Thursday, June 5, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Someone LOVES her new carseat toy...
2. The hubby and I went on a...wait for it...ON A DATE!!! (Our last date was for our anniversary 6 months ago). Pretty pumped that our favorite sitter is on (college) summer break!!! We enjoyed a blissfully quiet dinner out at Brann's (with a Christmas giftcard), we went mini-golfing (yes I lost), and finished the night with a couple of errands.
3. The following pics sum up (last week) Thursday. I took the kiddos for a walk in the morning. Mason was such a trooper and sat in his king-tut seat for THEE ENTIRE walk (never begging to get out) and Mols took a snooze for the majority of our walk...
Shhh...don't tell daddy. (If you can't tell Mase is standing on top of daddy's truck cap).
He waved when he saw the camera. This kid cracks me up.
Yes I am THAT mom. The mom that lets her kids watch t.v. so I can get some things done...
4. On Friday I took the kids over to my parent's house and my mom and I (with the kids...obv) went for a walk. It's actually a pretty fun walk for a toddler. You have to walk through a neighborhood first but then the walking gets good...a trail that goes around a lake complete with a playground and a beach. Mase was in heaven!!!
5. I let Mase take his Mater and Lightening cars with him on the walk. Big mistake on my part. When we were driving home Mase asked where Mater and Lightening were. Oh crap I thought and thankfully did NOT say. I called my mom and asked her when she last remembered Mase having them. And because I am Dutch I drove back to the park, searched through the playground area, and jogged a little down the trail... and sure enough I found Lightening and Mater right where Mase had picked up a stick!!! Crisis averted.

6. On Saturday Brian helped a friend hang drywall so being bored I headed over to my sister's house for my first pool day of the summer. What a beautiful and sun-shiney day!!!
Mase swimming with Aunt Courtney and Cambrey loving on Molly
Baby girl cashed out hard in her big cousin Brinley's super comfy crib. Not sure how she fit with B's 50 books and 10 dolls =)
7. We went to a graduation open house on Saturday night and in a mere hour Mase caused more trouble than I care to admit. Trouble #1...he found a balloon and started booking it towards the car. (It was a Happy Birthday balloon for some little girl at the open house). This lady got all worried and told Brian that he couldn't have that balloon. Brian said he's not taking it...he just found it on the porch and he will put it back. (And he did). A little bit later the same lady came with a balloon for Mase to keep. Lol. Trouble take your eyes off the kid for two seconds and he's picking recently planted flowers from the front of the house. I said to Brian where is Mase and at that exact same moment I am seeing this lady (a different lady than before) panic and look around for the naughty toddler's parents ;) (It was a dual open house and not at the house of the graduate we knew). Trouble #3...there was dirt everywhere. (The house was in the country). So you better believe no eating happened...just dirt playing. Ahhh he IS all boy!!!

8. Mason "helping" daddy fix a broken sprinkler. (I say "helping" because Mase was intent on throwing mud/dirt back into the hole).
 9. Mason's new favorite activity...motorcycling it down the driveway...
Molly's favorite activity...chilling in her exersaucer...

10. Someone tried rice cereal this week. And no it didn't go so great. Pretty sure it all just drooled right down the front of her bib. 

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