Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Oh you know...just working on sitting like a big girl!!!
2. Last week Thursday I went to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park with my girlfriend and her 3 boys. The boys had a blast but what a lot of work. We decided it would pry be easier to go with a grandma or a dad (for a second set of hands).

Within minutes of arrival Mason sat in wet sand (I had to soak his pants for 2 days to get the stains out) and Molly pooped through her pants (and I did NOT have a spare along). Awesomeness!!! But oh well...
Mason (and Jude & Rhys) LOVED feeding the giraffes. And the giraffes were very eager to eat their (carrot) treats...
3. To start our Friday I met up with my mom and dad at Frog Hollow Park (they were baby-sitting a niece and nephew). While Mason played...Molly enjoyed her first (or maybe second) swing ride...
Brinley and Molly

4. After the park we headed home to put Molly asleep. Then Mase and I headed outside to spend some time in his pool.
5. After naps we headed to my cousins daughter's graduation open house and finally ended the night by running up to the hospital to meet sweet baby Quinn!!! (Who was born earlier in the morning to one of my bestest friends)!!!
My little girl doesn't appear so little when next to this 6lb 14oz peanut!

6. One day last week I was feeding Molly (in my room) when I heard the door to her room (just across the hall) slam shut. I thought...what could Mason possibly be doing in there?!? (He only slams the door when he's thinking about doing something naughty). I was pretty sure we took most everything out of her room that could cause a mess...but I was wrong. We forgot the Vicks vapor rub. Glad he put it all over himself and NOT all over the walls.

7. A few weeks/maybe a month ago I had Brian tape a Lifetime movie for me...Return To Zero. Its about a couple whose son dies of stillbirth at 38 weeks who then go on to have a healthy child. And even though I shed a few tears...it was worth watching because I could relate to a lot of things/feelings in the film (except the cheating/almost divorced part). If you have a chance...watch it. You will not be disappointed.

8. On Saturday afternoon my brothers and hubby put my parent's dock and boat in their lake. Unfortunately we left before the boat was actually in...since someone (ahem Mason) was getting a little tired. Good thing we have all summer to go for boat rides!!!
9. One day last week Mason says...mommy look. Not looking I said cool buddy. A few minutes later he comes running up to me with a utensil from the supposedly LOCKED utensil drawer. (This drawer also has sharp knives in it among some untesils I consider dangerous). I was like...you are not suppose to play with that and HOW did you even get it.?! We walk into the kitchen and I see that the lock on that drawer is most obviously broken. Aghhh this kid...pure TROUBLE!
10. It rained all morning/afternoon last week Wednesday so to the library we went. And per usual while Mason played...mommy put Molly to work...
working on sitting that is!!!

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