Thursday, July 31, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Took Molly with me to the mall one night last week...dressed and ready for BED!!! She napped on the way to the mall and stayed asleep when I stopped the car so I kept her in her carseat. She woke up and of course wanted NOTHING to do with laying down. The girl has got to see whats happening!!!
 2. Someone thinks she's big stuff (as in too big to sit) these days...
3. First (of many) tubbies together. And no Mase did not mind the 2 inches of tub left for him...
4. My HAPPY baby girl...
5. Bought this lady a new highchair. We were never happy with our wood one because the padding never stayed put...thus both kids always hit their heads. Went with the space saver (and money saver) this time...
6. SUCH a good boy at the dentist. (Fourth visit already). And this time Mommy didn't even need to sit with him!!! Unfortunately at this appointment we were told it was time to fix his tooth. Prayers on August 8 would be appreciated. We're trying the non-sedated route. Meaning he'll be wrapped tight and given a little gas instead.
7. I have a two year old with a 16 year old attitude. Who likes to say "No You" and point his finger. Hit. And throw things. Add in my stage 4 clinger and you got yourself some interesting days. At least my two year old doesn't hit my stage 4 clinger.

8. Morning snuggles (sorry for the terribe quality).
9. The outcome of swim lessons. This boy always wants to hold his breath!!!
10. Happy 31st birthday to me (on Tuesday). After a terrible NO good Monday I had a VERY enjoyable Tuesday!!! My mother-in-law called me first thing Tuesday morning and asked if she could take the kids for awhile. Yes please and thank-you!!! I ran some kid free enjoyable errands and enjoyed a massage (gift from the hubster and kids), and then picked up lunch on my MIL. And at night my main squeeze took me out for dinner to Sunnybrook Country Club's Rush Creek Bistro for my free birthday dinner. A big thanks to my parents for watching the kiddos. After dinner we picked up the kids and headed to the mall for a bit before headed back home to spend some time outside.

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