink break with Jude and Rhys.

6. A few weeks ago I got a sweet coupon from The Gap (in the mail). All I had to do was reserve something online but pick it up in the store and I would get $10 off. I also had $25 in Gap Cash. In a second transaction I had $30 of Gap/Old Navy credit. I left with $136.48 in merchandice BUT only paid $28 in total! Score!!!

7. Brian and I attempted (or I should say we did) go out to eat with BOTH kids this past Friday. Major disaster. We decided it'll be another couple of months until we test Mase out again. The kid just doesn't have much sit in him. He would much prefer to climb over booths (where other people ARE sitting) than sit like a nice boy and eat his dinner. And Molly was awake the whole meal to boot. Thankfully she waited until the very end before she demanded (cried) to get out. Pretty sure peeps were excited to see us leave.

8. I had my yearly skin check last week. Yesterday I got a phone call saying that the mole that was removed was very atypical (moderate to severe) and thus needs to be "surgically" removed. If not removed it WILL turn into cancer. So my lil surgery is scheduled for June 11. So thankful for skin checks!!! (And I say "surgically" because when they called to tell me the results that is the word they used. Its really just a 20 minute procedure. I can eat before and I can drive home afterwards. My kind of "surgery!"

9. Not a worry in the world, a cold milk in his hand. Life is good today. Life is good today...
10. How is it that my almost two and a half year old is back to putting things IN his mouth and UP his nose?!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

*My Ten On Tuesday (or whatever day of the week) posts have kinda morphed into more of a picture post. What can I say...a picture(s) says a thousand words. (And makes for quicker blogging)!!!

1. A trip to Target + good behavior ='s a slushie...
2. I love me a garage sale but since my toddler would most definitely refuse to stay in his stroller and because he is a wee bit interested in any and ALL things in one's garage (as in the stuff NOT on sale)...garage sales are out. So when my neighborhood (well three houses anyway) had a garage sale last week I just had to pop over and check things out and wouldn't you know I found a few things for Miss Molly...three 18 month pj's, two 9 month outfits, a 24 month tank, a pair of size 6 crocs, and a 24 month Halloween costume...all for $10.50!!!

3. This little dude loves and I mean LOVES looking at pictures on mine and daddy's phones and then wants to go there. (There as in wherever the picture was taken). One day last week this musta been where he wanted to go...
Because this is where I found him. Think he's using enough toilet paper.
A man's gotta get every square inch...haha!!!

4. Helping daddy wash his truck...
But then decided a ride in his own car sounded better...
5. Making daddy proud while shopping with mommy...
6. This kid...
I could go blue in the face telling him to STOP picking my tulips. His response...WHY?!? My respose...because I said so!!! *(And let me just say that why has hit the Helmholdt residence in FULL force)!!!
 7. Cute boots...said my boy!!! (My Mother's Day gift from Mase and Molly...perfect for this rainy week).
8. This little girl finally decided to roll over last night!!! (Belly to back). You all know I love here goes it. Mase started his rolling career going back to belly (what an overachiever going the hard way first) on May 4. Belly to back didn't occur until June 2. Wonder when Mols will decide to do back to belly?!?
9. First visit to her big sissy's grave (on Mother's Day). Guessing the sun was a little bright...
10. Sunday evening stoll (and Mason's first experience on his new bike). He thought he was SO big!!!