Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Celebrating Alayna and Ella's 4th Birthday

This past Thursday (in celebration of the girl's 4th birthday) we went to Boulder Ridge Wild Animal Park. It was a perfect zoo day. Temps in the high 60's and pure sunshine. Both kids had a blast and that's all that truly matters to this mama!!! 
Mommy & Molly and Daddy & Mase on the safari ride.
Mason once again LOVED feeding the giraffes...
And the birds...
After the zoo we grabbed lunch to go. (Yea for Wendy's dollar menu)!!! The zoo must have really tired the littles out because once home they crashed almost immediately. While the kids slept Brian and I each took turns running errands. Then for dinner we grilled out (kabob style) and after dinner we made our way to the cemetery to release some balloons.  

Love this family God gave me!!!
He was SO excited to release the balloons.
Mase watching his balloon go up...up...and away.
And Mols watching her balloon do the same.
Happy Birthday balloons for my "big" girls.

To end the night we did birthday cookies (chocolate chip-style) instead of birthday cake. They were delicious!!! Obviously Mase enjoyed them...
All in all a GREAT day celebrating our angel babies!!!

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