Thursday, May 1, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. I love blogging because its my way of keeping track of life and its happenings...but with the nicer weather its been very hard finding time to blog. And if anything has to go...its blogging. I was hoping to have this post done by Tuesday...(obviously that didn't happen). Then I was hoping to have it done yesterday. Again didn't happen. Guess third time day IS a charm!!!

2. We paid another visit to the dentist last week. Verdict is Mase now gets to go every 3 months to the dentist (instead of every 6 months). Gotta keep a close eye on those teefers of his. The soft yellow spot on his right front tooth is getting softer...(boo). More likely than not we will have to do something sooner rather than later to fix it but for now we just need to keep up on our brushing. They put a lacquer on all his yellow spots (five of them to be exact) in hopes of keeping them strong. His dentist also scraped his bottom teeth clean. Mase fought them a little bit but for the most part he was a champ!!! Here he is picking out his prize. We stood there for over 5 minutes because he just couldn't decide!!!
3. I saw the movie Heaven is For Real with my mom last week. SO SO SO good. I highly recommend it. Had tears in my eyes. Made me very excited to someday (hopefully not someday soon) "meet" Luke and Blake (and find out if Blake is a boy or girl)!!!

4. Friday night family outing...Home Depot, Target, Sweet Yo's, and FROZEN!!! (Yes this was our very first time watching Frozen. It was a gift from Gpa and Gma V in Mason's Easter basket). Here's Mason doing some "dusting" at Home Depot...
And he found something he wanted. (Hard to believe a TWO year old finding something they want right)?!?In your dreams son. In your dreams!!!
6. I have been on a deep cleaning kick lately. (Another reason why I haven't had time to blog). A few months back I pinned a site (on Pinterest) about cleaning your dishwasher and I finally put that "pin" to use. I scrubbed my dishwasher for over two hours one day last week. But boy oh boy was it worth it. While on that site I found a 31 Days of Deep Cleaning site so a few days later I cleaned my washer and dryer. Again I was very happy with the end result. Crazy how dirty these things get without you even realizing it.
The pics do not do justice to how badly the dishwasher needed to be cleaned...
 And nasty build up under the cover (that I removed) from the washing machine...
7. One night last week Mase was being far too quiet for my liking. Brian was gone so with Molly still on the boob I went to check on I was walking down the hallway I yelled you better not be causing any trouble. This is what I saw when I entered Molly's room...
A baby powder covered Mason. He was head to toe baby powder as were Molly's walls, closet door, crib (the outside and inside), her toys, and the vent in her room. This boy definitely keeps me busy.
8. The next morning (that is the morning after the baby powder incident) Mason told me (while I was getting ready) that he wanted a bath with bubbles. I told him later that night. Two minutes later I hear what I thought was the faucet running. Nope just Mason pouring bubbles into the tub...
9. She must have been really tired. Bless her little heart!!! Rarely does she fall asleep while "playing."
10. Mason's favorite sayings as of late. 1) I go there (he wants to go EVERYWHERE). 2) Who's this guy (to any object, person, or thing). 3) EAT (literally its the first thing out of his mouth every single morning. Funny thing is he rarely eats anything for breakfast). 4) I wanna see (referring to the poop in his diaper). 5) Where's Meika (our neighbor's dog). And 6) I don't wanna. (I hear this multiple times a day). The kid also repeats the same question over and over and over and over...and you get the picture!!!

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