Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. Mase did swim lessons with Miss Rita (aka...The Swim Nazi) both last week and the week before. (Since he's two they recommend two weeks of lessons). Lets just say the first week was a bit stressful for both Mase and I. As the week progressed Mase fought me more getting into the car, threw bigger tantrums upon arrival (at Miss Rita's house), and cried louder and louder in the pool every single day as well. The only time he stopped crying was when I was sitting with him in a pool chair. (I ended up sitting with him every day until he was taken into the water and then I had to "hide." If a kid cries they don't want the parents in sight). Rita worked one on one with him the first week because he wouldn't sit on the steps and because he cried so much. Thankfully despite crying he listened to everything they said and was swimming quite well by day 3!!!
All done with week one.

2. Monday (of week 2) started off a lot like week 1...he fought me kicking and screaming getting into the car but thank heavens something clicked once he was in the water (on Monday). He stopped crying and started enjoying himself!!! No more crying the rest of the week. And no more fighting the rest of the week. He even sat on the pool steps, jumped off the diving board, and mommy no longer needed to hide from his sight. (All things that did not occur the first week).
3. Our ROCKSTAR...
4. Shark boy and his bops. This pic was taken on Tuesday (of the first week). Pretty sure he didn't know we were headed back to the pool for day 2 of 10!!!
5. A little frozen yogurt treat after lessons one day...
6. One day (during week 2) I walk into the family room to this...
He was teaching her how to swim. I was laughing SO hard. (Laughing and not scolding because Mols was smiling). He was telling her to reach big and kick hard. And then told her good job. Something he heard all week long from his teachers Miss Rita, Miss Megan, and Mr Mike.

7. Grandma H bought him a prize for being such a good swimmer...
8. I am SO glad we chose to do swim lessons this summer. They have already paid off. He has been obsessed with swimming and putting his head under water. He begs to go to Aunt Courtney's house (pool) every single day. Slides down her kiddy slide withOUT me catching him. Splashes into the water, pops up with head still down, and swims right to me. (All this with NO lifejacket on). We've also practiced (with a life jacket on) in grandpa and grandma's lake. And he's been "swimming" (putting his head under water) in his lil pool and the bathtub. All thanks to Miss Rita, Miss Megan, and Mr. Mike. (The later whom he was obsessed with).

9. One night a few weeks back we headed out to Holland. To the big lake (Lake Michigan) for a little family outing. We picked up a pizza and ate it at the beach and then headed down to play by the water for a bit. So much fun!!!
Molly's first time touching Lake Michigan

10. I baby-sat my nieces/nephew one day last week. It was a hot one so out came the sprinklers and kiddy pool. Doesn't take a lot to make kids happy!!!

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