Saturday, July 26, 2014

{Molly} Seven Months

Stats: Guessing my little girl is around 17 pounds (give or take a few ounces).
Sizes: Molly is still wearing 9 months, 6-12 months, or 9-12 months. And she is still wearing size 3 (Kirkland brand) diapers.
Food: Molly breastfeeds every 2-4 hours when I'm home and breastfeeds once and takes four 4.5 ounce bottles when I work. I pump 4-5 times on my working days...(once before work, three times at work, and once before bed). If Molly wakes around 6am on my working days I don't pump those mornings (hence the 4-5 times per day). On my NON "working" days ("working" because lets be serious mama's work EVERY day) I pump only if I need a bottle to go. So really not much has changed since last month.

Molly is getting better at eating keeping food IN her mouth but is most definitely not a pro. She likes most fruits but doesn't like most vegetables (with the exception of sweet potatoes). For fruit she's had bananas, applesauce, prunes, and apple blueberry. For veggies she's had carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. She is definitely NOT a fan of squash. She eats baby food twice a day (sometimes mixed with oatmeal) and a few days ago I gave her banana chunks (which were her first REAL food).
Routine: Molly goes to bed around 8:30 at night. Still takes three naps a day. A medium length morning nap, a longer afternoon nap, and a shorter evening nap. She typically wakes anywhere between 5 and 6 in the morning to breastfeed but thankfully immediately goes back to sleep. Wakes for the day around 7:30 or 8am. She still goes down most days really easy!!! And she always wakes H-A-P-P-Y!!!
Developmental Milestones: Molly rolled belly to back (again) on June 30. She still rolls (more often) back to belly though. But she is definitely liking her belly more and only occasionally gets mad about being on it. As for crawling were heading in the right direction...Molly gets on her knees and rocks but before long always ends up on her belly. Molly also loves to stand with help. (Her legs are definitely getting stronger). And Molly knows come. (Especially where it concerns mama)!!!
I got a chuckle because I looked at Mason's 7 month post and he already knew hot to clap and was pulling himself up on things. Just goes to show you definitely work more with a firstborn!!!
Loves: Molly loves watching her big brother!!! Molly loves tubby time (sits in her tub like a big girl now)!!! Molly loves splashing in pools and lakes!!! Molly loves her blankie and paci!!! Molly loves crinkling paper and sucking on anything and everything she can get her hands on!!! And Molly loves smacking her tongue to her lips!!!
Dislikes: Eating?! And getting her face washed. But go figure she could care less when I dump water over her head during bath time.
Other Things I Don't Want To Forget:
  • You started sleeping with your bumpers.
  • You enjoy giving open mouth kisses or just knawing on mommy's chin.
  • You love playing with your private parts...(and mommy thought this was just a boy thing)!!!
  • You constantly scratch your fingers back and forth (on mommy or whatever) when feeding. You also like to touch my face when feeding. And more often than not mommy has to feed you in your room (quiet and away from distraction) to get you to eat well.
  • You always curls your little piggies under. It's so stinking cute.
  • You have the tiniest feeties!!! And the craziest hair!!!
  • Your first tooth is working its way in. And thanks to that first tooth we've all lost a little sleep. Oh're worth it!!!
  • You enjoy playing with sand and swinging in swings.
  • You celebrated your first 4th of July.
  • You're pretty good at drinking out of your sippy. 
  • You're pretty darn good at popping your paci in and out.
  • You sat (like a big girl) in a grocery cart for the first time...and were SO excited about it!!!

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