Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. One day last week Mason was (noticeably) working on a poop...so I picked him up and ran to the bathroom. Unfortunately I was too late for a large turd had already escaped his buns! His response...I touch. I said no its ucky. His next response...I TOUCH FROG. Seriously?!? The kid thought his poop (maybe a touch on the green side) was a FROG.

2. Enjoying her first licks of a popsicle(s)...
(Had to try dad AND moms)!!!

3. These 2 make my heart SO incredibly HAPPY (especially as we head towards the end of this bittersweet month)...
4. Most Sundays (in the late afternoon) we head over to Brian's parent's house to enjoy a little sun and beach fun. I found these on Brian's phone from a few weeks ago...
3 Generations of Helmholdt men
Me and my favorite lil lady!!!

5. Rain...check. Umbrellas...check. Rain boots...check.
6. Someone thinks she's big stuff...
7. How comfortable does this look?! (Random 5am picture).
8. On Saturday night we celebrated Father's Day with my family...plus we celebrated my dad and two of my nephew's birthdays!!! My parent's live on a lake so much of the night was spent in or by the water. (Of course I didn't take Mason's suit). And of course I didn't take a picture of Mase on his first boat ride of the season.
Cousin pic minus the two littles...obviously Mase wasn't in the mood!
But a few minutes later he was ALL smiles. Crazy kid!!!
9. I HAD to snap a picture before heading off to church Sunday morning....
(These two have most definitely been blessed with an amazing hands on daddy!!! They love him SO much)!

We went to my brother and sis-in-law's church since my nephew Connor got baptized. Sadly no picutes were taken of him or of my dad and the kids (again since I did not take any Saturday night either). It was so chaotic and crazy that taking pictures just went out the window. After a nice lunch at my bro and sis-in-law's house we headed home for naps. And per our usual we headed over to my in-law's house after nap time. (Guess I just stink at picture taking this whole weekend because I didn't take one of my father-in-law with the kids either). But I did snap these...
We left my in-law's house around 7pm and made two more quick stops. Houseman's (for ice cream) and the cemetery.
10. Mason sleep update: A week ago we started Mason back on claritan and flonase. And already what a difference we have seen. The boy sleeps WAY better. Occasionally he still makes his way into our bed in the middle of the night but most nights (fingers crossed I don't jinx this) he sleeps in his own bed either all night or til 6ish in the morning. We do still lie with him at night in HIS bed to get him to go to sleep. Although sometimes tedious...I figure he won't want us to lie with him forever...so for now I (we) will treasure the snuggle time!  And he takes his daily nap in our bed. I prefer the 2ish hours in our bed versus the maybe an hour he was taking in his.

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