Thursday, July 10, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. I've said it before. And I'm saying it again. (And will most likely say it a thousand times more in the future). But here's what I have to say...I AM SO THANKFUL for my Rainbow babies!!! LOVE them to absolute pieces!!!
2. Mase's (or maybe daddy's) find during our picture session this past Saturday. (In case you don't know it's a deer antler). Either way daddy was proud!!!
3. that's the way to eat an ice cream cone ;)
4. Cousins by blood. Friends by choice!!! Love how they love being together. Doesn't hurt that grandma and grandpa supplied the yummy Sunday lunch and the boat for them to play in.
And can't forget these two cuties...
5. This was his face when we pulled into our driveway (after releasing the balloons the other night) and his friends Drana (Adryana) and Blake were no longer outside to play...
Poor kid!!!

6. Mason is obsessed with watching different YouTube videos that show Easter eggs wrapped in play doh. You take the play doh off...pop open the egg...and find a SURPRISE. So we reinacted it the other day...
*The surprise was his bop!!!

7. Love watching them interact...
8. Molly sporting her HOPE College bib. Maybe she'll follow in her mommy's footsteps someday?! (And a note for all my fellow Hope Alums. Email Hope that you had a baby and they send you a free bib)!!!
9. He cleared out my pumping supply drawer this morning. Crazy kid. He has toys galore and this is what he chooses to play with.
10. Someone is getting B-I-G...
First time sitting up (sans carseat) in the grocery cart!!! She loved every minute of it!

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