Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. She was completely zoned in on Mickey (while I got ready). Looks as if she will be a tv junkie just like her big bro...
2. We created a monster.We have a kid who (thinks) he needs to sleep in momma and daddy's bed. Every.Single.Night he makes his way into our bed. May it be 1am, 2am, or 3am. He refuses to go to bed at night unless we lay with him. He refuses to nap unless we lay with him.  In the sweetest little voice he says mama lay with me. If we don't he will scream until we do. He does not give up. Oh and the kid is so smart that he hangs onto your arm...letting him know when your trying to sneak out of his bed. If he's only slightly dozing he immediately wakes up. And his latest and greatest...he stares at you until you fall asleep and then he does. Brian and I take turns laying with him falling asleep in his bed with him. Like I said...we created a monster. I promise we will NOT repeat this mistake with Molly!!!

3. One day last week Mason found the extra garage door opener that we keep in the kitchen. He also found some of daddy's tools. He let himself out the backdoor through the (opened by Mase) garage door to the front porch (with me watching but out of his sight)...
Can't ever keep your eyes off of him.

4. Mase, Molly, and I were on a walk last week. Mase found some mud to play in. When I told him it was time to get back in the stoller this was how he responded...
He definitely keeps life exciting.

5. The kids and I met up with my friend Rach and her boys at Catch Air again. I seriously love this place (as does Mase). My mom and nephew met up with us too. Great way to spend a rainy May morning.
Even Molly got in on the fun!!!
Swinging with cousin Austin.
Drink break with Jude and Rhys.

6. A few weeks ago I got a sweet coupon from The Gap (in the mail). All I had to do was reserve something online but pick it up in the store and I would get $10 off. I also had $25 in Gap Cash. In a second transaction I had $30 of Gap/Old Navy credit. I left with $136.48 in merchandice BUT only paid $28 in total! Score!!!

7. Brian and I attempted (or I should say we did) go out to eat with BOTH kids this past Friday. Major disaster. We decided it'll be another couple of months until we test Mase out again. The kid just doesn't have much sit in him. He would much prefer to climb over booths (where other people ARE sitting) than sit like a nice boy and eat his dinner. And Molly was awake the whole meal to boot. Thankfully she waited until the very end before she demanded (cried) to get out. Pretty sure peeps were excited to see us leave.

8. I had my yearly skin check last week. Yesterday I got a phone call saying that the mole that was removed was very atypical (moderate to severe) and thus needs to be "surgically" removed. If not removed it WILL turn into cancer. So my lil surgery is scheduled for June 11. So thankful for skin checks!!! (And I say "surgically" because when they called to tell me the results that is the word they used. Its really just a 20 minute procedure. I can eat before and I can drive home afterwards. My kind of "surgery!"

9. Not a worry in the world, a cold milk in his hand. Life is good today. Life is good today...
10. How is it that my almost two and a half year old is back to putting things IN his mouth and UP his nose?!

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  1. sleeplady.com saved my life when my son was little! Mason sounds so much like him! We didn't go out to eat at all during the 2s! Thankfully, life resumed much more normally shortly after he hit 3 :)