Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ten On Tuesday

1. I am WAY stinking at posting lately. Life has been busy and what can I say...its the first thing to go. So here's a little glimpse (a few snap shots) of our last two weeks. Stayed tuned for another TOT on Thursday!!!

We LOVE swimming/playing in the sand/fishing at Gpa and Gma Helmholdt's house...
Having a blast sliding into the water.
My boys. Love them!!!
Someone thinks she is BIG stuff.
Mason entertaining Mols which is entertaining in itself.
My precious babes!!!

2. And we LOVE swimming in Aunt Courtney's pool too...

So very thankful that my in-law's and sister live close to us so we can take advantage of their water on H-O-T days!!! We spend most Sunday late afternoon/evenings at my in-law's house and we go to my sister's pool at least once a week.

3. This guy is obsessed with building lately...
4. Sitting on the bench with daddy on a hot summer softball playing night.
5. Went to visit my sister and her friends while they were camping at Hungry Horse Campground one afternoon last week. (LOVE their kiddy pool). Bonus that it was such a nice day. So very kind of my sis (and her friends) to let us crash their hang out for a few hours!!!
6. I was able to sneak out of the house for dinner with girlfriends one night last week and again last night!!! (What a wonderful hubby/daddy)!!! Last week with my highschool girlfriends to Osgood Brewing and last night with some of my besties to Rockwell Republic. Last night was to celebrate the July birthdays in the group (Gretchen, Karie, and myself). Good times with great friends (on both nights)!!!
Karie, Melissa, Krista, Me, Rachel, and Gretchen

7. When one goes to shop at the Gap Outlet (in Holland). One MUST play with the duckies. (Well at least my kid thinks so). Next time I just need to remember bread to feed the ducks. Cheap entertainment. 
8. I got the mail one day last week and saw four pieces of similar looking (junk) mail. The first had my name on it and the second had Brian's name on it. So one would assume the last two pieces would have Mason and Molly's names on them. One would have thought wrong...
Third piece had Mason's name and the fourth piece was for Ella Helmholdt. At first I was like ouch but then it made me smile. There was MY DAUGHTER'S name. Not a reminder that she had died BUT a reminder that she HAD lived!!! 

9. This goober loves to drink out of her brother's water bottle. (And believe me she DOES get water out)!!!
10. Sweet baby...enduring her first fever...

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