Saturday, September 6, 2014

Annual UP Trip (Part 2)

After a fun-filled morning/afternoon on the Island. We drove the last 2.5 hours to the cabin. We arrived shortly after my parents, brother, and his son Austin and shortly before my sister and her family. Last to arrive late Thursday night was my other brother and his family. (Sadly one of my sister-in-laws had to work so she and their other son stayed back home). Right away the four-wheelers were put to work...
Cole, Mason, and Cambrey
It was a beautiful evening/night on Thursday but Friday morning/early afternoon brought LOTS of rain. The kids played inside (during the rain) for the most part but did enjoy playing in the rain/mud some too. Finally come mid afternoon the rain stopped and so more four wheeler fun was had...
Kylynn, Cole with Molly, Cambrey (in the back), Easton, Brinley, Addi, Mase, and Austin
Saturday rained off and on. At this point we were just thankful we weren't camping AND that my parent's cabin had (well has) a washing machine. Lots of muddy clothes were washed. We did make a quick (45 minute) trip to Escanaba for a few goodies that we each had forgotten. Otherwise we mostly relaxed, four-wheeled, played cards, ate food, watched movies, read books, and played bocce ball. Sunday was a rain FREE day (yea!!!) and we did much of what I already mentioned above until nap time. At nap time my sister's family and my family headed home. And with that another Labor Day Weekend at the cabin was in the books!!!
Molly getting a tubby UP style.
Glad I remembered Mase's rain boots.
The Vugteveen grand-girls!!!
Grandma and her baby.
Tractor rides with grandpa were a big hit!!!
Note to self...never try to take a picture that you want to turn out at the end of vacation. When this picture was taken we were packed and ready to go. However, just a few minutes prior Mase had nailed his head on an end table and Molly was just plain tired. So obvioulsy neither were all about getting their picture taken. Oh well...lesson learned for next year!
The whole clan (minus Jana and Connor).

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