Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Ten On Wednesday

1. Someone had a blast at Aunt Courtney's pool last week...
And since it was a cousin AND papa (and grandma) pool day and since we didn't get a grandkid pic on Father's Day...we snapped this gem.
Kylynn, Cambrey, Easton, Cole, Addi, Papa, Brinley, and Mason...just missing the 3 youngest.

2. Brian plays in a Monday night softball league. With two littles I don't watch much of the game...(hard to imagine right)? Instead we play (and play hard) at the park...
3. How Mason "shops" at Old Navy.
4. I finally (after almost 4 months) got my hair cut last week and I finally used my Design One giftcard (for a massage) from Christmas later that same night. It was a great day!!! Now for that pedicure...

5. I made strawberry jam with my mom last week. Can you say Y-U-M!!!
6. My girlfriend Janna was in town last week (from Ohio) and believe it or not we found a day where it worked for all 7 of us to get together for a playdate!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! Crazy that between the 7 of us we have 14 kids with another on the way...all 4 and under...
Front: Rachel with Jude, Rhys, and Wells (4, 2 and a half, 6 mons), Gretchen with Levi (20 mons), Me with Mason and Molly (2 and a half and 6 mons).
Back: Krista with Harris (3 weeks), Janna with Ezra, Josiah, and Naomi (4, 3, almost 2), Melissa with Cohen and Lawson (3 and 1 and a half...pregnant with baby #3), Karie with Tenley and Quinn (20 mons and 2 weeks).
Rach, Krista, Karie, and I were all pregnant together with these beautiful babes!!! Molly (12/26/13), Wells (12/30/13), Harris (5/26/14), and Quinn (6/6/14)
Holding hands...too sweet!!! Too bad they're cousins!

7. I've told a story or two before about how Dutch I am and here's another. Mason's Lightning McQueen car had been missing for a day or two. It was starting to bother me cause the kid is obsessed with his Cars cars. Finally one morning I went in full FIND LIGHTNING MODE. I looked under, in, and behind couches and chairs both upstairs and down. I tore apart our beds and looked underneath them. I looked in our bathrooms, showers, and tubs. I looked in my vehicle. Under the kitchen table. In registers. And as a last ditch effort under the oven...and low and behold there he was!!! Can you say TEN lives?!

8. I found this verse when looking through old blog posts...

But God's not finished. He's waiting around to be gracious to you. He's gathering strength to show mercy to you. God takes the time to do everything right—everything. Those who wait around for him are the lucky ones. 
Isaiah 30:18

Oh yes those who wait around for Him ARE most definitely the lucky ones!!!
9. I also found this little blurb. Written shortly after the girl's passing...

There is a reason God changed my assignment. My initial assignment was to deliver two healthy baby girls in October but instead God reassigned me to deliver two beautiful baby girls in June. For some reason God needed two more angels. Why were my girls the chosen ones? I have no answer besides; God must have thought they were pretty special! I could be angry at God for this change in assignment. Turn away from Him. Question how He could take away the babies I had fought and PRAYED so hard for. But I trust Him. I know His promises. He will not fail me.  And even in my sadness I know He is near!

And fail me He most definitely did NOT.
10. And finally I found this picture with the following written..."Oh and today I picked up my girls beautifully embroidered blankets that a wonderful lady named Brenda embroidered for me." 
And underneath I had written..."Now if Brian and I are someday blessed with another daughter...she will get to use her big sister's blankets!" Pretty sure I need to pull these blankets out and start putting them to good use. 

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