Thursday, August 14, 2014

Ten On Thursday

1. Mason was busy shouting mommy on Tuesday shortly before nap time. However, I was busy doing/hanging up laundry with a needed to be held else she would cry infant in my arms. So I shouted just a minute. I walked into my room and at first didn't see anything but Mason was smiling his "I've been naughty" smile. So I knew he had done something and sure enough he had. He had EMPTIED out my brand new Aquaphor tub all over my bed. So NOT awesome. Needless to say he got locked in his room immediately and for the first time in months napped in his own bed. He of course asked WHY? (That is why he had to nap in his own bed). I looked at him and had no answer. In my head I was thinking well first and foremost because you just made mommy really really mad and second obviously you can't sleep in my bed because its full of Aquaphor. Kids...
Just a glimpse of the damage. He also got some on the comforter. Ugh.

I googled how to get vaseline out of sheets and let me just say IT WAS A PROCESS. So glad I got to spend Tuesday night scrubbing and washing...only to have it not all come out. And Wednesday night at the laundry mat (with the comforter)...only to have it not all come out of that either.

2. Somebody was a SUPERSTAR at the dentist last week Friday. They cleaned/shaved his yellowed tooth right up and mostly off with just a little gas (no sedation or numbing). Dr. Sally said she's never had a 2 year old do so well. Thank goodness because when they came to take him back his bottom lip started quivering and I had all I could do not to cry myself. (They wouldn't let me go back for this procedure. Said kids typically do worse with a parent there). Here's my looker cheesin it up for the camera...
(The yellow spot was his front right tooth. When looking at the picture though its his left front tooth).

3. How daddy does pj's...
Motorcycle meets diggers.

4. Somebody does NOT like vegetables...
5. Getting closer to having to lower the crib. The only reason she was in this position was because Brian sat her up. (She can't go from a laying to sitting position on her own yet).
6. Same story. Different day. Always popping that bop in backwards...
7. Molly fell asleep on the way home from somewhere and I didn't want to risk waking her so instead of taking her shirt off I just put her pjs on over. It was a success...she stayed sleeping!!! 
8. Boating with gpa and gma Vugteveen and the Tibbe clan (minus Cole) plus Austin. As always Papa Duke (as we call my dad) kept it real by not filling the tank with enough gas. Thank goodness we didn't run out until we were within feet of the boat launch.
Jason, Brinley, Courtney with Austin, and Me with Cambrey, and Molly.
Brinley, Mason, and Austin
My boating babe. (Pretty sure she hated every minute of the boat ride except when she was sleeping).
Cousins...Brinley, Cambrey with Molly, Mason, and Austin

 9. Hunting season is just around the corner. Oh yea. (There would be a slight bit of sarcasm in that "oh yea.")
10. Mason had been begging for a good week or two to go to the zoo and ride the camel and see the lions, tigers, and bears. He finally got his wish this past Friday.
Feeding the birdies (or pudgies)...
Petting the goats. This picture was taken seconds before I shouted Mase there is a squirrel on mommy's head (to get him to look up at the camera). Lets just say it didn't work. Instead he jumped up, screamed, and fell on the goat pictured behind him in the picture. Whoops. Better watch what I say next time. Thankfully no one or no animal was hurt.
Riding Molly (the camel)...

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